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  1. If the pictures arent clear enough or you need others please message me and I can text you directly... I am at work and took them with my phone.
  2. 3 items on the agenda...I just don't play enough to warrant having these around at this point. 1. TSI3 9* w/ stock HZRDUS Smoke 6.5. Standard length. Hit maybe 10 times as it could go back on the shelf as new. Headcover included. $400OBO (will not split) SOLD! 2. Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2. In A+ condition. Regripped with SS 2.0 Midslim. No weight in grip. Shaft band still on. Original Headcover $325 3. Oban kiyoshi 05 Flex Titleist Tip. Measures 44.5 inches before being put in. $175OBO
  3. Looking for a quick purchase and ship. TY
  4. Happy Holiday Weekend All! 2 items for sale tonight. Short and Sweet...Shipped by Fedex Tuesday 1. Titleist TS3 9.5* w/ Blue Ventus (Velocore) 6S. 45” Grip is a Tour Velvet 360. Club is in good condition with a little fading on the sole that was there when I got it. The face does have some ball marks but nothing that looks out of the ordinary and nothing that affects play. The adaptor is worn but works perfectly fine. I bought from a member here who built the shaft for me with no tipping. He did a great job and it is a great club. I just found that I need an X an
  5. 3 items Today...will ship day after payment thru Fedex. 1. PXG 0311T Gen 2 irons. 5-W...I got these from a member here and besides some normal bag chatter the irons are in great condition. In full transparency the only reason for selling is because I don’t play enough anymore so I might as well send them off to someone who can get more use out of them. They are +1/2” in length, 1.5 degrees upright with KBS $taper 120’s. 2.3 Iomic grips that are in great condition. $825 OBO 2. Srixon Z U85 20* Iron. This was bought brand new and hit on the range only. This still
  6. Looking to go in a new direction and I’m not sure what that it is... i would entertain trades but honestly not sure what I’m looking for in Irons. Players CB’s with a little help in the 4,5,6 or don’t really need a 4 iron. Maybe 585/785 combo set, T100, Ping, or even Mizuno MMC with different shafts. Irons have to play off of 38.5” 5 iron. Stiff shafts with a little lower launching. Woods would be TM Sim in Driver and fairway or Titleist TS2 or 3... Most likely stiff. 10.5* preferred. i would probably rather just sell and find something but I’ll always entertain a trade. Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4-
  7. Thanks everyone... Right now I just need some time away from it
  8. If the pictures don’t download correctly let me know and I can email them.
  9. Honestly after my last two rounds I’ve lost desire to play. I’m going to use my 716 Mixed set if I do play. One playing to a 2-3 it has risen to an 8 and now I can’t break 85. Add in chipping yips and the inability to even feel comfortable over the ball and I’m all done for quite some time. I will ship day after sale. Shipping far west of Ohio will be an adjustment in cost I’ve got killed before shipping out there. If pricing is out of line LMK or make an offer. The worst thing I can say is No lol. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Any questions please feel free to
  10. Thank you everyone for the kind words and to those that have bought!! One item left make an offer.
  11. I have a few items laying around that I figure I will sell to help some families out at this time. I am a high school coach in the state Ohio and with that there are some kids and their families going thru some tough times right now. I figure if I can sell some stuff that I’m not using I can help with groceries or a utility bill. Normally I would always be interested in trades but not for these items. My golf budget and needs are totally separate from this post. I’m just trying to get some extra dollars to help the kids before tapping into my own money. Let me know privately if I’m asking too
  12. 2 items for sale...PayPal only. I will ship items within a day of being sold. Both of these were just recently purchased after my clubs got stolen. Ive been using a borrowed set of irons and I bought these hoping they would replace my stolen clubs but to no avail so with winter coming it’s better to sell them off and start over or just not play lol...If both sell before 3pm tomorrow I should be able to get them out tomorrow. If not they will 100% go out Friday. 1. ~~Ping G400 LST 10* with Atmos Tour Spec 6X. GP midsize MCC plus 4 grip. 45” and in great shape. There are slight ball marks on
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