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  1. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model?yes, blue, black and red. Have blue 6x in my epic ls td. Black HB 9tx in u500 3 - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6tx - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in?tsi4
  2. Looking for milled shafted or heads only. Prefer 5-9. But 4-p is fine.
  3. 3wood

    PXG shipping

    Ordered Gen 2 irons proto x driver and a gen 4 xt driver Saturday. Shipped today. Can’t believe it was that quick.
  4. 3wood

    PXG shipping

    I just made an order for Gen 2 irons xt and proto driver. I’m curious on the wait time as well
  5. Lmk Tensei pro series preferably. Playing 45-45.5
  6. With ping g400 tip
  7. Hey wrx crew. Not looking for any trades besides some tc201’s. Tcb’s with black $ 120s. Great shape except for the sole of the 7 iron. Cart path scuff. Z cord grips. Standard LLL $old obo Hzrdus blue rdx 6.5 titleist tip. Measures 44.75 just couldn’t beat my av raw white. $old obo Nemesys 75 four(stiff) measures 43.5 ping g410 tip. $old
  8. Nice. I’m wanting to break a box
  9. I need your help wrx fam. Help me decide what set to play this summer. Not really interested in trades. Maybe a sim2 or ping g425 lst with upgraded shafts. miura tc201 4-p murdered out kbs $ black 125. 1.5 flat, Bbfco ferrules and align mcc. Black is starting to wear on few of the short irons on the sole which is normal. Great overall condition. $OLD shipped Srixon zx5 4-5 zx7 6-9 c taper 130x soft stepped 1x, 1 flat and tour velvet plus grips. Vokey sm7 46 super peening blue stiff hard stepped 1x. 4,7,9 are still in the plastic 5,6,8 minimal use. I was really impressed with compact
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