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  1. Unloading some great irons and don’t have any trade interests at the moment. Going back to set mizuno mp 5 with super peening blues. Miura tc 201 4-p px 6.5 mcc+ midsize. 4 iron shafted with og satin 6.0 and leather stitch grip. Great shape and 1 flat standard length. These are great feeling and cut through the turf easily with pre worn edge. Only mark is on the back of the 9 from bending. BBFCO ferrules. $old obo Ping blueprints 5-9 really good shape and only light marks on the faces. Align midsize grips. Px 6.5 orange dot. Standard length. 8 has some loose epoxy causing a rattle. $625
  2. The numerical font. The 6 of yours doesn’t look right either.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/293927938518 another fake set. I told the seller and he told me I couldn’t afford good irons and I was wrong lol
  4. Excellent shape and amazing. Only reason I’m selling is to fund a single diamond 440. I don’t have the spec sheet but looks to sit square to slightly open. $old obo
  5. I would love to have some pics dm’d as well. Please
  6. Lol wish I was 120+ around 112-15. The black has been great for me. I’m sure I’ll give the blue a run sometime as well. I played the blue in a f9 last year and really enjoyed it.
  7. I have the black 9tx in my u500 3 iron and the black 6x in my sim. I love both and the u500 has become my favorite club in the bag. I have to disagree with the black not being a good fit hitting into par 5’s. I can hit my u500 high and low. This was the problem with my previous shaft, I could only go high and mid flight. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you go with the black.
  8. One item today. Great shape with some light scratching on the face from some bunker play. Stock s200 shaft. Only available through wedge works. $175 obo
  9. Another set just listed on eBay. He deleted his ad in the bst after telling him they were fake. Listed without the pics of the soles.
  10. The numbers on the soles don’t look right. Where’d you buy these from?
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