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  1. In 1980 there were over 30 players below the 250 mark. Mahaffey wasn't long but few were as straight no doubt. Trevino called him '.30-30 cause he was so accurate.The avg. in '80(first yr for keeping record) was 255.
  2. That was almost 50yrs ago. Driving average back when he played was around 250.
  3. Are these on a stream somewhere? Can't seem to find anywhere. Does PGA or NBC own the rights? Thanks
  4. Echo Gorge Merino Mid-Weight 28bux for 2pr on Amazon.
  5. Maybe a tad but nothing like having 20lb forearms. One-plane swing requires more upright lies.
  6. Pro's shoot in the 80's which is like us hittin' the 90's. We rarely see these guys way down the board. Don't worry about it. S%*t happens, especially in this insane game.
  7. Wallyworld 15-pak Top-FliteXL's. The MOST found ball in golf. ?
  8. Getting greens really fast requires top-notch mowers, sharp blades and knowledge to use them. Cutting short can easily lead to turf damage if not done correctly and with the right tools. Most public tracks are a little slower for a reason: $$, equipment and knowledge. https://www.golfcourseindustry.com/article/gci0614-mowing-turf-health/
  9. Near the classic sand-belt courses in Australia. Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath, etc. Throw in the beer, the cheer, and the topless beaches and i'm all-in. ?
  10. Yes. He started making cues back in Wisconsin in the 60's. He is in the Cuemaker HOF. He was the head designer/manager for ADAM cues in Japan before going to work for Callaway.
  11. Is RCH still alive and if so does he still do any design/consulting at Callaway. Thanks.
  12. Anyone have a link to final round of this? The one on YT is horrible and for the most part blocked anyway. Thanks.
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