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  1. The throw motion that Austin advocates seems be much more of a rotation of the forearm to almost produce a clockwise waving motion of the right hand as opposed to a pure throw/casting motion. This seems to drive the trail elbow into the side and get the shaft into a position where minimal rotation is required to square the face from delivery into impact. It also seems to make it hard to over rotate the face to a closed/closing orientation before the club head can reach the ball. I think of it like a light version of the position Moe Norman often demonstrated where he looked like he was trying
  2. I thought it enlightening that Flick admitted the problem with his instruction was that it often lacked power to play the game at a high level whereas Ballard believed his methodology was good to go for all levels.
  3. That 6’3” guy with Annika’s swing DNA is named Henrik Stenson.
  4. It would seem that it’s really just lettingthe club head swing. Pulling straight down, if it were actually possible, puts no load on the shaft. Letting it swing like and axe would load the shaft which would hopefully make it to the ball in that condition. What Hal Sutton refers to as “the glory”. It also jibes with Ballard’s putting or keeping no angles in the golf swing as you have to undo whatever you put in. And, naturally, the act of trying to get rid of the angle by letting the head swing actually retains and loads so that you have power to apply to the ball without trying to do so.
  5. There are Colbert highlights with full swings on YouTube. Two DTL swings here starting at about 3:50.
  6. Well, for many reasons I hesitate to put overemphasis on tour player success and a given metbod’s viability. I would suggest that the average tour player’s hand eye coordination greatly exceeds that of the average weekend warrior. However, can the improvement shown by a pro with a given merhod translate to an amateur? That’s the question. Can an am get 10% better, for example, using a method that makes a pro 10% better? I don’t like the baseball comparison given above. The sweet spot is bigger, the target is bigger, and the batter not only gets multiple chances during each at bat, but he c
  7. This brings another question. I’ve read about the feel of spearing the sternum to start the downswing, but should the lower body (right hip/leg) feel like it’s swinging out to get on the outside rail of a train track formed by the heel line (near track) and ball line (outside track)? These two feels seem to be the best way, for me anyway, to fire the right side while keeping it high and not opening the shoulders too quickly on the downswing.
  8. I listened to J colbert talk about getting “behind” the shaft. I think ur question brings up the lesser if two evils possible compromise. Going over the wall (right leg) loading the backswing is not what JB teaches. But if u were to move that cart u betterget behind and load yhen fire or its a slap. I was an assistant pro at Valhalla Golf Club back in 80s and a member Bill Mussleman gave me an image that stuck with me. He played with Irwin at Colorado. He won numerous Kentucky Opens so I listened closely. He said he tries to open the door and slam it shut with his right arm and side. You wou
  9. So I guess my question is why does the stance have to be that wide? The lateral motion back and forth is to get each respective hip joint over the knee and ankle so that you can turn and that joint becomes the pivot point of that portion of the swing instead of the spine. That’s pretty brilliant actually. It just seems that you’re introducing a lot of room for error by adding 4-6 inches of lateral motion when you don’t really have to. I understand coiling back to to provide power to the blow, but the backhanded slap that JB so often uses to illustrate the motion doesn’t have a two + foot e
  10. Jimmy hates the word "TURN", he says it is the most damaging word in golf. He uses the word COIL in his teaching. Just because Hal is doing things differently now, doesn't mean he is right now and Jimmy was wrong before. Hal left Jimmy after they had a falling out and now spends quite a bit of teaching himself in Louisiana, but when Hal does play golf these days on the Champion Tour, he plays respectfully, but hardly ever great. Some of these Tour players are pig headed and bite off their noses to spite their face.... I know Jimmy would want Hals right foot more square or even turned in toward
  11. Jimmy would love this about Sutton https://www.golfchannel.com/video/hal-sutton-hands-position-full-swing I see a lot of JB still in Sutton, but video of Hal as a young pro shows him with a great deal more lateral movement than today. It always seemed to me that Jimmy’s two joint theory with regard to the pivot centered on the need to have the hip joint over the knee and ankle to truly turn on that pivot point. And with that a given that the wide stance necessitated the large lateral shift that became a hallmark of JB’s teachings in his heyday. I was just curious as to his thoughts on
  12. I’m curious what JB would think of Hal Sutton’s current swing. It seems more centered than Ballard’s model, much like 97 Speedster’s, while incorporating a lot of the original Ballard fundamentals.
  13. Bryson has a similar grip to Moe Norman which drives his set up alignments. It’s much, much more rotational than Moe’s swing or the swing taught at the Graves academy.
  14. So you’re saying you’d be one stylish son of a gun.
  15. Let me clarify. If you want to get fit into quality, non cast equipment from SW- DR it will cost a pretty penny. If you want any piece of iron sitting around that can’t be bent without possibly breaking it then you’re correct. You can probably drop $1000 on SW-DR. But then you’re probably not giving yourself or the method a fair shake with very...average equipment.
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