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  1. > @cmagnusson said: > Garmin Approach S20 is $125 off on Canadian Amazon, not sure if the US site has the same deal. Bundle with club tags is $150 off $109 in the US right now
  2. > @Downtown_Brown_41 said: > Buy a clip on, battery operated fan that you can slip the the cart or push cart if walking. Other than that, lots of water, food, a wet towel and some rain gloves for the sweat. Do the rain gloves work well for sweaty hands? I've never tried them for that!
  3. I live about five miles from World Woods and always love going out there...even just to use the range!
  4. dgn

    Tampa Area

    They are aerating the greens again. Just finished Pine Barrens last week. Rolling Oaks will be closed next week Tues-Fri, then low "recovery" rates thru the end of August.
  5. Weather is usually very nice. 70-75 degrees in the daytime on average, and not much rain. Can be breezy at times, depending on which course you're playing. Crowds aren't bad either in my experience. Seems to pick up in March when people go on spring break.
  6. Have used SkyCaddie products for many years, but got fed up with the glitchyness and overall poor performance. Had two Breeze units fail on me, the second after the warranty expired. The SGXw I bought used now performs like a relic... slow and clunky. Purchased an S20 last week and it's been terrific in every way. Very quick to find your course and update yardages. My biggest surprise is that it's actually more accurate than my SGX, which was the main reason I had stuck with SkyCaddie for so long.
  7. I’ve had great success with sunshinegolfllc on eBay. I think all their balls ship for free, and very quickly.
  8. Greetings. Do you generally use the same measurement specs for your wedges that you use with your iron set? I recently upgraded my standard irons to a set that fits my measurements and swing better (+.5 in. length, 1 degree upright.) I need to purchase a new wedge set soon. In your opinion, should those specs match the irons? Thank you...
  9. Greetings. Has anyone experienced a tour van fitting at one of their stores? The one near me in Orlando offers full bag fittings for $99, which seems like a good deal. I have no intention of changing all my clubs right away, but it would be nice to get update specs on newer equipment. Thank you...
  10. dgn

    Tampa area April

    I've heard good things about Saddlebrook Resort recently. I know they have been trying to revamp their courses.
  11. One reason I've used Sky Caddie for so long is the perceived accuracy advantage. If Bushnell is accurate, then that might be a way to go.
  12. I have used Sky Caddies for years but have now had two separate BREEZE'S suffer unrecoverable software/firmware failures. It's no longer under warranty and I really don't want to by another Sky Caddie that's going to fail. Could someone recommend a brand that has more reliable software? Considering a Garmin or Bushnell watch at the moment, but I'd be thrilled with something that just works! Thanks...
  13. [quote name='meaks17' timestamp='1429029176' post='11356655'] Callaway X2 Hot Pro 4-PW (your choice of Project X 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0 shafts) $300 + FS [url="http://www.golfetail.com/p-206871-callaway-golf-x2-hot-pro-iron-set-4-pw.aspx?utm_source=publicaster&utm_medium=email_dt&utm_term=callaway_x2_hot_pro_irons&utm_content=with_buy_box&utm_campaign=15apr14_email_dt?siteID=lw9MynSeamY-p.QD92fBCgIfR.0xjStFqQ"]LINK[/url] [/quote] Thanks! I jumped on this. Hit these last year and loved them. $299 for 7 clubs is hard to beat.
  14. Don't forget to try your local Goodwill sometime. I picked up two practically brand-new Peter Millar shirts for $4.50 total.
  15. Does anyone make a golf hat or visor that keeps sweat off you face as well as a regular sweatband? I've tried looking online and I have not found anything that really qualifies. Playing in the summer heat, while wearing sunglasses, can make it a hassle to keep wiping moisture away. Thank you...
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