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  1. Saw this in Golf World. He Monday qualified, but missed the cut. Still, just goes to show you can play well with any ball... even on the PGA Tour with $20 two-piece ladies ball! He claims he hits it 15 yards further than other balls.
  2. [quote name='Llortamaisey' timestamp='1371924019' post='7303336'] I was under the impression that all wedges were conforming until 2024, except for PGA events and a few USGA events. Guess I misunderstood the rule. Boy, I feel like an idiot. [/quote] You can still use non-conforming wedges until 2024, they just don't make them anymore.
  3. Great test, and basement setup! Would love to see a driver test of the same balls sometime!
  4. [quote name='R Hagan' timestamp='1369828643' post='7126504'] [quote name='OldGolfer87' timestamp='1369816360' post='7126174'] [quote name='R Hagan' timestamp='1369774144' post='7122654'] [quote name='brownm' timestamp='1369752793' post='7120136'] Just an FYI for all of you who head this way for your golf trips. A new Golfsmith [i]XTREME [/i]has opened across from Costco at the intersection of 17 Bypass and 501 (by Coastal Grand Mall). Huge store, with multiple hitting bays with simulators and launch monitors. Grand opening officially is this weekend. Here's hoping competition between this place and the PGA superstore drives prices down (especially on the used clubs for this ho!). Also is another option for club repairs and supplies... Mike [/quote] I've been in there a couple times already. I'll probably never go back to Martin's ever. They've gotten to be a bit snobbish and helpless over there if you ask me. I'm with you though, I hope it drives the pre-owned prices down to help our habit. [/quote] I must have missed the snobbish part about Martins , i have been going in there for the last 20 years and the people were always friendly and helpful , but i guess you cant please everyone [/quote] When you're in trying to get help from someone and they blatantly stop in the middle of what they're doing with you to help someone else, it doesn't do well for customer service reviews. [/quote] I've been to Martin's many times, and probably will again when I go on my trip there next week. I've always thought the prices were pretty good, but it sounds like the service could use some work.
  5. [quote name='scjr' timestamp='1367593423' post='6963894'] [quote name='dgn' timestamp='1367548480' post='6961817'] $70 is not a bad trade-in offer. I'll admit I'm intrigued by the BREEZE. My SG5 works fine, but it's a little outdated. Would like to have a bigger, brighter screen and the ability to add feature packs 2 and 3 later. If the deal was for the until only I don't think it would be worth it, but the add-on's may tip this deal in my favor. [/quote] If you do the trade, let us know what you think about the Breeze vs the SG5. Maybe I can do this later down the line, after some more feedback. Thanks. [/quote] Well, I went ahead and did the SG5 trade-in for the BREEZE. It was $159.95, plus $15 for handling charge. Unit was exactly as described, and Skycaddie transferred my courses to the new unit when it arrived. The BREEZE came with a cover, travel case, travel charger, screen protector, and the normal accessories. It included Feature Pack 1. After messing around with it on the range I decided to upgrade to Feature Pack 2. This includes HoleVue, which I think is a needed feature. Just played my first round this weekend, here are my thoughts: It's a big step up from the SG5. Mainly the bigger screen but it just works better overall. The distances set themselves quickly and stay set, compared to the SG5. Controls are easy to use and look fine in the sunlight. Accuracy is unbeatable. When I first decided to change from a laser to GPS three years ago accuracy was my top priority. The BREEZE is exceptional in this area. If you already use an SGX then I'm sure the BREEZE compares almost identically. I happen to prefer the white exterior, though. If you're considering this deal and think you want all the feature packs, just get the SGX. It's only $20 more with trade-in.
  6. I'll be playing with the '13 version of the Pro V1x for the first time this weekend. If it's even slightly better than the previous version I can't imaging getting better results from another ball. Though I'll probably need more hours at work to pay for them !
  7. I did scan it as an attachment, and it will look clearer if you click on the picture and open it full-screen...
  8. I scanned this from the latest issue of Golf Digest. Seems like a lot of people always want to know the spin rate, but I could not find a link online. Hope it looks okay.
  9. $70 is not a bad trade-in offer. I'll admit I'm intrigued by the BREEZE. My SG5 works fine, but it's a little outdated. Would like to have a bigger, brighter screen and the ability to add feature packs 2 and 3 later. If the deal was for the unit only I don't think it would be worth it, but the add-on's may tip this deal in my favor.
  10. Greetings. I just got an upgrade offer from Skycaddie (perhaps others have received something similar.) I can trade in my SG5 for a new Skycaddie BREEZE, plus I get a free Feature Pack 1 (Intelligreen, Intelligreen Pro and targets), free accessories bundle (skin, travel case, car charger), and they'll transfer my membership and courses for me. The price with trade in would be $159.95. I realize some people think the Skycaddie membership prices are not worth it, but I'd rather leave that topic out of consideration here. Thoughts? Deal, or no deal?
  11. I'll admit I was a little surprised to see the new ProV1's sweep all categories. If I can justify the expense I'll probably start playing it.
  12. Not sure if anyone had posted it yet. Sorry if it already has. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/2013-06/hotlist-golf-balls#intro
  13. [quote name='PGood' timestamp='1366747178' post='6902211'] I just found this on Titleist's website: What is the difference between Pro V1 Practice and Pro V1 X-out golf balls? Thank you for your inquiry regarding the differences between Titleist Pro V1 Practice and Pro V1 X-Out golf balls. The Acushnet Company invests significant time and effort to ensure that our products are Best-in-Class in terms of quality, performance and consistency. As such, in the rare event one of our products fails to meet USGA requirements for size, weight, velocity or any other conformance criteria we destroy rather than market such products. As such, only products that are of a minimal defect are available for purchase. These products are available in two offerings: 1. Pro V1 Practice golf balls are conforming products that differ only due to a cosmetic blemish such as paint, ink or registration of stamping. Pro V1 Practice golf balls do not have any construction or performance deficiencies. 2. Pro V1 X-Out golf balls are also conforming products. However, they usually have a cosmetic blemish and/or occasionally have a minor physical defect that should not significantly affect its performance. More often than not, the physical condition causing the ball to be stamped as an X-Out is so minute that it is not recognizable by the player. Both products may be used in the casual round of golf including those with scores posted for handicaps, and most competitions, with the possible exception of high level competitions invoking the Local Rule requiring balls to be on the List of Conforming Golf Balls [/quote] I recently had checked to find out about the condition of PRACTICE balls, and was surprised to find out that their X-OUTS are also legal to play. So it's important to check with each manufacturer, as these conditions can vary from one to the other.
  14. I play the Pro V1x. For me, it does everything I could ask of a ball. Yes, it's the most expensive ball out there. I'm not adverse to playing something different, but I believe I can give myself the best chance to shoot a low score with the Pro V1x.
  15. I've always thought Callaway had very high quality products and above-average customer support. That does not mean every club of theirs has worked for me. One of the SMARTEST things they've done recently is dump the Uniflex shaft. I always thought that was a cheap way to go. But I currently play a Callaway driver and irons that I love.
  16. [quote name='inthefairway' timestamp='1365509237' post='6791483'] For regular play I've used prov1's that I have found for years and overall they perform well. Once in awhile I will run in to one that seems dead and throw it away. I still use them but in tournaments I use a fresh new ball!!! [/quote] I'm debating whether or not to buy used. Last weekend I shot a personal-best 73 with a new 2011 ProV1x. Ball was simply outstanding for me, as I hit 13 GIR. Was also able to play the same ball for 36 holes. So I'm a little hesitant to use anything else!
  17. I was surprised myself. Then again, how badly could they be waterlogged after such a short period of time??
  18. I noticed these just became available, at $37.99 for AAAAA quality. It looks like this has caused a price drop on the previous generations. Since the ProV1x is my ball of choice (currently using the last version), I'm wondering if anyone has compared the performance of the LGB ProV1x to a new one? I know they LOOK new... do they perform the same? Thanks...
  19. [quote name='TVGM' timestamp='1365103064' post='6761583'] I'm gaming an ft iZ but an X hot pro is in a ups truck somewhere between Mexico and Alabama right now. [/quote] As soon as one of their demo days rolls around my neighborhood, I'm gonna have to hit this.
  20. I got a notice from Callaway Preowned that they're having another 20% off sale on hybrids. I've never had much luck with their hybrids previously (or anyone elses, for that matter). Last one was an FT that just never felt right or performed well. Can anyone recommend one that they like? I have a Callaway driver and irons and loves those. I'm about an 8 handicap with a 100-105 driver swing speed. Thanks for the help...
  21. I used to work in a golf store and saw this happen many times. Eventually all those driver whacks will split any ball.
  22. [quote name='avgjoe' timestamp='1364672506' post='6726531'] pretty good deal... best I saw on it was 99 + 8 @ K59 (I think they still have that deal if you ask) got my plus version for 149 shipped (msrp 199), no too shabby considering it's a new 2013 model [/quote] I think it was about the same price on Black Friday last year. I just renewed my SkyCaddie but I've heard lots of good things about the simplicity of this unit.
  23. http://www.vminnovations.com/Product_17345/Golf-Buddy-Voice-GPS-Range-Finder-G87-VOICE.html You have to enter coupon code "BUDDY9" to apply the discount.
  24. I see a lot of companies advertise their mid-level balls (Callaway HX Chrome, Taylor Made TP3, Bridgestone B330RX) as for moderate club speeds. I certainly get the concept, but other than Bridgestone, they really don't elaborate on what defines "moderate". My driver swing speed is 100-102 mph, and a good drive goes between 265-270 yards. Obviously not tour-level speed, but I would think higher than the average golfer. Maybe it's just how they're marketed. I try to play what works best for me, anyway. Just wondering what "moderate" means... Thanks...
  25. He also plays the ProV1x, FWIW...
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