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  1. A somewhat unusual question...My driver swing speed is about 100 mph, with a ball speed of around 145 on a solid strike. Obviously I'm not in the 110+ range where you can compress any of the four or five-layer tour balls and get the most out of them. What I'm wondering is... would I be giving up yards playing a "slow swing" ball, like the Titleist DT Solo, or Bridgestone e6? Perhaps I would benefit from something like the Callaway Hex Chrome or TaylorMade TP3 instead. Would those balls, which seem be be targeted to "moderate" swing speed, give me more distance than a low-compression, pure distance two-piece ball? Hope this isn't confusing... thanks.
  2. dgn

    Ping G20

    +5 Demoed the G20 a couple of weeks ago and it was just fantastic. Very forgiving!
  3. Nice reviews. I keep hearing good things about the Callaway HX Chrome. Like you, I really wish it came in yellow like the others.
  4. I've played the e5 in the past and even though I don't need to hit the ball higher, I probably get more distance when I do. I think it's a fantastic ball that has good grab on the greens. Only wish they made it in yellow like the e6.
  5. It's probably worth mentioning that the new Titleist balls are very good as well. Lots of solid options.
  6. I would suggest you take a look at the Callaway Diablo Tour. I found it has terrific distance and pretty good spin around the green. Pretty comparable to the NXT Tour. I know you can get them at Walmart for $22/dozen, or maybe on sale some other places. There are also some premium balls on sale, like the Callaway i series, or 1st generation TaylorMade Pentas.Those can be had for about $30/dozen.
  7. I have a set of Callaway X22 Tour irons... not as old as your Pings but not the latest either. Every time I try something new, it can't beat my X22's. But it never hurts to try. I'd suggest you use a similar philosophy. Try out the new stuff from time to time, but don't feel bad if it doesn't knock your i3's out of the bag.
  8. I'll second votes for both the Under Armor and Nike shorts mentioned.
  9. Where are the driving ranges found?I've owned a Skycaddie SG 2.5 for almost two years, but am upgrading to a refurbished SG5, which should arrive this week. I believe SkyGolf has mapped some of the driving ranges at their courses, but I'm not sure how to locate them on the unit. Maybe this is something the SG5 will have that the 2.5 doesn't? I know you can map your own courses (including a driving range) if you want, but it would be helpful to know if they're already done. And, how to access them... Thanks!
  10. Callaway E.R.C. Forged Titanium 3+ Wood. Just an awesome club. Used it as my driver for almost a year.
  11. I think you made a good choice. I've gotten balls from LGB and have never been disappointed.
  12. You can not use an iPhone, as a phone, without a data plan. Check with each carrier for different plan costs (minimum is now $20/month for 300MB on AT&T). You never have to pay for GPS. But like the previous post said, you will have to download the course maps. I think Golf Shot can do this before you leave for the course... I HIGHLY recommend using wifi whenever possible to keep from using too much data on the 3G network.
  13. Callaway HX Tour 56. Terrible distance, always landed short. Love Callaway clubs, but have never warmed up to their golf balls.
  14. [quote name='motofrog' timestamp='1329971246' post='4355933'] I really like it, it is a good size, very bright and user friendly. It locks on super fast i even get signal in my basement. Just got the Zagg invisibleshield screen protector from amazon today (it's for the Garmin Edge 800 but as has been stated its the same size) I was thinking about getting the Edge silicone skin case for it but passed as I like the thin size and it will slide in and out of packets easier without the cover. The back is already rubberized anyway. Haven't been able to play a round yet. Hopefully Friday. [/quote] That's good to know. It seems like many GPS units don't show up well in bright sunlight. Sounds like the G6 may have addressed that!
  15. [quote name='motofrog' timestamp='1329964828' post='4355041'] I picked up a G6 at golfsmith monday so it is released. It's my first so no comparison. [/quote] How do you like it so far?
  16. Your overall stats seem pretty good, so I guess it just depends on what part of your game needs the most help. For straighter drives, something like the Bridgestone e6 would be a good choice. I happen to be a huge Titleist ball fan, and I'm sure they have something that would suit your game. Most ball companies have online fitting tools, so you might check their websites and answer a few questions. The choices they give you would be a good starting point. Then pick up a few different sleeves and see what works best for you. Good luck!
  17. Same here... Callaway X-Forged with Mack Daddy grooves. Leaves pieces of the ball cover inside the grooves all the time.
  18. The good news is you have lots of options! For under $150 you can get plenty of good used drivers, such as the Ping G10, or any number of Callaway drivers. If you do go the used route, check out callawaygolfpreowned.com. They have excellent quality used clubs and lots of inexpensive options. Good luck!
  19. [quote name='pbass6811' timestamp='1328713939' post='4237477'] I don't know if I'd change shafts if your irons are treating you that well. On the other hand, you're not gonna know unless you try. Having said that, I have KBS Tours in my MP-59's and I think they're awesome! I really wanted to order them with the Project X's, but the feel was so different and the numbers don't lie. I'm curious to try the new PXi's, though. Supposed to be a lot lighter. Here's a thought...could you buy 1 X-22 Tour club and have a KBS Tour shaft put in it? Or find one that already has that shaft in it...probably less expensive and WAY less irritating than re-shafting all your irons only to discover that you hate the new shaft. Good luck. [/quote] Thank you for the advice. It may be a good idea just to try one club to check the ball flight, feel, etc.
  20. Something lighter than Project X 6.0Hi. I have a set of X22 Tour irons that I really like. Best irons I have ever owned, actually. I think a lot of the credit goes to the Project X Flighted 6.0 shafts that came with them. However, I'm considering going with something a little lighter (6.0's are 125 grams each). One of the local pros recommended KBS Tour 90's. Anyone have experience with them? I'm hesitant to change something that works well but I have heard good things about KBS. Thanks for your help...
  21. I'm going to an indoor Taylor Made demo day tomorrow morning so I'm excited to see how the R11s compares to my current driver (Callaway FT-9) on the LM.
  22. [quote name='RJRJRJ' timestamp='1326004773' post='4044585'] Cant go wrong with lostgolfballs.com. As said already, dont buy refinished balls, period. Make sure anything you buy is just cleaned and reused. [/quote] If I'm not mistaken, I think refinished balls are also "illegal". Repainting a golf ball can change flight characteristics of the original ball, which has to be approved by the USGA when it's released.
  23. dgn

    ProV1 price

    [quote name='kg92lefty' timestamp='1325706005' post='4028067'] they could charge $60 because every hack thinks a tour ball will make them better. Ive played top flite d2s for months and my scores are the same, only downfall is that chips dont stop quite as hard. [/quote] A tour ball will make you better. It's a question of whether you want to pay that much.
  24. I've purchased from Lost Golf Balls and was very happy with what I got. Personally I think any of the top three grades are playable.
  25. Maybe this is common knowledge, but often the closeout price at Target is lower than what's actually marked on the box. Make sure you take it to a scanner to get the real price.
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