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  1. I use a ball marker my friend got me from Cypress Point.
  2. [quote name='Jimmy Mac' timestamp='1313094510' post='3474707'] Play a putter with a soft insert. It helps some. [/quote] I actually used to play with an insert putter until I got my Scotty Cameron. I will probably end up going with a softer cover ball like the Callaway HX Tour i(x) or ProV1X.
  3. My ball is WAY too hot!So I picked up a dozen Callaway HX Hot balls on closeout at Walmart recently. Has excellent distance and marginal short game control... about what you'd expect from a 3-piece "distance" ball. Nothing to write home about but that's expected. But on the green... nearly impossible to control! I guess the hard cover is the reason, or is it my imagination? Would like to hear some thoughts on the ball you trust the most when putting. It's much more important than I thought. Thanks!
  4. ...in your bag (for lower scores)Wondering what everyone feels is the most important piece of equipment in their bag. In other words, what contributes the most to you shooting lower scores? Also, what barely makes a dent in your score... the least valuable? For me... MOST VALUABLE--My Callaway X-22 Tour Irons. Very consistent performer. I have a lot of confidence in them. LEAST VALUABLE--Probably my glove (I'd say tees but that's too easy). I go through gloves so quickly... they all seem about the same, at least in terms of my score.
  5. I have to admit the HX Hot is shockingly long. Got them on sale for $15/dozen at Walmart. But the HX Diablo Tour is still my favorite.
  6. My search skills must be off. Typed in "cradle" and "iPING" and haven't had anything returned yet.
  7. Has anyone tried this yet?I saw this at Edwin Watts the other day. Seems like a nice little putting aid to take advantage of the iPhone 4. Anyone bought, or tried this, yet?
  8. Any good deals, course suggestions?Hi. I'm going to in the Jupiter/Palm Beach area for almost two months, starting in mid-June. I've never played golf in this part of Florida before and would love some course suggestions. I know it's going to be very hot, but being from Little Rock, Ark. I'm used to playing in summer heat. Thanks!
  9. I have an iPhone 4 with Golf Shot GPS. It's a good app, but I've just never warmed up to using my phone as a rangefinder. I prefer a dedicated unit. But it seems to work well, and makes my point that yearly subscription fees may be on the way out.
  10. How much longer can they keep charging them?I have an SG 2.5 that, although somewhat basic, works well for me. Like a lot of SkyCaddie owners, I begrudgingly renewed my yearly membership for my state, for $30. Got me thinking... can SkyCaddie still compete with so many "no fee" options on the market? Between smart phone apps, the new Callaway uPro MX and others, I'm not sure. This is not to bash SkyCaddie. I think there's something to be said for on-site course mapping. Since this is the only GPS unit I've owned, I can't compare it's accuracy to others. But I still believe they'll have to make some fee changes... maybe soon. Thoughts?
  11. Callaway does have great customer service. I've been playing their irons for the past four years and love them (x-22 tours.) I've never been a big fan of their golf balls until the last year. The new Diablo Tour is excellent!
  12. I would strongly encourage you to consider getting Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible book. It exclusively covers shots within 100 yards, and explains why they're so important to your score.
  13. [quote name='G-Bone' timestamp='1298259699' post='2996649'] They have been that price sense last summer around here. [/quote] Same here. As soon as TM took them off price protection last summer, my store dropped them to 39.99. They also have new ProV's for the same price.
  14. [quote name='BuckyBadger' timestamp='1298216581' post='2994645'] The one reason I don't play the Titleist NXT Tour more is because it doesn't spin enough. Would you say the Callaway hx Diablo tour ball spins more than the NXT Tour mainly from 100 yards in? I would like to try the hx Diablo tour balls so if anyone wants to swap a dozen for some srixon Z-stars, let me know. [/quote] It's hard to say having only played nine holes. But I would lean towards believing the Diablo HX Tour does spin a little more than the NXT Tour. But it's close...
  15. I picked up a sleeve of each at a demo day Friday, and played nine holes with the HX Tour yesterday in 70 degree weather. The Callaway rep said they were trying to compete with the Titleist NXT Tour. Although i've never really preferred Callaway balls, the HX Tour was a pleasant surprise. Very straight off the driver, and much better short game spin than I would have thought. I usually play tour-level balls, but the HX Tour was pretty close and would work for my game. I certainly didn't lose much checking ability with this ball. Also, the distance was outstanding and very consistent. I think if you've played the NXT Tour in the past, this is worth checking out.
  16. Don't you mean WHEN I'm a tour pro?? Probably Callaway. Already playing their woods and irons.
  17. dgn

    Bridgestone E6

    If you're looking for a ball that gives you good greenside spin, I would probably avoid the e6. Although it's a very good ball in many ways, it has a surlyn cover to help minimize hooks and slices. That's going to hurt its ability to check up on short shots near the green. You might try the e5. It's a great two-piece urethane ball that check very well. Plays nicely in cold weather too.
  18. dgn

    B330S ? ?

    I picked up a dozen for $20.48 at my local Target. It's funny how there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to their closeout prices...
  19. It's hot and humid here in the south. We need all the good towels we can get!
  20. I recently had the same problem. Played the Penta in 35 degree weather last weekend, and it seemed like compressing the five layer ball was more challenging (my driver swing speed is between 95-100.) Today, I played a [u]Bridgestone e5[/u]. Worked much better. 2-layer ball with great short game spin. So far, it's the best cold weather ball I've played. Very consistent and plenty of distance on all clubs.
  21. One Titleist, one Callaway, and one Cleveland. All good, but I think the Titleist gap wedge is my favorite.
  22. In terms of durability, UA makes the best athletic apparel I've ever used. I've got 5 year old compression shorts that still look brand new. I've got golf shorts, shirts, and a sweet vest for Christmas. I use Nike and Adidas too, but I think UA stuff holds up very well, and justifies the cost.
  23. I've been guilty of playing golf in jeans in the past... but no more. I don't think jeans are appropriate for any athletic event, unless you're in the rodeo. This time of year, I play in khakis or rain pants.
  24. dgn

    Tour i(Z)

    I'll have to disagree. The Tour iz was my favorite ball I played all year. Shot a career low (by six shots) using the ball in a round this July. Had great distance and very good feel. I prefer a slightly harder feeling ball, like the ProV1x, and this was perfect for me.
  25. [quote name='moonshine' timestamp='1280353983' post='2604838'] [quote name='elrey23' timestamp='1280339711' post='2604321'] I think it's sad that so few things are actually produced in the USA anymore. We used to make things in this country and we are largely service oriented now. Unions. [/quote] What a stupid last word! Employers treated employees worse than animals at one time in US factories. There was a time and place for unions....I blame greedy-arse American managers/owners. You should write your politician and complain about jobs being lost....not throw rocks in a glass house. And...no I don't know you, just giving my opine just like you. edit: gheesh jltd, global economy? any americans on this thread? [/quote] Yeah, there WAS a time for unions. And it's long past! As for writing politicians, they don't seem to have a clue about how to create jobs.
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