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  1. I didn't realize so many people had issues this big with certain brands. They're just golf clubs.
  2. Wow... that's awful. I think if I were you I'd find another course to play in the future. There is no excuse for groups to play that slowly, and rangers do nothing about it. Probably your best bet would be to inform the pro shop what happened. Even if you have to call them while still on the course!
  3. Callaway FT-9. Some great deals on this excellent club.
  4. I'd vote for the WeatherSof 2-pack as well, especially this time of year. I would also highly recommend a product called Dry Hands. It's a jell you put on your hands before you play. Does a great job of stopping sweaty hands during your round, which helps your gloves last a lot longer.
  5. Are they responsible for my 73??I'm currently a 9 handicap, which has steadily dropped from about 14 a few months ago. My normal irons are Callaway X-20's with uniflex steel shafts. Had them for about a year, pretty happy with their performance. Or so I thought. A friend loaned me his Callaway X-22 Tour irons with Project X Flighted 6.0 shafts (he hits them too high for his taste.) He wants to sell them for a new set. I took them out to the range last weekend and really liked them... good trajectory, seemed to fly much straighter, more often. Then I played 18 holes Sunday morning. Oh my goodness gracious! Long story short, I shot a 73, +1. My previous best score was a 79. Shot 34 on the front nine. The only real difference was how close I was leaving my approaches. I was so much more dialed in, and had five birdies for the round. So my question is... are the Project X shafts THAT much better? Has anyone had a similar experience? I'd really like to know, 'cause I have no explanation thus far. Thanks...!
  6. This is good news. I'm leaning towards buying Golfshot because it can now run in the background. So it should not lose GPS position even if I have to exit the app. My old 3G would only last about nine holes but it sounds like I'll have plenty of power with the 4.
  7. I actually use a Skycaddie 2.5 right now and have no complaints about performance... just the tiny screen. I've heard the new iPhone has a spectacular screen with very good detail. Compared to my 3G it will also have much better battery life. I think if any phone was gonna replace a dedicated GPS it would be this one, but that may be a stretch.
  8. I think these irons would compliment my game perfectly!
  9. Anyone using it yet with iOS4?My new iPhone 4 should be here next week, and I'm curious if anyone has used Golfshot with this phone. It looks like they've updated the app to take advantage of the new multitasking and background features in iOS4. I would be very interested in buying this app, as my current iPhone 3G does not have the juice to use GPS apps for a whole round. Thanks!
  10. Try the Callaway Tour i(z).
  11. I don't know if the setup was fair or not. I don't know if the USGA identified the best player or not. What I do know is that, after a thrilling 3rd round, Sunday was a huge letdown and not interesting to watch, at least to me. The final round of The Masters was much more exciting, regardless of who won.
  12. It would give me something to cry into when I 3-jack the 18th hole.
  13. [quote name='mnieman' date='10 June 2010 - 05:34 AM' timestamp='1276166058' post='2500202'] phil himself has also stated on camera hes using the i[z] cuz of the new grooves [/quote] I read in Golf World that he started using the Tour i(s) at Colonial because he thought he needed more to get ready for the US Open. Not sure it's working for him yet. But for some reason, Phil seems to like switching equipment in mid-season...
  14. I work at a golf store and we got a demo 6 iron in last week. They look and play great, but I didn't notice a huge difference from the x-22's in terms of performance, at least not yet. So far I've only hit them in our launch monitor/hitting room...
  15. Looks cooling...Anybody wearing this hat or something similar for the summer? I'm intrigued by the idea of a hat that keeps the sun off my head, neck and shoulders. I've tried one on, and it does kind of look like a golf sombrero. But if it works I could get over that.
  16. [quote name='Greenie' date='26 May 2010 - 01:19 AM' timestamp='1274854784' post='2467896'] I just picked up a pair at Golf Galaxy on clearance for $25. I had my eye on a pair for quite some time but was leary of how they would work for golf. I figured for $25 it was time to find out for myself. [/quote] $25 is hard to beat. I may have to break down and get some. It looks like with the Foojoys, they could also be used off the course comfortability...?
  17. You're in trouble now! This is how it starts... you book an innocent round on a weekend. Next think you know you'll want to spend a week there! I first went to MB in 1992 and will make my 10th or 11th trip there this August. Good luck at Kings North!
  18. I have a new CG15 and a new Vokey Spin Milled, and prefer the feel of the Vokey. Probably because it's forged.
  19. Do they qualify as a "real" golf shoe?The temps are going up here in Arkansas and I'm looking for a good summertime shoe. I'm intrigued by Foojoy's golf sandals, but not sure if they can provide similar playability you would find in a standard shoe. I don't expect the exact same stability... would just like to know if I can still play a "serious" round in these. Thanks!
  20. Keep in mind, you could always purchase a Windows OS and install it on your Mac via Bootcamp. I have a Vista copy that works quite well on my MacBook.
  21. Sounds like the wildlife is rather aggressive Down Under...lol! I've played the Yellow Z-Stars for the past month here in Arkansas and, so far, nature has not attacked.
  22. Last weekend, I got a new Izzo Swami 1500 GPS at Steinmart for $54 including tax! That was with 20% off coupon.
  23. I played it for the first time today, and thought the ball performed well. But it was so much easier to see than a white ball. Fairways are still dormant, and muddy. So a yellow ball shows up better. Also, Srixon now gives you a free cap when you buy a dozen ZStars.
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