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  1. I played yesterday in a foursome on still-dormant Bermuda fairways, and cart-path-only conditions. Was thinking how much I'd love to have a yellow ZStar just to immediately tell mine apart from others as we approached our drives. Think it's time to pick up a sleeve!
  2. I had the same experience the other day. Was playing an NXT Tour in low 50's temps, and wet conditions. Switched to a ProV1 mid-round and found the cover much more responsive on all shots.
  3. Why not go all out and get a super GI set? I used to have some Adams A2's and they were very forgiving. I'm sure the A3OS can be had quite cheap from many places! Good luck...
  4. Is it time to upgrade my CG10's?I've had a set of three Cleveland CG10 wedges for about 4.5 years. They're still in good shape, at least the grooves are not that worn down (I got a clubfitter's opinion and he said they were fine.) My question is, will the latest Cleveland wedges with the Zip Grooves make a noticeable in how much spin I can generate? My wedges are the only "older" clubs in my bag and I'm sure I'll get new ones by next summer. Just wondering if newer models are worth gaming sooner. Thanks!
  5. dgn

    Penta TP

    Possibly, but I doubt it will happen right away, if at all. As I recall the My TP promotion came about around the same time as the 2 for $55 special. I'd be surprised if picking your number resulted in a significant sales increase. I'd bet anything TM will stick with the five layers to market this ball at launch.
  6. [quote name='jsgolfer12' post='2078014' date='Nov 21 2009, 10:05 PM']easiest fairway wood ever to hit - FT Squareway Wood hands down![/quote] +1, Just recently added a 3w to go with my 5w. Very straight, forgiving and long!
  7. You might also try to hunt for some logo overruns at different stores. Often you'll find them sold by the ball, with a price near $30/dozen.
  8. I'm off to play Myrtle Beach later this month, so I picked up four dozen premium balls from lostgolfballs.com. TP Reds, ProV1's, B330's and Callaway Tour 56's... in various grades. Got them all for $33 shipped, so I won't fret about losing a few in the lakes and swamps!
  9. Good reviews! If you have a chance, could you post a little info about your swing speed, ball flight, etc.?
  10. Yes I just shipped a box of eight irons from Ark. to Mass. today using FedEx Home Delivery for just over $12. The weight was 9.2 lbs.
  11. First of all, it's great that you're sticking with the lessons. Have a little patience and try as many clubs as you can. As your swing improves you'll have a better idea of what clubs give you the right forgiveness, ball flight, etc. That said, I think you'd be very happy with any of the Ping choices. Custom fitting with the right lie and length could help too.
  12. Golfsmith.com takes 15% off golf balls, pro-line and pre-owned clubs, GPS units, and rangefinders during its Friends & Family Sale via coupon code "FFJ09". In addition, the same code cuts 25% off almost everything else. That's among the best sales we've ever seen from Golfsmith. Shipping is a flat-rate $5.99. Choose from apparel, golf clubs, tennis racquets, balls, gloves, and more. Some exclusions apply. Sale ends July 5.
  13. It certainly wouldn't hurt to at least get a fitting. Then if it's needed, you could get your current set adjusted for a lot less than buying a new set.
  14. dgn

    FT-I vs FT-IQ

    The FT-i was the "tour" version, while the FT-iQ is the regular version. I think the difference in version is minor compared to the difference in model.
  15. dgn

    FT-I vs FT-IQ

    I just replace my FT-i with an FI-iQ and the differences are striking. My FT-i was 9.5* with stock Fuji stiff, new FT-iQ is 9* with stock Mitsubishi Fubuki stiff. The FT-iQ has a much more penetrating trajectory with less spin all around. My old driver was okay, but launched way too high for me, and spun too much. See if you can demo it for yourself.... I'd be stunned if you didn't see a lower flight with the FT-iQ. I think it's an awesome driver for me, and the $1 FT Squareway wood I got with it is very good too.
  16. +1. This and the fitting process make Pings a wise investment.
  17. Not sure what brand you're considering, but you might try Ping's website for starters. You can use their online WebFit to check out their suggestions based on your height and wrist-to-floor measurements. But yes, you really should get a dynamic fitting before you buy. It'll make a HUGE difference!
  18. dgn

    Callaway x14 irons

    That's what I'm hoping for. I really needed a set of irons that fit my swing, but wasn't ready to drop $700 just yet. So getting these for just over $200 seems like a good deal. I may end up loving them and hanging on to them for years...!
  19. Just bought some from Cal. Golf Preowned... any reviews?I took advantage of Callaway Golf Preowned sale, picked up these irons fit to my specs. (4-PW, plus X hybrid with NV-85 shaft, and 8 new grips for under $250 total with shipping... seems like a good deal.) I've never played x14's but always heard good things about them. Anyone else still playing them?
  20. All I need it to do is measure my shotsI'm looking for an iPhone app that tracks my shot distances, such as how far I just hit a drive. It doesn't have to be a golf-specific GPS. Just something I can mark at a shot then mark where it winds up. Any help is appreciated!
  21. Fusion vs. X18, better deal?I'm comparing these two iron sets on the Preowned website. The are priced the same, but I would have to have the Fusions lengthened, which would add $34 to that price. Fusions listed GOOD condition, Nippon Uniflex X18's AVERAGE condition, Callaway Uniflex I've owned a set of Fusions on the past and liked them, but never the X18's. Fusions are on sale right now. Which do think is the better deal... and if possible, what do you think of X18 irons in general? Thanks much...
  22. Thanks for the advice! The nearest Golfsmith to me is in Memphis, and I'm planning to head over there for the St. Jude Classic so I'll call ahead and sign up for their beginner's class. Should be fun!
  23. I could really use some adviceGreetings. I recently attended a Callaway Demo Day and really liked the X-22 irons. The Callaway rep helped fit me using a lie board, and said I would benefit from 2* upright and a half-inch longer steel shaft. This is consistent with past fittings done with other brands of irons. I'm 6' tall, 35" from wrist to floor. Under "static" fitting specs, a stock lie and length are supposed to be fine for me. So my question is, do I really need to make changes to my swing? Or is it normal to need custom club specs even though my static settings give different results? Honestly, I do feel more comfortable with the custom fit. I just don't want it to cover-up a swing flaw I should be correcting. Hope these questions make sense... any personal experience is appreciated!
  24. The Controller driving iron. I actually hit it pretty well... right up until shaft snapped and the head flew into a lake.
  25. In the last week my Wal-Mart marked the U-Tri's down from $23 a dozen to $15 a dozen. +1 Same price at my local Wal-Mart
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