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  1. Sorry if already asked but what is a good general middle ground swingweight for a driver at 45 inches? I know results may differ but the driver i bought is D-0.5 right now. I just bought some lead tape strips that are about 3 grams per precut slice. Thanks
  2. Can anyone post their thoughts in this shaft? How do you like it? what did you have before? it comes stock in the mizuno stz driver and have not had a chance to demo it....thanks
  3. Can anyone advise if the ball flight height increases with a driver with an inch shorter shaft than standard 45.75 length? I was trying to get a general idea if the shorter length should make me get a lower loft head with all else being equal. Generally speaking of course, I know results can vary....thanks
  4. Anyone playing this driver comment in the stated loft playing true? Does the stated loft launch higher than other heads by comparison? I am coming from an M5 driver 10.5, smoke black 70 gram 6.0, weights playing all the way back. I don’t have a chance to hit this one on a launch monitor so any input would be great. thanks
  5. Anyone know the MOI of the STZ driver head. I have searched for it with not much luck. thanks
  6. If any driver gave me 8 mph more swing speed than my recently bought gamer, I would buy it on the spot and run out the door. Generally speaking, of course.
  7. Can the armlock be applied to a standard lofted putter head? Seems like it forces a froward press which could deloft it, am I incorrect? thanks
  8. Have a speed 10.5 with ventus black 6s set at standard N. Seemed like it went high but I was not getting the carry I have gotten with my old driver, M5 10.5 with black smoke 70 gr 6.0 shaft. I figured maybe the shaft may be to stiff for my swing so I found a stock smoke im10 60 gr, 6.0. I am thinking of lowering the loft 1 degree and trying this one out. Everyone happy with the stock smoke shaft?
  9. Anyone recommend a standard size grip that weighs near 60 grams? I am trying to offset my driver swingweight a bit.....thanks
  10. To anyone still using these irons, are you still happy with the performance? Have you had any durability issues with the finish? I have read that they feel harsh but is that true on flushed strikes as well? I have a chance to get a used set in the cheap but won’t be able to hit them. They have KBS tour stiff shafts. thanks for any input....
  11. Thanks for the info, I’d rather not give them the clicks.....
  12. Are the Titleist Ap3 irons .370 tip? thanks in advance.....
  13. The current $ tapers lites I have are a .370 tip so they are 115 grams. They are in a stock set of cobra forged tec irons. I will say they go very high for me....
  14. I would do that, but I am trading in the set that has them in it. Trying not to pay out of pocket so the wife does not know.....if you know what I mean...
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