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  1. Damn, I got it without the book. I will check their website to see if there is a PDF file for it....thanks
  2. Does moving the driver sleeve to the upright setting for drivers (Srixon z785) add loft or decrease loft? Or not at all? Also, does the face angle open when raising the loft or close? thanks
  3. Anyone still using these comment on the wear and tear of the chrome finish over time? I may grab a used set that I want to keep for a long while and am curious to hear about long term wear on the grooves and soles. thanks
  4. Can anyone speak on the different balance points of the Im10 vs mmt? I was not aware of this....thanks
  5. Found a set of irons with these in them in the used section of my local shop. Anyone know the specs on these? They are steel R300 flex and were in a set of Callaway rouge pro irons...thanks for any info
  6. Picked up a speed 10.5 smoke im 60 stiff. Might shorten a half inch and add a heavier weight. Also may try the mmt 60 stiff to compare. Anyone compare these two shafts?
  7. The shape of the speed is calling my name but the perceived directional forgiveness/MOI of the LS is holding me back....
  8. The YouTube reviews I watched, about 5 of them, seemed to dismiss the speed. They didn’t say it was bad but most said it spun too much for them. Most of these guys were swinging above 110 swing speed. I am around 103 tops. I did see one female reviewer who swung low 90s and she said the max LS fit her best. It just confuses things, I should stop thinking about it and get the speed. Form the photos it reminds me of one of my favorite classics. The 913 D3 head, but I don’t like Titleist for other reasons.....thanks for the info
  9. Is the speed head really that high spin compared to both max heads? All the reviews I watched don’t speak that highly of it and I don’t like to just go by those. I think the speed looks the best but I have a max LS and only hit it at the range. My local shop didn’t have any speed heads to try. I came from an m5 10.5 smoke black 70 gram stiff. Weights all the way back. It worked well for me but I got the bug to move on......this damn wrx
  10. A little low of a launch but I really feel better paying a driver closer to 45 inches for better contact. So trimming the butt about a half inch will drop the swingweight so I figured to add an aftermarket weight 7 grams heavier to get it back between D4-D5. I wasn’t thinking totally about the launch but I don’t want too much backspin on it either..
  11. I was thinking of adding a heavier back weight (20gr instead of the stock 13 gr) to the max LS to get the swingweight back up after I trim it a half inch. Will this increase launch and MOI as well? it is already a 10.5....thanks
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