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  1. > @DTown3011 said: > Don’t see anything here that would make me want to move from MD4 Raw. I’ll wait to see the slate finish. MD4 Raw is a pretty great wedge. Do not see anything to make me want to change.
  2. Gainesville Virginia. Handicap 6.2. Current irons : Cobra King Forged tour. Favorite feature : Compact short irons. I will agree to do a thorough and complete review including pictures 100 %
  3. creecool

    Vokey SM8

    Just wish they would bring back oil can finish!!!!
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the PX LZ handcrafted shaft, compared to a Tensei blue AV or CK pro ?
  5. He drove it pretty well with the Rogue black. Like stated before, higher spinning shaft.
  6. Looking for a shaft like the PX LZ iron profile. Stiff tip and butt sections, more active midsection. Any suggestions ??
  7. Looks like Shane Lowry has the KBS graphite iron shafts. Anyone know which weight he is using ?
  8. All ready to cook my waffles with this spatula...
  9. Epic flash hybrid is shaped like the Rogue. Not really what I was anticipating.
  10. I must admit those Method core Nike putters were horrible, especially that insert. I guess it works for him .
  11. > @ChipNRun said: > > @kippjr23 said: > > Id suggest, sticking with your current irons and perhaps going to get a fitting. It will be much more rewarding! > > I have hit the Rogues and really like them. But, what will the Rogues deliver that your XR OS won't? Will the Rogues deliver a performance advantage? > > Rogue irons have 360 cupface technology, XR OS does not. Unsupported faces like the Rogue will redult in higher ball speed, so they will be longer.
  12. 3 deep in British it how he won his only title. Great choice with his driver struggles recently.
  13. > @TheRaven said: > > @"Mr. Hogan" said: > > I call B.S. on the grip being 1 degree closed. A rubber pingman grip simply is not precise enough to guarantee that measurement. > > Those suckers are super flexible, but i suppose with enough fidgeting you could get the thicker part that's more solid and measure it. Getting those on straight can be pretty tough. Those grips are super tough just to get straight. It is hard to believe he likes grip closed, but it works for him.
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