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  1. Up for sale is a brand new AD DI 6s shaft with ping adaptor and tour velvet 360 grip. Plays stock length in head. $265 shipped (SOLD)
  2. Golf magazines and television programs don't give us enough detail. I found myself searching the web for more details on bounce, lie angles, shaft flex, head weight, etc. For those of us with the lifelong goal of finding the perfect equipment, your site is utopia!
  3. Let me start off by saying that I have $700 of shop credit, and my ping fitting(lie and length) is standard. I currently have a set of x-forged 2009, and a mint set of MP-67's. Here are my new options, listed in order of cost (ap2 710 w/s300, S56 w/kbs stiff, or i15 w/kbs stiff). I am a 3 handicap, but the 67's were too much club for me! I hit 8 iron 150 with a medium high flight. Thanks
  4. Just switched from X forged 2009's with px 6.0 flighted to MP-67,s with tt s-300. The Mizuno's feel great, but they are tough, and i'm almost ready to scap them and go the G-15 route and swallow my pride. I'm a 2.9 index, but I,m tired of hitting fairways and missing greens! Thoughts?
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