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  1. Hallelujah My rebate arrive today. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  2. I called today and was told my check was scheduled to go out 12/30/2009 Better late than never, I guess.
  3. Thanks for the updates. My rebate was among those initially refused and then accepted. I assume this may contribute to additional processing time. My refusal letter came on 9/8/2009 and the matter address over the phone and then re-mailed within a couple of days. I am sitting right at the 10 week mark, so I have my fingers crossed it will see a check in my mailbox shortly.
  4. I will cast votes for: Laser: Leupold GX-1 & Nikon 800 GPS: Callway uPro
  5. Callaway Hyper X Tour in a shaft that fits your swing. The Hyper X Tour is very straight for me. I have a 10.5* head with a WB 73S, and I usually play a 73X.
  6. I believe Kevin does refinishing as a side business. I can PM you is contact info if you're interested.
  7. I did not weigh the club or head before the refinish. I was aware there would be some weight loss, but that goes with the territory. I discussed the refinish details with Kevin in advance and I don't believe he did any grinding, only sanding and blasting, so weight loss was minimized.
  8. SS The color shift is just poor photography, although the bead blast finish does look a touch darker than the original finish because it's slightly rougher.
  9. Thanks I took the Cameron on trade and I really like it, but it was a little rough to my eye at address. The cost for the refinish was $35 + $5 express return shipping. A great deal. I'll be a little more gentle on the putter than it previous owner.
  10. He are the post refinish pics of my Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. The works was done by Kevin @ PutterPlating.com I am very happy with the work. Thanks Kevin. The image file is the link below. www.blanca.com/golf/SCSSNP25.jpg
  11. [quote name='Lefty Cat' post='1968845' date='Sep 23 2009, 11:07 PM']Im gonna suprise some people and say Hyper X Tour.[/quote] I agree. The Hyper X tour is excellent and can be found at low prices, even at Callaway Pre-Owned. I still have not concluded which I like more a Hyper-X Tour or FT-9 IMix Tour Neutral. They are very close.
  12. Neutral FT-9 Tour 10.5/9.5 in either IMIX or glued in setup.
  13. Looks legit to me too. The TM Diamana shafts are not "Made for" shafts. However, they may be tipped and thus play to different specs than the WB 63 shaft. Otherwise, it's a Diamana shaft in TM graphics.
  14. Clubs in trunk = not a good idea. Primary reason, if you're trunk gets hot, the heat is enough to attack the integrity of the epoxy in ALL of your clubs.
  15. TEE CB-1 15* with low-mid launch 63 gram stiff shaft. Mine is fitted with a WB 63S and it's the best 3W I have ever owned.
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