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  1. titleist factory 620 combo set 5,6,7 CB 8,9,pw MB all standard titleist specs w/ KBS Tour FLT 120 shafts and GP tour velvet...a;so 54.08 and 58.08* M grind SM6 wedges ,,, super set of irons just looking for steelfiber/recoil titleist set T-100 or same 620 combos if you have them for trade,,, $700- thanks T
  2. 1- Oddy Metal X milled 6. This is a tour issue but ID band fell off super solid heavy putter. 33.5” round jumbo max grip $200- 2-TM P790 limited Gap wedge black KBS tour custom shaft $100- 3- 585-H hybrids 17’ NV 85s &21’ Diamana a’hina 90 stiff take both for $100- 4- Srixon Z765 driver head 9.5’ $ 85- 5- Rogue SZ 9’ head $ 120- 6- Srixon 785 woods driver 3 wood Hybrid selling as combo only $375- shipped Usps thanks. T
  3. 3-pw. Factory Steelfiber 95 Reg hard stepped plays basically a stiff. I swing the driver 105 and these fit perfectly. Standard specs plus 1/4” Z grip on all except 7 iron has NDMC $750- Rogue SZ 9* w Rogue Max 75s great shape $150- Thanks. T Pin 8/2
  4. Heads only 4-pw. All TM standard specs , used in Myrtles’ sandy golf courses the sun glare accentuates the play wear $700- trades towards Mavrik SZ Woods. Thanks. T
  5. M6 Sold thanks CMUgol4 $175-for the Rogue SZ . Headcovers incl. thanks. T
  6. Great set of irons that set up like a blade but have a the forgiveness you desire. Best of the hollow irons for sure. Bought and denied a few rounds. Shafts dint work for me. Looking for trades toward Titleist irons w Steelfiber 110 or 125 S prefer the T-MB w steelfibers but willing to look at other players clubs. 4-PW factory pxi 6.0 shafts. 6 iron grip changed to a cp2 mid to demo. $875 - thanks. T
  7. mizzy MP-62 (one of my all-time favs) 4-pw w NS Pro 950 GH stiff all standard specs adding the T7 Blue wedges 54/58 w NS Pro 105 s wedge shafts SOLD Titlesit 917 D3 9.5 KK 60TS Proto dual core shaft and 917 F2 15’ KK 80 TiNi stiff both for SOLD Taylormade Superfast TP Tour Long Hosel Plus R9 Tour Woods. Great condition and just as good if not better as today’s offerings def better feel. The TP Superfast tour issue long hosel TOUR SERIALS and PLUS SIGN + Great Ozik HD6 stiff shaft. R9 tour issue 3 wood. paint break which is TMs indicator of tour issue plus TOUR serial numbers fit w a TP FUBU
  8. Great great condition. Like new fresh pull w low heat gun and hydraulic puller. Tips are perfect but need to be cleaned out in the inside. No fraying at all. Like new GP tour wrap red grips. Length shown w tape measure. $200- thanks. t
  9. guys, any insight on these iron shafts ? i'm going to re-shaft some irons and wonder how these compare to the recoils/steelfibers of today,these are about 15 years old but i have a brand new set sitting here calling me,they are 6.5 frequency but thinking soft step as i've gotten old as well,,,thanks tony
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