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  1. I’ve seen the Smiths on Amazon but not in any retail stores. I was thinking about picking a pair up but curious about their authenticity.
  2. I have the same issue as op. Holbrooks xl’s are too narrow but the Oakley mainlink xl’s work great. Also on the cheaper that works are REKS. I want to give the Smiths a try as well.
  3. Van Huesen Men's Big and Tall Traveler Stretch Flat Front Dress Pant. These work great for me and some would say my legs are thick as tree trunks.
  4. Brand new bag that’s been sitting in my garage. $OLD Sorry, not sure how to rotate the photo’s.
  5. +2 for the Ben Hogan line. I have found I need to try the shirts though. There sizing is inconsistent as well but I love the shirts and there are some very nice color schemes.
  6. both long and slow Well played sir....lmao!!
  7. Any updates on on how theses are wearing compared to 200’s?? I know it’s very early yet but the 200’s seemed to show wear quickly.
  8. After hitting the I210's on the course are you guys seeing any wear issues with the new finish? Or does it seem more durable than the I200's?
  9. I rolled the new Craz-e H today. Love the looks and so easy to aim. But i'll be honest, I was very disappointed in the feel compared to the other vault 2.0 putters. Wasn't even close, maybe the loss of feel compared to the blades is because its a mallet. Maybe it was the E7 golf balls they had on the practice green (i'm hoping anyways). It sounded great though.
  10. Bit of a different version of the #7 but the Scotty futura x5 is tough to beat.
  11. I have the 913Fd in the 3 and 5 wood. Have yet to find anything that can beat the sound, feel, distance and accuracy. I’m trying to go all ping but these are a substantial road block.
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