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  1. Congrats ? also been here forever, coming from BSG. I don’t post much, but visit and enjoy every day. Time flies... Take care Soeren
  2. My PW is 45 in the Z565 set, so I have gone Titleist SM7 in 50F, 54F, 58K - works nicely for me
  3. Clearly the lighter shaft and bend profile is better suited for your current swing ??
  4. > @nicelife said: > Buy your wedges new, everything else can be used. Spot on
  5. **Seve** (quite a few others as well) - but he was special to watch :)
  6. > @musclefront said: > Swing to the top - FREEZE completely - then swing down and strike the ball to a full finish. Hard to do if your sequence is off I use this drill quite a bit w an 7-8 iron and it helps.
  7. Srixon 765 / 785 / zForged TM 760 Titleist CB Mizuno 919 Tour Wilson V6
  8. Consult a pro? I’d ask for rhythm drills also Good Luck ?️
  9. Nippon nspro 950 is worth a try - a little firmer than XP95 IMO. XP95 launches a tad higher than the 950 for me. I don't know if it is an upgrade for the PINGs?
  10. Francesco is my new hero - what a player of the game
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