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  1. I have several putters ranging from 33” 34” 35” I go through them all, and putt well. However I noticed, if my stroke does get a little off… using the 35” for some reason gets me back on track.
  2. Exactly. It’s odd and something I never thought about before, but I saw two playing partners literally ask him to shoot 90% every yardage every shot even from across fairways asking him to come shoot their yardages.. im simply asking to find a way to help him say the right thing and be kind but not sacrifice his own game to be the groups Casdie as soon as they realize he has a rangefinder.
  3. You’re completely missing the point. Not referring to casual rounds of golf. This is tournaments I’m taking about. imagine giving yardages to two others for entire tournament round, that you’re playing in. He’s a sweet boy and kind, and always makes friends but it’s not a casual round with the fellas slapping balls all over the course on a Saturday afternoon.
  4. Strange question, but I have a kid who plays tourney golf. He uses a rangefinder which is legal. He’s a sweet kid, barely a teen. The issue is, as soon as everyone in the group see he has a rangefinder, they literally bug him nonstop for yardages… literally every one of their shots! He’s kind, and doesn’t want to be rude but he’s getting frustrated to the point it’s hurting his focus and concentration and feels like the groups caddy. I’ve told him, shoot all the par 3 tee boxes and tell the group but other than that, they need to get their own yardages, so you can focus on your own ga
  5. I have used the reverse overlap while putting for many years. It was one of the single most biggest improvements to my putting. It solidified my stroke and unified my motion. I consistently put a good roll on it, then worked on aim, then speed on longer putts. I use a vardon on full shots.
  6. Never seen a stamp like that before. You could always send Scotty’s custom shop a note and ask, maybe done by a previous owner or they may have a clue.
  7. I have to agree with all the comments on this thread. This site is by far the best Golf community out there. Fun and engaging. I like how active it is too. Golf is a great sport to be shared with friends and family and this really the only spot you need.
  8. Sergio got rather emotional as he said in the interview he’s dedicating to his two family members who recently died to CoVID. Good for him. The eagle and shot on 18 were amazing.
  9. How can someone truly measure if a wedge is more forgiving than another wedge? Genuinely curious.
  10. Makes sense. Hope you start playing golf again, and get well from stroke. Take care.
  11. By only putting with the ball? What’s your handicap? Just curious.
  12. I’ve literally been playing ProV1 balls for twenty years. This includes ProV1x when they were released. Through all the years, I’ve always tried new balls here and there, and personally nothing beats the Prov1 balls. For twenty years and I’ve seen some amazing balls released by TaylorMade, Bridgestone and Callaway that certainly closed the gap to ProV1 in my opinion, but still never could quite surpass them to this day. I’m currently in Myrtle Beach Golfing for 9 days. This entire week been experimenting with the characteristics of the latest ProV1 vs Prov1x.. my father and I decided to play t
  13. I’ve used them several times. I’ve been playing Prov1 for twenty years, I’ve never seen a difference in performance personally.
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