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  1. 1. SOLD PXG Gen 3 "P" - 4-GW, Standard L/L/L. Steelfiber 115cw STIFF. Grey Iomic grips logo down, except the 4 iron which has a stock PXG grip. 4 iron has maybe hit 3 balls the rest were gamed for 20ish rounds. G shows most wear. Looking for $800 shipped. 2. SOLD Ping G425 LST driver head, 10.5. This has been played for 10ish rounds. Looking for $250 shipped. 3. PXG 0811 X Proto driver head, 9. Very light wear. Looking for $200 $180 shipped. 4. SOLD Ping G410 Plus driver head, 9. This was gamed for about 1.5 years. Looking for $150 shipped. 5. Srixon ZX Utility 4. I forgot I ordered this. Still in plastic will ship in original box. Specs from my order sheet below. $289 new with this spec will ship to you tomorrow for $250. Hand: Right Hand Loft: 4 - 23° Shaft Type: Graphite Shaft MODEL: Steelfiber fc90cw (EXOTIC) Shaft Flex: Stiff (S) Shaft Length: -1/2" Stepping Option: Standard lie: Standard Loft Adjustment: +1 Weak grip Model: GP TOUR VELVET 360
  2. Just two brand new items today, not interested in any trades at the moment. 1) Ping i210 4-GW. Steelfiber fc90cw stiff, standard length, red dot, GP tour velvet. These have never been hit. Only the 4 iron has had it's cover removed for the photos below. I did take them out of the crappy box Ping sent them in a repacked into a box from another Scottsdale golf company that actually has customer service. $1150 to your door (I paid $1362). Get them this week and not in 3 months or whatever it takes Ping to build a set these days. It turns out Ping, that when you take several months to get product to people they buy other brands. SOLD 2) GFore Gallivanter white/navy size 13W. Brand new in box. $150 to your door.
  3. 1. Two-ball Triple-track TEN - 35" with Strokelab shaft. I just got this last week, played one round, not for me. $250 to your door. SOLD 2. White Hot OG 7 - 35" with Strokelab shaft. Played 2 rounds, also not for me. $190 to your door. 3. White Hot OG Two-ball - 35" with standard shaft. Played 5 rounds, pretty, pretty, preeeeetty good. But who wants to use the same putter all the time? $150 to your door. all sold
  4. 1. ZX5/ZX7 Combo set. 5, 6, 7 ZX5 1 degree weak, 7, 8, 9, P, A standard / standard. All with Nippon 950GH NEO Stiff +1/2 inch. Lies are standard. The wear on the faces is from my club's crappy range balls and probably just needs some elbow grease. These have 3 rounds in them and 300 range balls. GP 360 standard. I couldn't decide where to split set so bought two 7 irons. YOU CAN DECIDE for the low price of $900 shipped to your door. 2. TSi3 9 degree head. Played 8ish rounds. $350. SOLD 3. TSi2 10 degree head. Played 1 round, has hit maybe 20 balls. $350. 4. The new hotness - TENSEI WHITE 1K 50S. GP 360 standard. Titleist tip, plays 45". Has hit 100 balls. $275. ****Will make a deal for either Titleist head + TENSEI shaft for $575 5. Srixon ZX Utility 4i. Bone stock with Recoil 95S shaft. $150. 6. Vokey blackout 54S, 56M, 60D. All played about 10 rounds but super clean. $300 for all 3, $140 each. SOLD 7. Titleist TSi2 5 (24) Hybrid with TENSEI Raw White 90s. This has hit maybe 20 balls. $200. SOLD
  5. 1) Ping G410 3 & 4 Hybrid, ordered directly from Ping. 3 Iron has slightly more wear but the faces are super clean on both. Shafted with $$$ GD AD-DI 85 hybrid stiff shafts with Iomic Sticky grips. Will do a super deal if you take both. $350 for both, $200 each otherwise. SOLD 2) Taylor Made Spider X Navy, 34 inches. This has seen probably 15 round or so. Full disclosure, I dropped this guy on the cart path and have tried to highlight those blemishes in the photos. Don't drink guys. $200 3) Mizuno M-Craft Type 1, 34 inches. This thing is so buttery, I just need a 35". Played ~3 rounds with this, will ship with the weight kit as well. $150
  6. Good luck with the sale - just picked up a set of these and they feel a bit like cheating
  7. All sold 1) Titleist T200 Limited Edition T200 Blackout 4-GW - Standard L/L/L with AMT Black Onyx S300 and GP Tour Velvet Blackout. These have ~10 rounds in them and are super clean. Face picture is of the 48 which has the most wear. $900 $850 $800 2) Taylor Made 2019 P790 4-PW - Standard Length and Loft, Lie angle is 1 degree Flat. Build by Club Champion with SST Pured Steelfiber fc115 Stiff and Iomic grips. Played these a season, but lots of life left. Face pic is of the 7 Iron which I used the most on the range. $650 SOLD 3) Titleist u510 - 16 degree 1 Iron with Fujikura Ventus Blue HB 7S. This has hit maybe 10 balls. The lesson - don't drink and build random things on Fairway Jockey. $300 SOLD 4) Graphite Design AD-DI6S - Played 45 in a Titleist TSi3. Untipped, built by Titleist D3 setting on the grip. This has hit probably 50 balls max. Iomic grip. $150 SOLD
  8. the only reason I am selling is the TP5 let's me do 88 + Maneki-neko!
  9. Decided I like the TP5 better so don’t need these - 4 dozen of the latest Pro V1s all number 88. $165 OBO shipped.
  10. I Cannot seem to find a way to pay to join the club so I can post ads anywhere. Help?
  11. thanks for the feedback guys Mr. JK - I posted in your thread for more detailed feedback. thanks
  12. [color=#282828]General questionnaire ( A must for all fitting) :[/color] [color=#282828]How often you play in a month? [/color] [color=#282828]- 2 to 3 times[/color] [color=#282828]How often you practice in a month[/color] [color=#282828]- 5 to 7 times[/color] [color=#282828]How consistent do you think your swing are in a scale 1-10 ( 10 being the best )? It won't matter good or bad consistency.[/color] [color=#282828]- 6[/color] [color=#282828]What is your handicap now? What handicap system are they/you usin[/color] [color=#282828]- 12.2, golfnet[/color] [color=#282828]What is your strength on your game? Driver? Iron? Wedge? or putter?[/color] [color=#282828]- wedges[/color] [color=#282828]Driver fitting questionnaire:[/color] [color=#282828]1. What is the club existing set up? ( loft, shaft, flex, swing weight, length, etc ) As detail as possible please.[/color] [color=#282828]- Titleist 910 D2, 9.5 degree, Project X 7c3 6.0, 45 inches [/color] [color=#282828]2. What type of swinger are you ( smooth or quick tempo swinger )? Loading factor on your swing? Heavy or light loader?[/color] [color=#282828]- smooth, heavy load past parallel [/color] [color=#282828]3. On a scale 1-10 how consistent is your swing? where is your striking ability?[/color] [color=#282828]- 6[/color] [color=#282828]4. What is the the problem w/ the existing set up?[/color] [color=#282828]- ball seems to balloon a bit and dont get much roll out if any[/color] [color=#282828]5. Have you ever had a launch monitor session before? What brand of LM [/color][color=#0000FF]([url="http://www.flightscope.com/"]flightscope[/url] LM is one of my best recommendation)[/color][color=#282828]?[/color][color=#0000FF] ( swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, Swing path,Attack angle, side spins, etc?)[/color][color=#282828] [/color][b][color=#FF0000]These numbers has to come from the existing club or the club that you are trying to fix or buy. IMPORTANT & A MUST![/color][/b][color=#282828] [/color][color=#FF0000][b]DO NOT POST IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPLETE LM DATA.[/b][/color] [b]- Yes, in the shop when I bought the club. sales associate said PX shaft was lowest spinning with tightest dispersion for me[/b] [color=#282828]6. What are you trying to change or achieve on your new set up?[/color] [color=#282828]- more distance, eliminate the left[/color] [color=#282828]7. What is your shots tendency on mistakes when you are not playing so good? Do you have any problem missing a shots on the face of the club? where?[/color]g [color=#282828]- don't miss the center of face usually, but hit snap hook left of big block right when not swinging well [/color] [color=#282828]8. What is your shots tendency (ball[/color][url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/2526-for-you-guys-asking-for-a-help-in-picking-a-shaft/#"] flight[/url][color=#282828]) that you like when you are playing good[/color] [color=#282828]- 3 yard draw[/color] [color=#282828]9. If you have to pick, what ball flight is more comfortable for you to hit...High or low? Draw or Fade?[/color] [color=#282828]- high draw[/color] [color=#282828]10. What type of course condition you are playing most? Where are you from?[/color] [color=#282828]- So Cal, mostly play higher end courses in LA area[/color] [color=#282828]11. [/color][url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/2526-for-you-guys-asking-for-a-help-in-picking-a-shaft/#"]Body build[/url][color=#282828] and postures? height? etc.[/color] [color=#282828]- 6 foot 1.5 inches, 220 lbs, athletic[/color] [color=#282828]12. What is your glove size? What is the length of your wrist to longest fingers and length of your longest finger? (Left for RH golfer and vice versa for LH golfer)[/color] [color=#282828]- XL glove, hand is 8.5 inches long, longest finger 3.5[/color] [color=#282828]13. If you have to be honest, who your swing look like on PGA [/color][url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/2526-for-you-guys-asking-for-a-help-in-picking-a-shaft/#"]tour[/url][color=#282828]? at least who do you like it to be?[/color] [color=#282828]- I try to emulate Ernie Els' tempo[/color] [color=#282828]Iron fitting Questionnaire:[/color] [color=#282828]1. Have you had a dynamic fitting before? lie angle? Loft?[/color] [color=#282828]- Yes, suggested .5 inches over std length, 2 degrees up[/color] [color=#282828]2. What is the existing set up specs and shaft, etc? Detail please[/color] [color=#282828]- Ping G5, DGS300, +.5 inch over std length, 1 degree up[/color] [color=#282828]3. Have you ever been on a launch monitor session? what are the numbers (detail)? what brand of machine?[/color][color=#FF0000][b]DO NOT POST IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPLETE LM DATA. [/b][/color] [color=#FF0000][b]- from the other thread about mizzy shaft optimizer - 6 iron SS was 89 avg., remainder of numbers 3, 4, 5, 6[/b][/color] [color=#282828]4. What is your existing complain on your current set up?[/color] [color=#282828]- it's old, thinking of moving to lighter shaft[/color] [color=#282828]5. What do you want to see it change/what is the problem?[/color] [color=#282828]- better distance control[/color] [color=#282828]6. What do you prefer to see on your ball flight? higher or lower? draw or fade?[/color] [color=#282828]- I would like to hit it slightly lower, less ballooning [/color] [color=#282828]7. What is your ball flight tendency on your good golfing day?[/color] [color=#282828]- high draw[/color] [color=#282828]8. Which side is your mistake tendency? left or right side? any problem catching the sweet spot? wher[/color] [color=#282828]- pull left is a big problem for me, happens 3-5 times per round, arms get ahead of body and all of a sudden I'm on the wrong green 50 yards to the left[/color] [color=#282828]9. Do you consider yourself a High ball hitter or low ball hitter?[/color] [color=#282828]- high[/color] [color=#282828]10. If you have to pick, what ball flight is more comfortable for you to hit...High or low? Draw or Fade?[/color] [color=#282828]- high draw is easiest for me to hit consistently [/color] [color=#282828]11. How far you hit a 5 iron on a good no wind day? 5 iron swing speed ( carry distance )?[/color] [color=#282828]- 190ish[/color] [color=#282828]12. What is you measurement on Knuckle to floor with shoes on? LH for RH player vice versa on LH players[/color] [color=#282828]- 32[/color] [color=#282828]13. What is your measurement on wrist to floor with shoes on? LH for RH player vice versa on LH players[/color] [color=#282828]- 37[/color] [color=#282828]14. What is your glove size? What is the length of your wrist to longest fingers and length of your longest finger? (Left for RH golfer and vice versa for LH golfer)[/color] [color=#282828]- XL glove, hand is 8.5 inches long, longest finger 3.5[/color] [color=#282828]15. How tall are you?[/color] [color=#282828]- 6 foot 1.5 inches[/color] [color=#282828]16. Are you a deep/medium or shallow divot taker?[/color] [color=#282828]medium/deep[/color] [color=#282828]17. Who do you think your swing look like compare to PGA Tour players?[/color] [color=#282828]- try to copy Ernie Els[/color] [color=#282828]18. Smooth , medium or quick tempo swing style? How is your shaft loading factor on your down swing?[/color] [color=#282828]- smooth, go to parallel [/color] [color=#282828]Answer: Where is the complete LM data?[/color]
  13. So I went and got fit for Mizzies today, and my avg. 6 iron numbers were: 89 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 And It tells me: PX 5.0 DG XP S300 What? I've been playing DGS300 for years and almost feel it's not stiff enough sometimes. So I hit the PX 5.0 on the JPX 825 head and it feels like a harsh little noodle. Just awful, hated every minute of it. Anyone have a similar experience? Anyone recommend a shaft based on those numbers? thanks!
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