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  1. In my case, the guy's first shot was never come out of the penalty area. According to rule 17.2, if he wants a drop outside of penalty area, he will have to drop way back around the corner 20 yds back, where he got no shot getting on the green.
  2. After the first attempt to get out, he was still in the wood about 5yds from the red chalk line with terrible line; he wanted to drop 2-club length from the nearest point of relief at this point that gave him line of sight to the green, which I refused. The original point of entry (into the penalty area) was about 20ds back, without line of sight to the green. He ended up advancing his ball back near the FW edge in his second attempt.
  3. I was wrong about applying "unplayable" rule in the penalty area. The guy ended up getting it out near the FW with his second attempt. Mr. KevCarter was right about rule 17.2 for this particular situation. Thanks everyone for your input/help.
  4. I was thinking the same rule that applied to Kevin Na when he pulled a "Tin Cup"
  5. Played big $$$ match with a guy and run into this issue. He hit into penalty area and try to pitch out unsuccessfully. His ball was still 5 yds deep in the wood. What would be his options? I told him that his only option were to play it from there or use " unplayable rule" which were 2 club lengths relief, rehit from the last spot, which was 20 yds deeper in the wood. Help!
  6. Cant PM you neither. Are the Chrome Soft ball 2018 model, that have "Graphene" material printed on the outside box cover? If so, i will buy them
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