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  1. Garage sale find for $5 this weekend!! They wanted $5 for the bag and set of clubs but I just wanted the putter so paid $5 for it by itself.
  2. Paired with ad gt best fairway shaft IMO too I have had or hit is an awesome setup!
  3. I agree on xhot pro 4 wood being sweet smooth bomber! I carry one with graphite design ad gt 7s and IMO best fairway and fairway off tee club I have ever had or hit!
  4. Thanks for replies everyone! If I decide to go through with it I will post pics if anyone wants to see it. I don't really have use for the shaft in fairway or hybrid right now so figured would be fun putter shaft or otherwise alignment stick
  5. Recently acquired tour ad dj 7x shaft that broke off at tip in fairway wood. I have been thinking about having it installed in my Scotty studio style Newport 2 putter. Putter is the 350g 33" model with gss insert. So my question is what would be best way to keep weight and feel same as currently is? Also any potential issues with shaft fitting or mods that will need done? I am wanting to do this because I think would be cool looking shaft in the putter and would go great with the orange paint fill from custom shop and my woods have ad shafts too. Thanks!
  6. I have ad di 6s in my razr hawk imix and in my xhot pro 17* 4 wood I had ad gt 7s installed. It is tipped 1.5 in and it rocks! Fairway or off tee both! Prior to that I carried 910fd 13.5 and even put to 15 deg and still struggled off fairway with it for consistent shots. That had whiteboard in it. So I would suggest looking at ad gt shaft. Been liking it so much thinking about trying figure out if should try tipping my ad di equivalent to ad gt if isn't already.
  7. I actually noticed my x hot pro 4 wood head I traded for on here doesn't have one either. I tried looking around online and couldn't figure out for sure either.
  8. Cool thx guys! So if ok to ask what should I put for price on it? $50?
  9. I was under impression SC in bullseye meant it was Scotty version
  10. I was under impression SC in bullseye meant it was Scotty version
  11. Sorry doing pics on phone and are cut off on post but if click on them they will show full pic.
  12. So I picked this up and it's been sitting around too long. Want sell if market for it but want make sure legit before I do since not familiar with model enough. Farmstead is logo on backside of the putter. The shaft is satin colored and has black Winn grip. Please if need more info ask. Thanks!
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