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  1. Many moons ago I hit the flag stick on the first three holes starting out. I went on to shoot an 82 that day. I remember that round well because I had never broken a 100 up to that point. The guys talked me into playing for money that day and I cleaned up taking all the money ..lol
  2. What model Ecco's did you purchase? I bought the Ecco Base One shoes . They are the lightest golf shoes I have ever worn and really comfortable. The soles are so light weight I'm a little concerned about durability. I saw some negative comments about the whole spike pulling out of the sole on these and I can see that happening but so far so good. I will definitely buy another pair of Ecco's next time probably buying a higher end model next time.
  3. My order just shipped out on 11/21/20..My wait was around 11 weeks from Ping..Tracking says delivery on Tues. I haven't received anything on time in a long time though unless it's from Amazon..Fingers crossed.
  4. I ordered a set of G410 irons on Sept. 7th. My order is still processing.
  5. I've used a tire inflator with black cone attachment for yrs. Go slow and try to break the grip lose. If you get an air bubble in the grip you ruined it. I use blue painters tape to put new grips on. They always blow on and off real easy.
  6. I didn't know this . Several weeks ago I received a brand new shaft for my F9 driver from a seller on Ebay. My wife texts me and says my box is smashed flat and doesn't look good. I asked her if it had been bent in half and she replied no it's just smashed flat. When I got home I took pictures of the box and opened it up. I inspected the shaft and couldn't see anything wrong with it. I immediately contacted the seller and explained the situation with him. I asked him if he wanted me to return it or for me to try it out to see if it is ok. I wanted to let him know first in case it b
  7. I have no opinion on working out and hitting the ball farther. When I hit the ball farther and played my best golf I had a friend of mine stretching me three times a week. I felt being lose and limber helped me the most.
  8. I'm with the majority in this post. 55 and below 1.5 is my rule. I'll start out with playing an extra club but that can quickly change after a few well struck approach shots to the green coming up short. Last week it was foggy until around 9 am. We teed off at 10 and the air was still thick. An easy two club difference with the air and wet ground. Temps were in the 60's but that thick air was to much. Finishing up I was back to only one extra club. This time of yr. you have to adjust quickly to the conditions.
  9. I just installed GolfPad last week on my Android. I don't have anything to compare it with but Ilked it. It has a lot of stuff you can input. I'd rather play instead of spend all my time keeping track of everything though. What I liked about it was yardages were spot on to the green. You can bring up the hole and tap on a hazard or spot and it will give you the yardage to that spot and tell you what you have left to the green. It also has a score card to keep your score. It will keep track of all your rounds. The only thing I noticed that wasn't right was time for our round said 3h
  10. LOL...I don't keep a cap anymore.When I did I worried to much about it.Yes I want to get as low as possible but I play for fun now and don't play for anything. I'm know sandbagging goes on but when I read those threads I don't believe every case is sandbagging going by my own experiences. I remember my most famous round back in the day early 90's as a beginner. That first yr. I never broke 100 but was always between 100-110. I go out with a gang from work to play. It was a money game and I didn't see the need to join in because I didn't think I had a chance at winning anything. They
  11. Is this a Maryland thing? I have several UA base layers I use. I have four Mizuno Windlite sweaters I use. That usually takes care of it for me. Of course if it gets really cold or windy I pull out my Zero Restriction Windstopper pullover. I love my Mizuno Windlite sweaters.
  12. I play all over within an hrs drive from my house. This course was an hr. away and in the direction I usually didn't like to travel so no great loss for me being banned. This course had you sign a cart form for responsibilty of the cart. We were a threesome and I had signed the form for the cart I had. Before we had teed off on one the course had this guy pair up with me to make a foursome. The manager kept saying my name was on the form for responsibility so that held me liable. I told him but you put this guy in the cart with me so I felt I was liable for my actions but not for
  13. When I look to buy something I usually look at Ebay, the seller's store, Amazon and browse the internet for the best price. Sometimes Ebay has the better price than the store front and sometimes the store front has the better price. You would think with the Ebay fees the store front would always be cheaper but that is not always the case.
  14. I've always been that way myself. I don't play tournaments but I have played in larger groups for money and I always play much better. At least 9 strokes lower than my average. I've been called sandbagger too. I can't figure it out. I want to lower my cap but I usually find a way to screw up to keep it where it is. Not on purpose. Earlier this yrs. no money involved my buddy is shooting the round of his life, He hardly ever breaks 100 and he shoots an 88 his best round ever. On the same day I shot an 81 my best round of the yr. and 7 strokes better than my previous best
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