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  1. Some years ago a single was paired up with my threesome. She was a politician working in DC. Someone had given her a free round at the course were we playing. The course was a $25 with cart course at the time. She had never played a round of golf in her life but wanted to take advantage of her free round. She had went out and bought all new Ping clubs and a Scotty putter just to play her free round. After the round I asked her how she liked golf and she said she wasn't interested in playing again. She made a big deal about it being free to play and never thought twice about spending the money on buying clubs to play her free round. To her the big deal was it was free for her to play.
  2. Well Mr. Bean by your own statement you say it adds up to three minutes per round in your group. Not a big deal for sure but when you are saving three minutes here on this issue and three minutes here on this issue the total time saved on the little stuff adds up to a fair of amount of time save IMO. Yes in my group we were doing something seriously wrong with this issue. We have the guy that won't carry a wet towel with him to the green. He will go back to his bag and wipe his ball with his wet towel hanging on his bag. One other guy polishes his ball like he needs some kind of shine on it. The other guy wants to borrow my ballzee when his ball has a fair amount of dirt on it. So what takes your group 10 seconds for cleaning your balls you can imagine took us a little longer. So a solution that works for us is replace your ball with a like clean ball and waste your time cleaning your ball somewhere else.
  3. In my foursome we have no problem playing in 3:15 if not held up on the course. Some may say that is rushing around be we certainly don't rush. I can't say we have many issues with slow play in our group.. We have been playing as a group a long time and over the yrs we have eliminated many things that we consider slowing us down. We look for ways to be more efficient and if someone brings up something someone is doing that is slowing us down we discuss it or joke about it. As far as changing our ball on the putting green. Everyone knows the official rule and our group rule. You are expected to replace a dirty ball with same ball or you are considered cheating. Everyone carries an extra ball with them. It saves time. It's funny how many little things can add up to wasted time on the course. Eliminating a bunch of little things can add up to a lot of saved time on the course without rushing one bit.
  4. So sorry for your loss. Wishing you the best in moving on in this difficult time for you and your family.
  5. Don't let the price of balls or the type of ball your are playing get into your head. If the KSig is working for you 95% of the time play that until you find a ball that works for you 100% of the time. Then decide if your 100% ball is worth it. I would think being a 5.6 cap you would have adjusted which club to use to reflect coming up short. I went through the same thing with the ball I use at the beginning of the yr. I was coming up short with my short irons. I eventually got over the mind game of having to use an extra club and my short iron game is back even though it sucks to feel I have lost a club distance. I tried other balls and some gave me my distance back but in the end they also didn't hold the greens as well. Play the ball you feel most comfortable with and forget about price or model. Your score is what counts not what ball you are playing. I have a 5 gal. bucket of ProV's in the basement. I don't care to play them. I play a $1 ball I like the best. KSigs would be my second choice.
  6. I have played different Tour Edge Exotics fairways models for 10 yrs. They out did themselves with the C721 fairways this year. They are the easiest to launch most consistent fairways I have played to date. The C721 driver has been a real winner for me too.
  7. Very easy answer. It saves time. "Ready golf" There are so many simple things a person can do to speed up play. I myself carry a Ballzee ball cleaner to save time cleaning my ball. The only time it doesn't save time to use is on the green if it is my time to putt and my ball is dirty. It is much easier to swap out my ball "the same model" putt with it and clean my dirty ball while waiting on my next putt, walking to the cart, walking to the next tee box etc. I've waited plenty of times on people on the green polishing their ball like they need some high gloss shine on it before they can putt with it. I've waited on people that left their towel on their bag and went to their bag to clean their ball. I don't play with anyone that has their own caddy to wipe their ball off while they read their putts. So anything to speed up play I'm all for. When playing as a single I always drop a clean ball on the green to putt with it and clean the other ball as I walk to the next tee box.
  8. This is what my regular foursome does too. As long as it is the same model ball you are allowed to swap to a clean ball.
  9. I did ask for it back in a jokingly way. I also looked on Ebay and there are a few on there. I'll just enjoy the memory with it and make sure I have my putter back in the bag next time out. He has been trying it out for 10 yrs. I have been playing the same putter that replaced it for those 10 yrs.
  10. Oh my buddy does that at least once a yr. The funniest one was when he was teeing off. He swings, goes under the ball and says I never saw it. The ball went straight up and comes down bouncing off his head. I said do you see it now? He replies no but I'm seeing stars now.
  11. Well I was oblivious to the fact my putter wasn't there. I checked the bag before I left. I made sure all my clubs were wiped off, charged my Voice Buddy and checked my balls and tees. I even pulled out my lob wedge and was swinging it in the front yard waiting on my buddy to pick me up. My putter sits in my bag beside my lob wedge. I never noticed it not being there. I'm totally shocked I never noticed it wasn't there.
  12. Have you considered single vision contacts? I tried playing in my glasses both bi-focal and progressive lenses and I couldn't play in them. I noticed my putting struggled the most trying to see that blurry ball. Over all my scores went up around 10 strokes when the ball started looking blurry. My green reading skills suffered too. When I was at the optometrist some yrs ago I asked him if there was anything we could try to help my vision playing golf since I failed trying to play in my glasses. He set me up with contacts for distance. I can see the writing on the ball when it is on the ground now. I just can't see the writing holding it up to my face so I still carry ready glasses. My scores and putting came back quick wearing contacts. I've been wearing them for ten yrs now and can't image not wearing them to play.
  13. If it works for you then stay with it. I tried it and felt as you mention I stressed over it. I pick my line and find a spot 12" on that line in front of my ball I roll my ball over. I found that works better for me. To many times I lined my ball up and felt the need to readjust it. A friend of mine uses the line method and he is always redjusting the line before he actually putts. It drives me crazy but he thinks it helps him using the line so I keep my thoughts to myself.
  14. My buddy and I went out yesterday to play 18. I get to the first green and guess what? I don't have my putter in my bag. I had my putter out at Thanksgiving and left it in the dinning room. I look at my buddy and say remember when I let you borrow my old putter about tens yrs ago and you are still borrowing it. Well I'm gonna need it back now. The putter is an old Slotline S.A.M. I bought at a yard sale many yrs ago for $5. It was beat up but I putted my butt off with it. Call me vain but as good as I putted with it I couldn't get over the condition of it. I refinshed it and I liked it a bit more. Maybe I couldn't get over playing a $5 putter. So when I moved on I gave it to my buddy to use. We shared the putter. I began talking about how good I always putted with it and bang I drop my first putt with it on the first hole from about 12 ft. I putted my butt off with it all day long. I was making putts with it from all over the place. It was probably one of my best putting days ever. The funny thing is my buddy had one of his worse days putting ever. He kept saying I was taking all the good putts out of it and leaving him with the bad ones. I left my golf shoes home one time and my Voice Buddy on the charger once but I feel like an idiot for leaving my putter at home. I'm glad I wasn't playing alone and had a good back up putter that I want back now..LOL This will certainly go down as a good memory for me. Anyone else leave something important at home? I would think the putter would be the most important and then maybe the driver. Years ago a co-worker showed up to play and left his whole bag at home. That is probably topps for leaving something home.
  15. I've never have given this much thought about leaving your ball in the hole being poor etiquette or another ball being in the hole bothering another player much less thinking a ball will bounce out because another ball is in the hole. My regular playing partner and I play ready golf. The are plenty of times when one of us will make a longer putt and we will leave it in the hole because the other person is ready and waiting to putt. Playing in our regular foursome it never happens because someone is tending the hole while the next person is ready to putt. Playing with strangers is a different matter. Everyone has their own way of playing and so many don't even care about being ready or realizing so many little things that they could do to speed up play. It's always a feel things out in the beginning and go from there with strangers for me. I certainly wouldn't have a problem if someone wanted me to remove my ball from the hole before they putted. It is the right thing to do. On a HIO I would laugh at you.
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