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  1. I use to play with a guy that would always find his ball on the edge before going into the bushes. It was funny when we would all see it go into the tall bushes. He would some how find it on the edge and be able to play it. One time I found his ball with his mark on it. I picked it up and didn't say anything as we all still looked for it. He finally says I found it. It was on the edge and continues to play on. The next hole I throw him his ball and said hey I found your ball in the bushes on the last hole. He replied that's cool you found one of my balls I lost the last time I played here.
  2. I blow mine on using masking tape or blue painters tape. I've never had one slip.
  3. Anyone that knows anything about wearing earbuds you can always wear one bud, have it turned down, so you can have your ambience and still hear and talk to everyone around. At my old job driving forklifts we were allowed to listen to our music this way. I could hear the intercom,horns blow and I could stop and talk to other employees at the same time. We didn't have to deal with rattlesnakes but I'm sure I could hear them too. When I walk my dog in the park if someone wants to talk to me I will pull one bud out and have a conversation with them while still listening to my music. The is a difference in not wanting to and can't.
  4. Yep I did the say thing.. Crank up Nugent. As you mature you realize certain things that you did wasn't exactly the right thing to do. Some people get it and change and some never do change. You will always have issues come up. I have my rights and you have yours. I have the right to not hear your music and you have the right to play it. Somewhere in there comes what is the right thing to do and consideration of others. It was suggested I wear ear plugs if I don't want to hear music but at the same time they could play their music wearing earbuds but that would inconvenience them so I should be the one to deal with it. If you can't play your music without bothering others it's simple. Don't play it.
  5. You still haven't answered my question. Why don't you use earbuds. Problem solved. Believe me I like my music. I play my music at work on my breaks and lunch but I use earbuds. I walk my dog for hrs in the park while listening to music but I wear earbuds. I played in a scramble recently. Everyone was drinking heavily and we were jamming to ACDC, etc. It was a different environment. Yes I liked it. I wouldn't say yes to any music on the course on a regular day because I am considerate of others and I know the majority doesn't like it. If I am part of a group playing music I am no better than the group it self. I've played music on the course with my ear buds on sometimes as a single.
  6. I don't need it perfectly quite. My taste in music may not be the same as yours. Why should I have to wear ear plugs or make accommodations because of someone being rude and playing their music on the course?. Why don't you use ear buds to listen to your music? Problem solved. You wouldn't be bothering anyone that way. That's the problem in the world today. People are no longer considerate of others. They do what they want and expect others to make accommodations for their poor behavior. I was listening to music (yes I like music) at the carnival last night. The guy beside us fires up a cigarette. i asked him if he could go over to the side to smoke it because it was bothering us. Some people had already moved away from him. His reply was if you don't like it why don't you move away. I told him I shouldn't have to move because you are being inconsiderate. Some people just don't get it or care.
  7. The only music I like on the course is the music I can't hear. If no one could hear other people's music we would never be talking about this in the first place. Not hearing someone's music is almost impossible to do even when someone is being considerate. I recently went out as a single and a single was behind me. I didn't know he was playing music for the most part. He was 100 yds out while I was on the green on one hole and I heard nothing. When he got to the green and I was waiting on the next teebox I could hear he was playing opera music. I found it very distracting even though it was low. I teed off on the next hole, hit my approach shot and when I saw him behind me in the fairway I motioned him to play up. He pulled up and I let him finish the hole. He asked if I wanted to pair up and I said no my taste in music was different than his and that I was letting him play through. He said I had it down low. I thanked him for being respectful but said while we would be teeing off together and being on the green together I would be hearing it and it wasn't my thing. He rode off with a pissed off look on his face. I don't see why people don't wear ear buds. I love my music when walking my dog but I use ear buds. I don't want to hear your music and I know you don't want to hear mine.
  8. Well the tee sheet was full. I couldn't see the pile up behind them but if I was the group behind them I wouldn't be to happy seeing an open hole ahead of them. I get that you can only play a fast as the course is playing for the day. When it is slow I play slower myself because there is no where to go. I get that. I only thought that you still should keep up. I too would love to hang back and not have to wait. I feel if everyone would do that and create a hole gap because there is no place to go that would only make matters worse. Maybe I don't get it. I recently went out as a twosome. There was a twosome in front of us and the course was extremely slow. We offered to pair up and they declined because they decided they would play two balls on each hole. It was true they had no place to go even playing two balls but I didn't think that was right. When the ranger came by I told him they were playing two balls, He went up and talked to them and he came back and said it was slow and as long as they were keeping up. So we decided to play two balls too. The ranger came by later and told us the foursome behind us complained we were playing two balls. I said we are doing exacting what the group ahead of us is doing and we are keeping up with them. You didn't have a problem with them doing it so I hope you told the foursome behind us the same thing you told us before. He told us to play only one ball and he would tell the group ahead the same thing. I play alot as a single too. I agree with you I adjust my pace too but the problem does come up when a group comes up behind you. Now what do you do? I may putt around or chip during the wait. Do you continue to do this if the group behind is now waiting on you or do you walk off and stand to the side waiting on the next hole?
  9. I don't fully understand this. They were a hole to a hole1/2 behind us. If I took the same approach and allowed myself to be the same from the group ahead and the group ahead did the same thing and so on up to the group holding everything up wouldn't that seem to be a problem? I have often thought when I am waiting on every shot that I would prefer to wait on the tee box unitl the group ahead finishes the complete hole then tee off and play the hole not waiting on every shot to play the hole. I would prefer all my waiting time to be in one spot and then play the whole hole without waiting. I have seen groups doing this before and wanted to play this way myself but didn't think it was proper.
  10. Buy a larger wall socket cover to hide the hole. Before changing the cover stick a screwdriver in the socket to see if the power to that socket is on. If so turn off the power to that socket.
  11. I hit mine well and I am very happy with it. I noticed I have to play the ball an inch or two up in my stance over previous drivers to hit it down the middle of the fairway. When I fall back to my previous ball position I'll get a fade or a push right. At least I know what the problem is for me and I can correct it on my next drive. After I found my best setting I changed out the stock grip to what I play on my clubs and I think it did help to control the clubhead better. The weird thing about the stock grip was that I noticed it started twisting on the shaft. I ordered my grip oversized to start with and it was fine at first. When I changed it out the tape on the shaft was good but the extra layers of tape they used to build it up was all gooey. I've never seen tape like that. I hope you figure it out Tanner25.
  12. I like the Chromesoft and Supersoft but not the ones looking like soccer balls. These will probably be my next purchase in matte green or yellow. Callway's color pop in the grass for me. Even better than the Maxfli Softfli I play. I seem to have the problem only with the Srixon matte green color. It's a shade darker comparing to other balls of similar color. Must be my eyes but my friends are not finding my Srixons for me either.
  13. I'm a 13 cap. The most pars I have had in a row is 9. I've done it a few times. Earlier this yr I had 13 pars, one birdie with nine of those pars in a row. I didn't break 80. A few yrs ago I was one under on the front going into nine a par 5. I took a 10 on the hole. On the back nine I was playing the back even par going into 18 a par3. I took an eight on the hole. I consider that round my best 16 hole round I ever played..lol
  14. LOL.. Were the players in front older players? That's old school but they got it wrong. When someone drives into you you set their ball up on a tee not stick a tee beside the ball. It's a nice way to let you know that you hit into them and that you should pay attention with when it is safe to hit. It's a polite message to let you know. It requires no confrontation but it would have been nice if you rode up and apologized. I've done the same thing over my yrs of playing. If you don;t get the message and do it again you might need to look for your ball in the closest weeds. If we really have a problem you can come and get your ball from my pocket. I'll gladly return it. I think you are over reacting with the tee. It's the nicest form of "you are hitting to close to us" I agree with you they should have let you know they were still there but you can't count on people to do the right thing. You can only count on yourself in doing the right thing. You should have made sure the coast was clear to tee off.
  15. I agree with this. We usually give 2 footers and closer. We use our own judgement too, If that 2 footer has alot of break too it we will putt it out. We say if there is a chance you feel you might miss it then you putt it. Straight in 2 footers we pick up. Anything longer than that we putt. I use to play with a guy that putted everything out. He would mark his ball, then align it up and walk around the hole no matter how close his ball was to the hole. It drove me crazy. I'm talking about even a 6 inch putt. I have no problem putting everything out but please don't take all day on the close ones. I don't. I have no problems with gimmes either but don't ask if it is a gimme if you are out 2 ft or more.
  16. I'm a mid 80's shooter. I play the Maxfli Softfli in matte green. I like them alot. I also like the Callway Supersoft. I'd like to play the Callaways more often but with Dicks running sales on the Softfli 3 dozen for $30 I may never get to buy the Callways. I bought 6 dozen Softfli's the last time they went on sale. That should last me a few yrs. I'll probably stock up on more if they do that sale again.
  17. I want to say I drive the ball fairly straight. The F9 is a fairway finder for me. More so after a purchased a heavier shaft for it. I purchased the C721 4w and 7w. Coming from the Exotics XCG-7 fairways I too think the C721 fairways are amazing. I purchased the C721 driver going by how well the fairways play. I hit it as straight as the F9, maybe more accurate. I am getting around 15 more yards playing the C721. I get more roll out with this driver. I can reach back when needed (swing out of my shoes) and I can put this driver in play gaining even more yards. With the F9 I lost some control when trying to swing faster so I always knew to stay in my swing with it.. I wish I could mantain a higher SS but I have a bad back. It has been nice being able to swing a few times in my round a little faster and knowing I can put the ball in the fairway. I am averaging 12 out of 14 fairways with the C721. I am never far from the fairway when I miss. I hit the Cobra almost as well. I can use the extra 15 yards I get with the C721. It's fun reaching back and pushing it to limit with good results too. I've had some of my longest drives in yrs playing the C721. I demoed the last two Cobra drivers and didn't feel it was worth the upgrade over the F9. The C721 is an upgrade for me.
  18. It could be that I am color blind to that shade of green on the Srixon balls. If that's the case then the whole foursome is color blind to that color too. They join in the search. At least the guy I ride with if not all four. I lost three more balls in the rough this past Sat. I guy from the adjacent fairway found my ball once when he came over looking for his ball that I had already spotted for him. It's getting old searching for lost balls just off the fairway. We play at a decent pace and these slow downs are killing our pace. I only put three of the Srixons in my bag to play. After losing all three I pulled out a Maxfli in their green color and to me they almost glow in the rough. I can see them before I even get close to the ball. I'll be glad when I lose the three dozen that I bought of the Srixons so I can move on.
  19. This happened about ten yrs ago to my foursome. We were playing a 27 hole course. On the nine holes we were playing the sun was shining but in the distance it was dark and you could see one of the other 9 holes was getting hammered by a storm. Heavy rain, lightening, thunder booms and high winds. It was calm where we were. We were playing a par 3 at the time. There were three power lines running down OB by the left side of the course by the par3. There wasn't an open spot on any of the three wires because they were all filled up with birds perched on the lines. I was holding the flag stick while the last guy was putting out when all of a suddened there was a lightening strike and a huge thunder boom. I dropped the flag stick.We all took off towards the carts that were by the power lines. I looked up at the power lines and a lot of the birds were swinging upside down still grasping the lines smoking. The ones that didn't stay attached fell to the ground smoking. I was oh sh*t don't run that way. It was a fast moving storm. After that we decided to take cover even though the storm never hit us.
  20. I'm 61. I have two herniated discs from my late 20's. I carried until this yr. I bought a push cart a decade ago and only used it a few times. I stayed with carrying until I decided to use the cart this yr. I started to feel the stress in my back late in my rounds this yr. carrying. I'm not sure I'll go back to carrying even though I like carrying better.
  21. I have played Cobra drivers since the early 90's. My favorites Cobra 460SZ, Cobra L4V, Cobra ZL Encore, and Cobra F9. I played the ZL Encore from the time they came out until I bought a F9 on clearence. I have three ZL Encores in the basement. IMO ZL Encores are the best all round driver Cobra has made. The F9 is a little longer for me and knocked the ZL Encore out of my bag. I bought an Exotics C721 driver early this yr. and it has been the best driver I have played and the first non Cobra driver I've had in the bag that is going to stay until the next great driver comes along.
  22. When I walk I play better. When I walk and go out as a single I usually play even better. When I can walk, play as a single and not have to wait on anyone I play my best. In my regular foursome we all ride. The guys always laugh at me when I tell them what I shot when I went out by myself walking. They say I always shoot better with no witnesses.
  23. I don't think you did anything wrong. I've been in that situation when I had to rush to the bathroom and I picked up my range balls and took them with me. I would never leave my bag or any clubs at the range to save my stall. They might be missing when I got back. Sand mix sitting there would only tell me to fill in my divots. You want to hear crazy. Some yrs ago I went to the range. This range never seems to be busy. When I got there there was no one on the range. I saw a pile of balls laying on the range. Had they still been in the bucket I may have thought different but they were laying on the ground, no bucket laying around so I thought someone had left them to hit. I bought a small bucket of balls to go with the balls on the range. I'm hitting balls and notice this guy pull up in a car. The lot goes all the way down to the range but unless you are using the range most park closer to the clubhouse. He gets out of his car and comes over to me and says where are my balls? You hit my balls didn't you? I had been there a while so I was confused about this guy claiming I hit his balls. I told him I have been here a while and I noticed that you just pulled up. He says he had an emergency at home. He went home and now he is back to finish hitting his balls. I was dumbfounded. To avoid the issue any farther I told him I bought my own balls and left it at that.
  24. I use to play one course, they have since went under, that printed their own score cards as they changed the tee boxes and pin placements for that day. They had a lot of different tee boxes and they moved the tees around quite a bit. I always liked that they updated their cards and changed the tee boxes. I would go by total yardage when I went there. One day you might be playing a different color tee but you knew that you were playing the distance you wanted to play. Switching up the tee boxes also made the course a little diferent each time you went there. They also had the greens with pin placement on their cards and gave the distance to the pin from the 150 and 100 markers. I liked the whole idea.
  25. No I have not. I'm older so who knows. I know I cannot see the orange balls very well at all. My friend that played them couldn't see them either. My other friend I play with can't see his ball when he hits it. I doubt he can play by himself. It might be all me when it comes to the Srixon green balls but neither me or my friends can find them very easy in the rough. The green Softfli balls I play seem to glow to me and I can see the well in the rough from a distance. Yellow balls seem to be the thing now. I play yellow balls but after finding a green Softfli I found it easier to see in the rough. I didn't think I would like the green but I do at least in the Softfli green. I find all color balls on the course now. Red, blue, pink, hot red, orange, bright orange, matte and gloss in various colors. Even two color Srixon balls in various colors. That is why I made this post. Is it me or do other players find certain color balls hard to see in the grass.
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