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  1. As a matter of fact, and this is my first real time "putting this out into the real world," I most certainly am. And the 731's were a large part of the impetus, to be 100% honest. I'm planning on a thread or article to document the whole journey, as there are just a massive amount of amazing things going on with the "experiment" that I'd like to share. But, being able to actually play with the 731's is, at least for an equipment junkie like myself, admittedly pretty high on the list.
  2. I’ll add one: 731 PM irons. These irons have me working on something very stupid right now......
  3. I actually think that there is something to be gained by going this way. While I am 100% an advocate of hitting your driver as far as possible within whatever your "playing" speed is, hitting your irons as far as possible just isn't a recipe for success. Yes, we want to hit them higher and farther and with more spin to make approach shots easier, but not by swinging out of our shoes/out of balance. I can honestly say that the chase for distance with irons has led me down this path, so I know that it has done the same to others as well. Intentionally playing irons with "traditi
  4. I'm going with a 3 wood turned up to about 16 degrees for my 245y shot, a hybrid turned up to about 21 degrees for my 225y shots, and a 4i (driving iron head) turned up to about 25 degrees for my 200 yard shots. The overarching theory here is forgiveness AND predictable ball flight, hence why all are turned up vs. down.
  5. @hackalot Great question and one that requires a LOT of thought and work. May i first ask what main jobs you would like these clubs to do, and how often you would like them to do that job?
  6. Played today with the bag that I posted. FWIW, and I sincerely hope that someone beats me, I'm pretty certain that I will be out after my tee shot of the very next round. Now, there is a VERY good reason for this, I'm just not 100% ready to let WRX into the depths of depravity that is my golfing brain !!!
  7. @nitram nice bag setup. And yeah, if you haven't lost this challenge before, are you really even WRXing?
  8. @mych It's our time to shine, my friend! Here's where I'm at to start the year, although when the new Callaway stuff drops, I'm sure to be toast, once again! Epic Max LS w/ADBB BB Mini 1.5 w/Voodoo Epic Flash FW w/Rogue MAX X Forged UT 18 & 22 w/Project X Apex Pro w/Project X X Forged Jaws 53 & 59 w/Project X White Hot #5 Let's be honest here. I've got no shot. I have a problem and I'm ok with it. Good Luck everyone!
  9. Wowowowow! It's the end of the year and I'm coming in late to the party here! But, It's that time of year again, the Bag is Set Challenge is here!! The idea is simple, how long into the new calendar year can you last without changing clubs in and out of the bag? Who really is the "Master of Their Domain?!?!" Here are the rules for 2021's "Bag is Set" club (same as last year for those who may or may not ever read rules or instructions......):1. You must set your bag BEFORE your first golf-like activity of 2021. First round, first range trip, first trip to the practice green, first les
  10. I think there is connection between a golfer's swing speed and the number of wedges that they carry, especially for high level amateur and professional players. But, I think that for the vast majority of the rest of us, the number of wedges that we have in our bags is much more dependent on the shots that we need to play with our wedges and how we prefer to play them.
  11. This build, as with virtually all of mine, is a proof of concept. It will be my 2nd one, as the first one was truly a Frankenstein. Heck, I didn’t even spend money on the right grip for that one! Also, good suggestion on the podcast. As a Callaway staffer, I’m very interested in what they will offer for those of us looking to go down this route. Hopefully this build will let me know exactly what to order when that time comes.
  12. Lol, that would be the PERFECT place to give something like this its coming out party! I’ve got an Adams 9032 LD head at 7.5 to start with, now I just have to guesstimate a shaft that is reasonably close to my needs.
  13. I’m building up a 47” + driver to see what the effects are for me. My main question so far is the shaft “stiffness.” I have seen advice saying go slightly softer in flex if you go lighter in head weight, but I have also seen it recommended to go with the same flex, but with more tipping. As with everything in golf, I imagine that it simply “depends.”
  14. I understand that this is a pretty golfer-specific bag setup strategy. I also know that most golfers set up their bags much too generically. As most everyone on here who has read anything I have posted over the past few years will know, I am a HUGE proponent of shot specific clubs. And to be perfectly honest, this has been a newer epiphany for me. It took me a loooooong time (20+ years) to realize that some golfers are just flat out good enough to make a single club to multiple jobs, and do them well, and other golfers just aren't. And that golfers of both types are found everywhere from
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