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  1. As I'm working through this experiment, I'm very intrigued to see how each of the adjustable components works towards me accomplishing the fit that I'm after. For instance, my "fade/shorter" driver is looking pretty good and I have the loft up (makes sense), the face closed (sorta makes sense, depending on how you deliver the club/D plane), the COG sliding weight completely out towards the toe (makes total sense), and a shaft that I have always been able to hook (makes almost no sense whatsoever!). And FWIW, a shot that STARTS left and cuts is the hardest shot in the game for me to hit, henc
  2. I wouldn’t say I’m going all in with this strategy this year, but I am going to give it a very extended test run. I hope @Myherobobhope sticks with it because he’s already done the toughest part, namely understanding how beneficial it CAN be, if implemented correctly, of course! My setup is going to be as such: D1 - 46”+ NV 65x Epic Max LS 9* with green dot adapter T -2* playing approx. 7.5*. I will probably need to remove the sliding weight completely. This club should go far and draw. D2 - 44.5” Voodoo xVS7 Epic Flash 10.5* with adapter set at +2, so play
  3. So I had the 731’s and am now in possession of the two wedges and an OG RBZ 3h. So, yeah, my All Time cult Classic bag is going to end up being my lefty bag as well, lol! I probably won’t ever add the Anser as a putter to some serious alignment issues when I switch over to left-handed putting with that head shape (but of course I own one right handed!). But I am on the hunt for the 510 driver and one of the two TM fairways. This is really, really stupid.......
  4. I believe the phenomenon has to do with what's known as "loss aversion." Simply put, humans are more willing to "take risks" to avoid a loss than to make a gain. So, for virtually every single golfer out there who has ever struck a putt, when we stand over a makable birdie putt, there is at least some small part of our mind that feels as though the toughest part of the job is over and we're going to walk out of there with at worst a par. We are slightly unwilling to give maximum effort (note, this means 100% commitment to process and 0% to outcome) because we are seeing an opportunity to ga
  5. I agree completely here. I was always a no breakfast, nothing but coffee & water guy for morning rounds, and they never lived up to my perceived scoring potential AND I was always lamenting one late round mental mistake or seven. Eat something before the round and then every six holes. Bananas are great. PB&J's as well. Good protein bars (Quest bars are good, especially the non-fruit flavored ones), check the sugar levels and make sure they aren't just a candy bar masquerading as a health food. Drink water all through the round right until the point you have to pee.
  6. I believe Philly Mick has the same club in 16*, hence my lust.......
  7. I was thinking the same thing! I have a backup bag, a vintage bag, a minimalist bag, a lefty bag, a minimalist bag of “heritage” family clubs, and a bag for any friends that come into town and want to play, but didn’t bring their sticks. All of these bags are in some general state of disassembled, but i could have any one of them ready for play first thing tomorrow, if so needed. Yes, I have a problem..........
  8. How do you feel the upgrade to graphite went? Did it breathe new life into the old beast?
  9. Old school (and inexpensive) - Ping Eye 2 and OG Big Bertha, both available in 16 degree one irons. New school - Callaway X Forged are really nice, but of course I’m partial. Rare & EXPENSIVE - Tour issue Callaway 16 degree Apex DI from about 2015. Just flat out wacky - Lynx Stinger 12 degree! This has to be just way too much fun to hit on a firm & fast golf course!
  10. @Howard_JonesFrom all of us, thank you for the time, knowledge, and kindness that you share. I’m embarrassed that another WRX’er thought this was appropriate and I hope you’ll stay here with us, but understand if you choose to be more selective with your information. But, as it bears saying again because you have done so much, thank you.
  11. It certainly can be tricky to get the reminder rib in the same spot on all the clubs, especially when considering you might have a slightly different hand position on each club depending on the amount of shaft lean which each club you prefer address. Personally, I have found two basic strategies. First, is to just simply use an absurd amount of solvent so that you can slide the grip around for quite a long time after the initial installation. Second is to blow the grip on with an air compressor, but using single sided tape. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantag
  12. I have played around with the ridge in multiple orientations over the past couple of years. I currently have it at about 7:30, if 12 is the clubface straight up & down. This puts the ridge directly in the first joint of my left hand. This is a good place for me to feel the clubface. Each golfer is somewhat different in how the “find” the face, so experiment and see wheat works best for you!
  13. Yeah, hard to beat those in your avatar
  14. I’m interested in trying a pencil style grip for a bit. I love my SuperStrike GT Tour for the bottom hand, but would prefer something with a bit larger “bulge” for the top hand to fit between the heel pad and the ring & pinkie finger. Anyone know of any SuperStrke grips that fit this description?
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