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  1. How do you feel the new MB’s offset compares to the previous MB and Apex Pros?
  2. There is certainly a Rubik's cube effect when changing clubs, if you don't have a clear plan for what you are trying to accomplish. Drivers, putters, and wedges (to a lesser degree) exist in something of a vacuum compared to the rest of the bag. But the other 10 (or so) clubs in the bag are all fairly closely linked and if you aren't careful, when you change one, you can start a domino reaction and end up changing them all. Today's technology may or may not be more "forgiving" for you, depending on how well fit it is for you compared to your current hybrid. That said, the new
  3. I have the Mavrik SZ, but I kept my Epic Flash non-SZ fairway wood. I love that club and I've always felt that hitting long shots off the turf is the single hardest thing to do in golf, so why not have a touch of extra forgiveness built in? As I type that, I realize my inane hypocrisy and wonder why I constantly try to shoehorn in a driving iron instead of just having a 5w or 2h? I swear I'm a moron sometimes........
  4. I'm with @skralyhere, there isn't really a conversion. Your setup and stroke will most likely change quite a bit, so there is every likelihood that your specs all change as well. I recently converted an older putter to an armlock and here was my methodology: 1. Get the lie angle close using the putter you intend to convert. Get into your intended armlock setup and run the putter shaft up your left arm. See how the putter is soled and bend it to sit flatter. 2. Fit the length. Everyone's arms and forearms are different, so you have to do this to yourself as well. I found
  5. Early on In the pages of the wonderful Little Red Book by Harvey Penick, Mr. Penick recounts a question he was asked by Herbert Warren Wind, the famous golf writer (who had a hand in writing Ben Hogan's Five Lessons). Mr. Wind posed the question to Mr. Penick inquiring what he thought the three most important golf clubs in the bag were, in order. "The putter, the driver, and the wedge" was Mr. Penick's response. Interestingly, Mr. Wind had also asked Mr. Hogan the same question and Mr. Hogan's answer was "The driver, the putter, and the wedge," in that order. Now, w
  6. Did we just become best friends?!?!
  7. Uncle Cardy, happy to hear you played well! And I can tell you all from a management perspective that it is a tough decision whether or not to allow the juniors/semi-pro types to play in these. But, in my mind, you either are the best player at the Club, or you aren't, and that is what the CC is designed to determine. FWIW to everyone, I've seen Cardy play in person and there is a ton to like about his game. He may say differently, but there just isn't a real hole in his game. Sure, we can all improve at everything, but dude is solid at all aspects. Also, we played on a longer golf cou
  8. @driveandputtmachine I guess I should have inferred from your username, but we are clearly very similar golfers! I also am close to scratch, but on the strength of my length, putter, and short game (at times). My ability to actually strike a golf ball cleanly and in the appropriate direction with a somewhat predictable curvature is, by a vast margin, the weakest part of my game! As an example, my father is about an 8 and he hasn't beaten me (gross score) twice in a row in a very long time. And yet from 130yds out, it's no contest. His average shots will be closer than my average shots a
  9. @gator022 My yardages are as follows: D - 280+ Fw - 255 Hy - 230 DI - 210 5i - 190 7i - 175 8i - 160 9i - 145 Pw - 130 Aw - 115 56 - 100 60 - 85 64 - 70 Now, there are two important things to remember here: 1. These, other than driver, are basically my max numbers. So, the number that I'm hitting these clubs on the course is almost ALWAYS shorter than these and 2. In order to hit the most greens possible, I'm trying to "blanket" the green with as many of my shots as possible. As such, I use a very simplistic system (I prefer DECADE, but I'm not the quality of ball striker to us
  10. You called @gator022 and I'm happy to answer the call! As most of you know, there is almost nothing in this world that I love more than a conceptual dive into our collective golf bags trying to determine what will help us shoot the lowest scores possible. I have personally added another wedge this past month. I now go 46 (set PW), 50 (set AW) 56 (52 bent weak), 60 (56 bent weak), and 64 (60 bent weak). The bending was done for 3 reasons: 1. I prefer less offset, 2. I prefer more bounce, & 3. I already had 2 of the 3 wedges needed on hand if I was okay bending them! Here's the type of
  11. I have two now: Super Stroke pistol HT tour and, thanks to this thread, Lamkin deep etched cord.
  12. Hehe, I currently have 4 wedges in addition to my Pw. I’m not sure what option to vote on!
  13. Honestly, it really is a case of "To each their own" when it comes to this question. The long irons from SGI sets get better and better and are even getting some use on tour now. The driving iron version of the same lofts has been around for a little while now and they make for great long iron replacements as well. There is such a broad range of clubs in these areas now that I will simply say that most "driving iron" heads still seem to want to look like a "player's club." They tend to be chunky, but not huge heel to toe or vertically. They also can be somewhat low offset. SGI long irons
  14. I have built my bag to yardages as opposed to club names or numbers. As such, I have a 3w at 16*, a 3+ hybrid at 18.5*, and a DI 3i lofted a degree weak to 22*. Then, for whatever impact dynamic reason, I go into a 30 degree "6i." The carry yardages work out to 245, 225, 205, & 185.
  15. Mr. Pearsal would be referring to @Jack Pearsall in this post. He’s something of a fan of the 3rd person, lol!
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