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  1. A 56° wedge. Not that this is all that shocking, in and of itself. What is surprising is that it is currently my highest lofted wedge. I am fully committed to picking better targets into greens and smarter shot selections around greens, even if I have to remove every high-lofted wedge in my bag to make the point to myself, lol!
  2. Yes, I slacked going into this year. I’ll get the 2022 thread going much earlier this time around. And this is the year for me, dang it!
  3. R9 TP b’s can be had pretty cheaply, if you don’t need conforming grooves.
  4. Head shape & offset play a huge part in alignment, with alignment aids, lie (I believe), and loft all playing a somewhat smaller roll as well. If you can get those sorted, then armlock is definitely worth a good look. FWIW, I armlock when playing lefty, but putt totally normal when playing righty. It all comes down to fit and comfort.
  5. Full disclosure, I currently am using two 460cc drivers at the same time. That said my goal is to work towards one full-size driver and one mini driver. When I get to that point, here will be the rationale: Primary Use: Big Bertha mini for alternate shot shape to main driver, somewhat shorter distance, also some functionality off the turf. Shaft: Aldila Voodoo XVS7 with no tipping Length: 44” All of this is extremely individualistic, of course, but it is nice to find strength in numbers!
  6. @PixlPutterman With all due respect, if you are looking for this type of club, you might be missing some much better opportunities to utilize your club makeup to help shave a few (partial) strokes. I just can't imagine a world where you would hit this type of club often enough AND materially better than another club that might be better suited for other applications. Just a quick observation and I apologize if this point has already been covered.
  7. Working through this issue myself recently and I’ve landed on a setup with a 48” driver, 43” driver, and then driving irons at 18 & 22 degrees. The two drivers allow me to take advantage of every hole where hitting D is possible and the two DI’s are much more “controllable,” although less forgiving, than similarly lofted fairways and hybrids. I’ve given up a smidge of par 5 approach shot functionality for more tee shot functionality. I felt that was acceptable for a couple of reasons: 1. I hit hybrids and fairway woods quite well off the deck and actually have my best strokes gained yardage bucket here. But I also pick intelligent targets on these shots so the clubs I have for these shots are secondary to my success from these yardages. 2. I’m probably facing two of these shots each round where I may face three or four of each type of tee shot per round. And these tee shots tend to be more fraught with penalty potential. Great question! Additionally, @Myherobobhope’s post is great!
  8. So, for now, I’ve settled in on 2 drivers (1 of which is 48”) and then all irons. No fairways or hybrids. To most golfers, especially non-WRX’ers, this would seem absurd, but it’s honestly not even in my top 5 weirdest bag setups, IMHO !
  9. I guess in my excitement, I did sorta forget to mention mine, lol! Mine is lighter green as well, almost but not quite neon or highlighter. And it is the width of the hole.
  10. So, I think (genuinely hope!) almost everyone has had this happen to them at least once. I've had it happen twice and I remember both times VERY vividly. You are standing over a putt and for whatever reason, the golf gods decide to show you the line. And you can't NOT see it. There it is, superimposed right on the green surface with enough color differentiation to pick out from just about anywhere you move to. It's just like the first down line on an NFL broadcast on TV or the augmented reality stuff that you can do with your phone now. Right there on the green. Somehow, someway, the line is just there and all you have to do is roll the ball at a decent speed and you KNOW, and I mean flat out KNOW, that the ball is going in the hole. You may even mention it to one of your playing partners because it is just that blatant that you aren't even worried about jinxing it. It's going in. So, I ask you, GolfWRX, when this happens to you, what color is the track that you see on the green surface? And yes, there is a purpose to this question that I'll get to later, if it becomes reasonable to do so! (If there are enough different answers, I'll make a poll with the color choices for better compilation) Thank you! Dan Drake, PGA
  11. Does two drivers and then all irons count ?
  12. I hit it well, but not very consistently, TBH. I ended up putting together a 42.75” Razr Fit head with a Kuro Kage 70x. The head works well for this build due to being adjustable for face angle and weights. My main issue with the PING build was just how high the balance point was. It threw me off a bit, just like it has on previous fairway wood builds with steel. FWIW, I’m hitting the “straight” driver really well right now. I currently have no hybrids or fairway woods in the bag, and it may stay that way for a while. The 2 driver setup really does suit my game and the courses I play most often in events really well.
  13. I've certainly dabbled with just about the oddest possible setups, but right now my bag is somewhat normal. I'd say the two weirdest things about my bag are the 48" driver, the inclusion of either a 2nd driver or a mini driver, and then my yardage gaps, which are not consistent by generally accepted norms.
  14. Sure, but I just don’t think the situation would arise often enough to make it worth it. And remember, there are no such things as weird bag questions, only weird people who ask bag questions!
  15. I gotta agree with this. I've got a 1996 Big Bertha 1 iron (16°) that I use, but it is admittedly a bit of a pain to re-shaft. For that reason, I would also recommend any of the 80's/90's era PING 1 irons (16°). Super forgiving, easy to re-shaft, and will leave you with $$$$ leftover in your budget. BUT, if you just have to scratch that itch right at the $150 mark and want something a bit newer, the Callaway Apex UT's from a few years back can be found on eBay for almost exactly that amount in the loft of your choice and with graphite shafts. Either option is a good one!
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