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  1. [quote name='mich_ping' timestamp='1408410361' post='9960863'] [quote name='rlheiman' timestamp='1408279689' post='9950773']I visiting Detroit tomorrow. I'm staying in Dearborn. Where would be the one course to play tomorrow afternoon while in town?[/quote] So where did you play? Curious because I live in Dearborn and wonder what peoples opinions are of local courses. [/quote] Didn't get out. I was bummed but my travel plans got delayed so wasn't able to get any golf in.
  2. I visiting Detroit tomorrow. I'm staying in Dearborn. Where would be the one course to play tomorrow afternoon while in town?
  3. Headed to MI today for some vacation and golf. Thinking of playing Black Forest, Lochenheath and Arcadia Bluffs. (starting and ending trip in Saginaw) I never hear much about Black Forest, any thoughts? Should I plan different courses? I've played Forest Dunes a bunch of times so I'm waiting for the new Doak course to open before I go back.
  4. If you hook the legs over the upper arms when you set your stand bag on the cart, it won't twist and will ride nicely. Barely even need the straps to hold it then.
  5. Just played Wild Marsh the other day. It is a great track. Challenging and scenic. A little far out on the west side in Buffalo, but a hidden gem and reasonably priced for what they offer.
  6. Sportrx is awesome to work with. I just got a pair of Oakley Deviation prescription glass through them. Their website is really easy or you can call and talk to a rep who will be really helpful too.
  7. Remember that Dismal River now has two courses. The Doak course is amazing. You should go and play all that you can at Dismal I played the Jack course last summer and toured the Doak course. The lodging, food and atmosphere are amazing. You will certainly have a great time if you decide to go. It is worth the money to play the courses once, but maybe not an every year trip. Prairie Dunes and Pines will still be an options next year, where as Dismal may not.
  8. Salty Non-Taper Grip thoughts -- Alright now that I've had the Salty Non-taper grip on for 10 rounds; I am sold. It is the same cork feel and longevity as the original grip I had and now the shape offers stroke benefits. I finally see why Super Stroke has been so popular on tour. The Salty non-taper design is for real. I've found it really helps keep my right wrist from manipulating my putter stroke. I don't have a Super Stroke to take a picture of to compare it to, but I was at the store yesterday and the new Salty smaller grip is the same size as a Mid slim 2.0 grip. I found the gr
  9. Wisconsin Dells would be a better trip, not quite equal, but much better golf. Wild Rock, Castle Course, Trappers Turn. Wisconsin Rapids has Lake Arrowhead 2 great courses; Pines and Lakes Stevens Point would be close to equal trip Sentry World is great (although I think it is closed right now until spring 2014).
  10. [quote name='RookieBlue7' timestamp='1375746030' post='7611664'] Ordered one today for the Nead Copper Mini. Quick question, is it completely impossible to install one of these with air? [/quote] I tried early on. The problem is there is no real stickiness on the inside of the grip. The cork/rubber on the inside is really smooth too, much like the outside. Since the grip doesn't expand with air, you can't make it slightly bigger to install so it shrinks tight against the club. Tape and solvent is the only way.
  11. Rome is a small village just outside of Wisconsin Rapids. The land will make for prefect golf, very dunesy, very rugged. I can't wait. I'll see if I can get some pictures of the land when I am in the area next weekend.
  12. If you are going to play 4 rounds in the cities. I'd play these 2: (on the east side of the cities) StoneRidge Troy Burne (technically in WI, but only 15 minutes from StoneRidge) Then I'd pick from: Legends Chaska Town Course Wilds Bunker Hills Refuge Rush Creek (over priced) Dacotah Ridge is 2 hours away from MSP If you want to drive and play real Northwoods golf, Giants Ridge and Wilderness are worth the trek.
  13. The indentations are tiny, tiny. barely visible to the eye, but you can feel them with your hands. It is not a bad thing, not like a Birkenstock or memory foam by any means. Much less indentation than a leather grip or rubber grip. It is great because it is not the same kind of grip wear like other grips, just a tiny compression. But you can sand it out and get the grip completely smooth and fresh again.
  14. These are the only grip that you will find that gets better with age. It is simply amazing how great they feel after 25 or 30 rounds. They are slight indentations where you normally have your hands. I've got 4 grips so far and will probably keep putting them on each new putter I try.
  15. I just installed the new non-taper Salty grip. It is much like the super slim Super Stroke grip. The top is flat and the back is round. It fits really nicely in the hands. New cork seems really good. I'll get in on the course today and see what happens.
  16. This would be amazing. The land is very sandy in that area so it would make for some great golf. There are lots of tourist that come to that area too so could be a great destination. Not far from WI metros, nor MN Twin Cities. I can't wait to hear more details.
  17. [quote name='Kingofthecourse' timestamp='1371489253' post='7264276'] [quote name='rlheiman' timestamp='1371487404' post='7263966'] You need to play the Links course at Lawsonia. Every time I play it I can't wait to get back. Such a great design and awesome setting. Great value too. [/quote] That's what I've heard. Unfortunately, being two hours from my house, I'm having a hard time convincing my dad to go up there for a day. I would love to play both, but 36 and four hours in the car might be too much for him. [/quote] It is worth it. That really isn't that bad. Get a morning st
  18. [quote name='33 Handicap' timestamp='1371488907' post='7264224'] Is that comfortable? [/quote] I wear a dress shirt and tie for more most days of the week, so I am comfortable in a shirt and tie. But I think this one has some comfort features that make it better than the others in my closet. The lack of tags, the contrast collar lining is really soft and the stretch fabric along with pleated back makes it comfortable even for golfing. Yes i will not be wearing this when it is 90* or hotter.
  19. [quote name='Jimmy Mac' timestamp='1371487828' post='7264040'] Okay, it's a nice thought, but... To pull this off, the top button has to stay buttoned and the knot properly adjusted. Also, you've tied the tie too short. With the button open and the tie low, it makes it look like you're uncomfortable with your attire and ready to be out of it. Which then begs the question, why aren't you wearing something that is comfortable for what you're doing (Golf). Also, you gotta get the right accessories - trade hats with the kid to your left (photo right). A baseball style cap doesn't work at al
  20. You need to play the Links course at Lawsonia. Every time I play it I can't wait to get back. Such a great design and awesome setting. Great value too.
  21. I've been trying some sample shirts of a new company called Vesti Ascendi. They are making a button up dress shirt and tie for golfing. So far I like the shirt and tie. A little warmer in the summer than a polo shirt, but comfortable. It has some unique features that make it different from the typical dress shirt and tie I buy at the store. No restriction swinging and the tie does not get in the way because of the button down tie rail. Lots of double takes on the course, but really enjoying the style. Here are some pics of me with my boys and a couple close up features. What do you t
  22. I've been playing JP wedges for the last couple years too. The Center of Gravity is one of the biggest factors. The sweet spot is dead center, the weight and balance are just perfect. The thinned out hosel really is great for getting down on the ball in tall rough and keeping the head square without twisting. The finishes are unlike anything else you will find. Pure art! I've yet to find a better wedge from any company.
  23. I've had mine on for over 6 months and it is holding up great. The cork actually is molding to my hands very nicely. I have a couple of them installed in different putters, the slightly smaller ones are my favorite. They get better with age rather than getting worse.
  24. I can't wait to see the new course. Most everything in those photos above will not longer be a golf course. Sad, but cool that they built another one.
  25. Salty's online store is up and taking orders. I just ordered another one, this time custom laser engraved. Can't wait for it to arrive.
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