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  1. Just trying to see why my ad was deleted. Was my first post so any help would be appreciated.
  2. First Post here! PLEASE BE GENTLE! Just as the title says, I'm cleaning out the herd. There are only 2 items that I'm interested in trade wise. A Tensei Pro Orange 70TX without tipping & Callaway Tip and a Rogue Subzero 9 Degree. Of course all items are OBO. **Might as well be new DJ Spider 35". I'm a strong arc putter and this didn't work for me. I had a super stroke flatso 2.0 installed that still looks almost new. I also kept the original grip if the buyer prefers. $225 Shipped **AP2 716 4-9 & SM4 46 Set. Vokey has C Taper S+ and AP2's have X100 Shafts. All Play 1" Long, 2 De
  3. G30. I felt like I could swing out of my shoes with it.
  4. I wish I could confidently bag any of these! All 3 are the best set of blades I’ve seen in some time
  5. Good day WRXers. I had a question for any of you shoe hoes out there. The best fit shoe that I have tried to date is an 11.5 wide FJ shoe. I wear size 13 air max shoes for gym shoes, and wear 11 W Johnston Murphy shoes for work. Was wondering if any one who wears a size up in Nike because their wide shoes aren't available on some, are able to wear a size smaller and wide. Thanks!
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