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  1. Which would you rather?So here’s my dilemma, I purchased an iMiX Ft9 last year (which I love) and have been tinkering with shafts. Up until last year I had been playing R flex shafts. I was averaging 260-280, with the occasional poke out to 300 if I hit it just right. That said, I was rather wild in my control – lots of military golf, lots of double-crossing. I was hitting about 35-40% of FWs and I would average at least one BIG miss OB/into a hazard per round. As an experiment, I purchased the same shaft that I had been playing (Aldila Voodoo VS6) in S flex and something surprising happened. My driving distance dropped a LOT (220-240 avg) but my misses were virtually eliminated. My FWs increased to 55-60%, and when I was missing, it was never by more than 10 yards either way. I tracked these stats and measured all of these distances over a series of several rounds with my GPS so I know the readings are accurate, I'm just not sure what to do now. I’m caught in a dilemma – Do I go for extra distance to make it easier on my iron game and approach shots but risk potential misses that put me into trouble? Or do I sacrifice the distance and assure myself staying in play off the tee? Thoughts?
  2. Another one to try is a simple hamstring stretch. Most people don't realize this, but tightness in the hamstrings can often lead to tightness in the low back. I didn't know myself till I went to PT for a herniated disk and they gave me this stretch. Put on leg on a raised surface (a step or the back of a golf cart will work) with the other foot on the ground. Keeping both legs straight, then lean forward from the hips till you feel a gentle stretch down the front leg. Hold for 20-30 seconds, then switch leags. Repeat as often as needed.
  3. [quote name='OneBowTie' timestamp='1283287867' post='2671958'] Bottom line...... I wouldn't expect some to understand "why" PRIVATE CLUBS have rules or certain rules....... some people just haven't been exposed themselfs to have to make fiscal decisions with regards to more then themselves or family..... A private club is just another business, no matter how or what documents or classifications it shelters itself behiind....... I can think of just a few simple reasons why I wouldn't want people to have push/pull carts on "my" golf course if I owned one...... 1) have you ever seen some golfers in the parking lot trying to unload some of their walking carts..... I have, and some of them are a liability just waiting to happen..... and guess what, who do you think that golfer who strains and hurts themself loading or unloading the cart is going to blame when they get hurt.....EXACTLY 2) not that is ever is or will happen..... but what happens when the guy with his fancy motorized walking cart is finished golfing and puts the cart outfront by the bag drop and it aint there when he comes out from the lounge with his buddies..... who do you think he is going to EXPECT to pay for it....EXACTLY 3) I have played plenty of courses that no matter how dry it is..... have a hole or two that have areas that are simply wet areas...... not that this would happen.... but what happens when that walking cart gets stuck from the guy pulling it through that area... and over exerts him/herself and has a meltdown on the course..... who do you think will get blamed for this..... EXACTLY you see its not always the obvious things that cause rules ....even the rules that seem stupid to some....... its the WHACKY things that you hardly ever think will happen that happens and spoils it for the rest of us...... [/quote] This argument doesn't hold any water at all, IMO. The same (if not MORE) liability issues exist when one is using a power cart. [quote name='jontyc' timestamp='1283406294' post='2675014'] It could also be a speed issue. When it comes to greens and roped off areas, bag carriers can go straight through, cart users go around quickly, push carters go around slowly. Not that I agree with the rule, quite the opposite, but I must admit from the stories I hear on wrx about golf in the States, I don't think I'd have the patience to play if I lived there. [/quote] I could see the speed issue as a reason during peak times, but we teed off at 9am on a monday. We saw 3 people on the course all day - one of which was part of the maintenance crew. So far, I guess the revenue issue makes the most sense. It's a shame that it comes down to that, but again, as I was a guest, it wasn't my place to say anything at the time.
  4. Looks good! What are your plans for the fill? I just went night and day with both of my Abacos. Got a local powder coater to do one in matte white, the other matte black.
  5. Agree with the above - he should have played his provisional. Same thing happened to Dustin Johnson during the last round at this years US Open. Lost a ball into some bushes, but the ball was found after the search was abandoned (something like 20 seconds after the 5 minutes had elapsed). He was forced to play his provisional.
  6. Popped my L5-S1 disc twice (most recent event was last year - I was out 5 weeks). Depending on the severity and location of the discs in question, you could be out anywhere from 1-8 weeks, assuming surgery isn't needed. Initial treatment (first 7-10 days) consisted of a mixture of A) some type of pain killer (percocet, vicodin, oxycodone et.) B) muscle relaxants (valium, flexoril, etc) to control for any muscle spasms associated with the pain and C) anti-inflammatories (prednisone or some other steroid) to reduce swelling. Bed rest is ok for the first 3-5 days until the pain is under control, but after that it becomes counter productive. My return was made much easier by going to physical therapy. This mostly consisted of stretching and core muscle exercises. It's a tough, frustrating rehab, but do the work, and the results do come, albeit slowly. Feel better!!!
  7. I also wear the Rhino, but find the frame a bit chunky at times. Last year I got myself a pair of the Segments and never looked back. Awesome shades, IMO. Kaenon is a great company.
  8. Dicks has Callaway iMix FT9's and FT IQ's for $150.
  9. WTF?So, today I got an invite to play a round at a local private course by a good friend of mine who caddies there. We show up at 8am, unload the clubs, and head to the pratice and chipping greens. Now, I've been using a push cart for the last year since I screwed up my back, and generally find it easier than constantly picking up and putting down a 20 lb bag. As we're heading to the first tee though, the assistant pro comes up and tells me that the course doesn't allow push or pul carts. Being a guest, I didn't think it was my place to question the courses policies, so I apologized, bu the cart back in the car, and then we teed off. The rest of the round went off without a hitch, but I'm just totally confused by their "no pull-push carts" policy, ESPECIALLY considering half of the groups we saw on the course were in POWER CARTS! Anyone else heard of this? What possible reason could the club have for this? I tried to think of one, but came up zeros.
  10. Jack Hamm doesn't drive the golf ball. He screams "POW" and the ball drives itself away. Jack Hamm doesn't sleep. He waits to yell POW!!!! Sharks have a week dedicated to Jack Hamm. Jack Hamm hits his putter 230. Upwind. Uphill. With a draw. For most people, home is where the heart is. For Jack Hamm, home is where he yells POWW!!!! There is no such thing as a tornado. Only Jack Hamm proving that creating "body coil" isn't that hard. When playing Blackjack, Jack Hamm asks for an extra card on 21. And Wins. Everytime. Jack Hamm made Chuck Norris look like a sissy.
  11. The local rules are allowed to augment the rule book's definition of what a bunker is. Also, it was clearly stated in the rules books that ALL competitors got before the tourney started that these bunkers were, in fact, in play, regardless of their unkempt condition. DJ should have known better - it's part of his JOB (or his caddy's job) to know what the local rules are, and abide by them. I agree that it sucks that this happened, but the EXACT same thing happened to Stricker. No one is putting up a fuss for him.
  12. [quote name='golfluvzme' timestamp='1281915996' post='2640523'] I'll admit that my communication has been lacking in the past month or so. Between a full time job, multiple orders for a few different companies and a large number of refinishes, I have let my communication slip, dramatically. I don't post here all that often, as I am not a paying sponsor and try to stay out of any threads that would be seen as promoting my work. Right now, I have a large number of PM's in my inbox and will wade through them and see how many I can clear out. Emails are in the same position. I try to stay on top, but from time to time, I fall drastically behind. My apologies for those who have sought out my work only to have zero response or very intermittent, at best. Please, feel free to use BOS or Bettinardi for your work,if I do not respond in a timely manner. Both of those shops do excellent work and have earned their reputations in this forum and many others. Especially for oil can finishes, BOS is very, very hard to beat. Like I said, my posts here are not frequent and I try mostly to help WRX'ers get their stuff done the best way possible. If a guy is looking for advice on doing it himself, that is where I try to stay in a helping mode. For guys looking to have Bettinardi work done, if it is back to stock, 99% of the time, I'll recommend shipping it to Studio B. The honeycomb milling is beautiful and there isn't another refinishing house that I know of that can duplicate it. If you have sent a note my way in the last 2 weeks, here on WRX, look for some sort of response, today. I do not expect to get excellent feedback, after this period of no communication, just wanted to let you guys know that I wasn't blowing anyone off, just buried and unable to cover all of the bases. "Ignored" is a harsh word, but I can see where it is seen like that, when I don't respond, at all. Sorry for this and I'll do what I can to improve. LaMont in AZ [/quote] Things happen, people get buried. It sucks, but it's understandable. For those of you doubting Lamont, his reply should be all you need to know he's a stand-up guy. Pretty classy move, IMO.
  13. Call up a local powder coater in your area and see if they'll do it. I just had mine done that route for $25. No shipping ( they were local) and it was done in a week. All I had to do was the paint fill, which I actually kind of enjoy.
  14. It's been a while since I took latin, but unless I'm mistaken the motto translates roughly into "What's in your bag?" *Edited for spelling.... **Twice.
  15. While we're on the topic of training aids and pros, I know for a fact that Vijay uses a Momentus driver during his warm up - I saw him use it at the '08 Canadain Open
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