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  1. You sure you linked the correct clip? That’s a drone video of Abernathy Rd In Sandy Springs GA ?
  2. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Right hand Cadet MediumWhat is your current golf glove? FJ WeathersofHow often do you replace your current glove? Every monthWhat would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Breathability Thanks!
  3. This is Annie Oakley. We got her when she was (we think) around 3 years old from the shelter. That was 5 years ago. She’s a pit bull (50%), husky and golden retriever mix. A work in progress but she’s the sweetest and very protective of our home and my wife!
  4. Really like the guys from Golfholics. Started watching their videos in sequence and it’s great to see how they got better and better at this.
  5. Spornia SPG-7, best quality, good design and portable if needed. Ball return works, and the target sheet makes it very durable. I tried a few and this one’s the best hands down.
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