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  1. Check out Bobby Jones: https://www.bobbyjonesgc.com/fittings/
  2. For scorecard holder I got the Greg Norman Shark Scorecard holder. Only $25 in his online shop. Good quality product.
  3. Any shot/put that is not hit pure, in the middle of the sweet spot, regardless of outcome..... So yeah; I usually have a lot of those....
  4. I’ve always used the 2-prong. Feels like I have a bit more leverage. I used to have a real nice light-weight one, made from high strength aluminum. I think it was made by TurfMaster I believe. Now use the Scotty one that can be had at PGA Superstore for $15 or so. Question: why is it called a divot tool? Divot is the piece of grass that comes out when we make a strike right? In Europe they call it a pitch mark repair tool, which is a mouth full but more accurate?
  5. You sure you linked the correct clip? That’s a drone video of Abernathy Rd In Sandy Springs GA ?
  6. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Right hand Cadet MediumWhat is your current golf glove? FJ WeathersofHow often do you replace your current glove? Every monthWhat would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Breathability Thanks!
  7. This is Annie Oakley. We got her when she was (we think) around 3 years old from the shelter. That was 5 years ago. She’s a pit bull (50%), husky and golden retriever mix. A work in progress but she’s the sweetest and very protective of our home and my wife!
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