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  1. Interesting Odyssey 2 ball putter. Curious as to which model. Love the original white hot!
  2. The older you get the more you will enjoy watching the Champions Tour! I love it!
  3. I was also impressed with Clarke's speed. I heard he worked with a new coach and really worked on rotation. He was 20-30 past Furyk routinely. Just wasn't expecting that from him especially with the weight gain!
  4. My impression of Brooks has always been that he tries to hard to be cool. I think he so badly wants to considered an elite athlete like a LeBron, Trout or Brady. Which obviously he's not, and outside of a prime TW, golfers will never be given that distinction. Sorry Brooks you will never be that guy at the espy's
  5. I will say quite impressive that Clarke was producing mid 170s ball speeds.
  6. Plus the cart is the perfect chill spot for him to smoke his Marlboros between shots! I always lol when TGC shows these 'athletes' smoking.
  7. Sorry to hear this. Are you new to golf? I'm one of those people who actually like to play along with the scammers as long as I can, the IRS scam, vacation scams, warrior golf etc.I enjoy stringing them along and then completely pissing on them . It is so blatantly obvious to me it's a scam, but I understand not everyone can read a bullshitter. But man didn't you ever think this sounds too good to be true and do a simple google search? I'm sorry but I have a hard time truly feeling sorry for you. Unless you are truly not internet savvy, new to golf or somewhat naive.
  8. I'm good now, it got delivered! Thanks anyways.
  9. It just got delivered the top of box was ripped and hanging by a thread and the putter grip was basically hanging out! But it survived, the head was protected. The mailvan reverses and parks in my driveway and my kids are like "dad wtf is the mail truck parked in our driveway" . Lol I said oh don't worry. She rang the door bell and apologized for the late delivery. So something tells me if I didn't start the investigation today I wouldn't of received it today. Oh well at least I got it!
  10. Agree they are a joke. The customer service rep I literally had to pull words out of her to get her speak, besides asking me for my tracking number it's just silence. How frustrating.
  11. Mailman just dropped off my mail today and still no package. Bummer. I just called USPS and they are starting an 'investigation'. Thankfully it's not an expensive putter and it's under $100. At any point do I contact EBAY or just let the USPS investigate for now?
  12. It sucks but if it took you 20 mins to pay after the verbal agreement then I don't blame the seller either. This is why I pay instantly and appreciate the same.
  13. Ha thanks guys. For some reason I'm feeling optimistic I will get it in the next few days , gotta love USPS!
  14. It's just beyond me how they can input it as delivered on front porch and it's still in the delivery vehicle. No accountability. I know FedEx takes pics of all deliveries for proof. I'm sure UPS has proof of delivery as well.
  15. Thanks guys that makes sense. Even the Agent I spoke with said unfortunately sometimes they mark it as delivered when it first arrives to their hub even tho they shouldn't. I will wait another day. I also thought what if it got delivered to wrong house , I even did a quick drive up and down my street, luckily I have good neighbors and no one plays golf! I am 100% confident no one came to my porch today as I sat on my computer right by the window all day doing work. Fingers crossed!
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