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  1. Leather or pleather always cleans easily. Pro tip: Never wear your good shoes in wet/muddy rounds.
  2. Try bleach in hotwater, that's your best bet. Like others have said white will always eventually turn less white.
  3. I hope this is ok to say in today's PC culture, but I think a big factor, all things being equal (opportunity, finances) is Korean culture is very emotionally strong. I've heard this first hand from a top level swing coach, he says watch Korean woman play golf and their demeanor rarely changes. You can't tell if they shot a 65 or a 75. And this advantage is huge playing this game. It's the mental edge. Everybody on the planet can stripe a ball.
  4. I swear these clubs are an enigma. Shot my season low yesterday and the Irons we're a big part of it. Flighted them really nicely in strong winds. Man they felt amazing! I'm back to loving them!
  5. Im sick of singles on a busy weekend trying to play through every foursome. That actually jams the course.
  6. Thank you so much for the detailed info! A guy from my club is on to final stage
  7. So what exactly does it mean if a player qualified and now is on to 3rd stage qualifying? I'm confused because I read after stage 2 they have earned a KFT card.
  8. I can see his teammates at the turn getting their hot dogs and chips - "put it on JR's tab".
  9. Something tells me Casey is extremely strong minded person to be where he is at in life. I'm praying for a speedy recovery and great quality of life for him
  10. I admit I watch my fair share of senior tour. Like others I always find it funny when he says 'Billy Ray'. But I also always get a vibe like they are commentating a poker tournament or an Auction. I don't know why but I just do. It's a little more enthusiasm than your regular whispering golf commentators.
  11. Thanks for posting. Recognize a few names including 1 guy from my club. Willie Mack is also in contention. Would be a cool story to see him get status. Dude has been grinding for 15 yrs.
  12. Hey guys I think I figured it out. Maybe he suffers from: Munchausen syndrome This type of mental disorder is most often seen in young adults and is considered a type of self-harm. A person with Munchausen syndrome can be very convincing, which can result in doctors providing unnecessary treatment, such as medication or surgery.
  13. Pretty sure each and everyone of those 'Geezers' would smoke your a** on the course
  14. This thread is absolutely hilarious. Glad I clicked on it . However I still have no idea what Lanny has said about Phil.
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