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  1. This is a good take. I came here hoping to get some actual dirt on the kid . I honestly wish him well. End of the day he's a real person, just like all of us.
  2. Some damn good prices unfortunately none of my sizes available.
  3. Wow softer than white hot? I'm currently playing original 2ball with white hot insert but this has my attention especially for 129 and they have a 33 inch in stock! I just wonder when is too soft just too soft!
  4. I'm about 40 rounds deep with my p770s. I'm a low single and ball striking with Iron is probably my strength. These Irons have been a roller coaster ride! I usually would have given up on these by now to be truthful. But the fact that they are so gorgeous, and they don't show bag chatter is a huge plus for me. But as far as feel goes they leave alot to be desired. There are times I feel like I pured it only to see if come 10 yards short. Also as mentioned Toe shots lose alot of distance. The one thing I really like about these clubs is the dispersion. The misses truly fly straight for me.
  5. Shot a 90 a couple days ago at a very tight tree lined course, with winds gusting up to 35 mph. Out of 12 rounds this year My worst score before was a 79. s*** happens!
  6. Also check the loft buddy. You never know.
  7. My wife and I finally got to watching both episodes on Hulu. Just make sure the kids were asleep as episode 2 got sleazy. I was mostly familiar with his story. I enjoy watching documentaries with my wife because I want to see what she has to say and it opens good discussion I really thought it was interesting how my wife said TW married a foreign woman just like Earl did with Kultida. It's much easier to deceive and manipulate a woman who is all alone in a foreign country. You can be more controlling. TW even said Elin has no clue he just tells her he's going on busi
  8. Did I hear that correctly last night. Did the commentator say Louie didn't even take a practice swing after the delay and before first playoff hole? Can't imagine that's true.
  9. I just wanted to chime in, it seems like 80% of the balls I find on the golf courses now a days are Kirkland. Unfortunately for me I only pick up mint condition ProV1 and TP5x. I leave everything else.
  10. Michigan for public courses imo. There are so many gems all over the state.
  11. You just have to wonder if the fame was too much too quickly last year, and it came to bite him in the a**. Happens all the time in life, not just sports. He was playing in the big covid charity event with some legends. He also played in the Wednesday PGA charity event and was mic's up. He also is the famed pupil of a social media star coach. That's alot of instant fame for a 22 yo who the year before only the hardcore golf world knew of him. Anyways I wish him the best and have no doubt he will find it!
  12. The white hot insert is soft! I have an original 2 ball putter and it's pure.
  13. Would be nice a little background? What event is he playing?
  14. Last thing I want to rant about. Why does no one leave feedback on EBAY anymore?? I literally go out of my way to ship ASAP and sometimes pay more to get items to people before the weekend and no one even aknowledges it. It's not worth it I guess. Better off to take your time shipping and keep communication at a minimum
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