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  1. that is amazing. Thanks for sharing, might come in handy as I'm always looking for a nice set of older clubs at 2nd hand stores! I'll check out offer up as well.
  2. Wow amazing cleanup! How did you clean them out of curiosity? And where did you find these for $50?
  3. What's your HC? I think that matters in this question. But that said I'm a low single and I would play then. But if your a 20 HC then def play them!
  4. I found it on the website. I'm watching on my phone, now if I can just figure out how to stream to the television. Maybe I should ask my kids.
  5. I was under impression today was going to be televised on the golf channel, but I'm checking the guide and don't see it listed. So it's streamed on golf channel.com?
  6. I'm surprised no one is bringing up shooting a career round so deep on a buddies trip with 2 a days! Honestly very impressed. First off it's hard to play well on a golf trip just merely cuz the anticipation and excitement. Then factor in playing 36 a day, partying, not sleeping in your own bed etc... Dude that's amazing, major congrats!
  7. Thanks for the updates. I was wondering if it was the course or the weather. Makes sense. I'm sure this is nerve wracking for players and caddies. Good luck!
  8. 2 rounds in the books. Is there also cash prize payouts in this tourney? If so how much for first? Or is this strictly a qualifier?
  9. I have gamed the p770 for the past year and I completely agree with you. I don't find these anymore forgiving than my previous sets of Mizuno mp59 and mp54s. Slightly hotter face but the selling point for me is looks, I just love them!
  10. I'm also curious as this makes no sense. What were some of top end ball speed numbers in those averages? Did those ever touch the 160s or upper 150s. My guess is a crack also.
  11. First tour player outside of LPGA I've seen game the p770 full set. Interesting. Nothing wrong with some forgiveness.
  12. Absolutely agree. Golf channel fit my golf needs Thursday-Sunday. Loved the fact that I watch the PGA replay in the evening. Also I enjoy LPGA and Champions tour. I'll admit the talk shows news stuff was pretty lame and I just didn't watch it. Not sure why everyone is complaining. What more do you expect? What are you looking for? Basically everything else is on YouTube anyways, from professional instruction to playing with the pros. Only so much that they can do.
  13. 44 inch playing length for me with added weight to achieve D5. It's a sledge hammer. My max ball speed is down a couple mph but my average speed is the same, and MOST IMPORTANTLY my dispersion is much better. I'm 5'9 with gorilla arms and this short driver allows me to swing with freedom.
  14. Thank god my bag is all set. 2021 was the first year I can remember where my bag didn't change all year, and I don't plan on it for the foreseeable future. Really happy about the equipment (sure my p770s are a love and hate rela tionship but just shot a season low last week). Also I stocked up on Apparel from the Travis Matthews and links soul sales. Stocked up on balls. Stocked up on shoes. Even have an extra bag in basement. I'm literally good for the next 2-3 years
  15. I think I heard about the beta blockers during a Podcast talking about 90s golf. Maybe not a thing anymore. Agree about the coffee. I love coffee and I can tell the times I've overdone it just in my dad's golf league! It will get your parasympathetic nervous system revved up!
  16. Add the tv cameras and bright lights and now the pressure even bigger. Question for people in the know: do some players take any meds/supplements for the nerves? I've heard players have taken beta blockers or what have you.
  17. This will def make for good television. These guys are putting everything on the line. Can't imagine the nerves especially down the stretch. When is the finals?
  18. Midwest here. I'll play as long as I can as long as no snow. Played until Christmas last year, then a couple times in Jan and Feb. Really all depends. I have cold gear and really we don't mind walking if it's 40 degrees. Plenty of course open as well. But I do enjoy the fall/winter because golf is no longer a priority. I'm much more involved with famy and school for the kids. My game stays pretty consistent, as I have a golf sim and a nice putting mat. Lots of drills and also exercise!
  19. Leather or pleather always cleans easily. Pro tip: Never wear your good shoes in wet/muddy rounds.
  20. Try bleach in hotwater, that's your best bet. Like others have said white will always eventually turn less white.
  21. I hope this is ok to say in today's PC culture, but I think a big factor, all things being equal (opportunity, finances) is Korean culture is very emotionally strong. I've heard this first hand from a top level swing coach, he says watch Korean woman play golf and their demeanor rarely changes. You can't tell if they shot a 65 or a 75. And this advantage is huge playing this game. It's the mental edge. Everybody on the planet can stripe a ball.
  22. I swear these clubs are an enigma. Shot my season low yesterday and the Irons we're a big part of it. Flighted them really nicely in strong winds. Man they felt amazing! I'm back to loving them!
  23. Im sick of singles on a busy weekend trying to play through every foursome. That actually jams the course.
  24. Thank you so much for the detailed info! A guy from my club is on to final stage
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