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  1. One of the better final round, final pairing matchups I can remember not shocked as both are winners at every level of golf. These aren't guys who back into wins .
  2. Not much to add but the Apex pro 21 are going to be more forgiving. I put the Apex pro in same class as P770, basically good looking but very forgiving. I haven't hit the new T100 but they are going to be more of a players forged club. Like the AP2. Thinner top lines. I'm sure they will feel much better, but their misses will be more pronounced than the Apex Pros21.
  3. They are humble, and their emotions don't change at all whether they Birdy, par or bogey the hole.
  4. Lol Phil is worried about potential injuries that could arise from going from 48 to 46 inch is . Im surprised I haven't snapped anything with my 44.25 in driver!
  5. P770s check all the boxes. Ive played them since last November. I don't plan on making any changes.
  6. Does Finau get it done if there were fans and packed galleries ? Might of been a blessing for him and help him get over the hump.
  7. They said they found his head in the used section of PGA superstore! Curious what his exact specs are and did they actually measure it all at the superstore. Is there more to it than model, weight and exact real loft?
  8. I've always played my pw (46) and a 52 bent to 53 and a 60. Less is better for me. I know my yardages and different options. Also 1 less club to carry. Win-win.
  9. 1. Proximity- I'm within 10 miles to at least 5 above average public courses. Have good friends who are members to some CC that are very close as well. 2. My home course has a very nice practice facility. 3. I live 5 minutes from a top 100 golf academy. 4. I'm fortunate to have made friends with many who are inside the golf industry and have gotten many perks as well as Learn alot of stuff I otherwise might not be privy too. 5. I'm also very grateful at the golf friends I have made, including guys who have played PGA tour events, KFT as well as LPGA. I'm in a golf rich area for being in a northern state.
  10. Where are you playing? Not empty in Ann Arbor area.
  11. I saw a guy had one of those last night at my club. Too big for my taste but I can see why people want them.
  12. I've never been. Puma shirt fan but wife bought me a couple Puma CloudSpun polos for father's day and since then have bought several more. Best shirt I've worn in hot humid weather. Material is so thin, and comfy and very good wicking. Highly recommend.
  13. Short term variance. Just give it time and it will suck like everything else. It's called GOLF!
  14. Big cobra fan here. I just can't get over the KING in big letters. Otherwise I agree these feel pretty darn good and very forgiving.
  15. About 5 yrs ago I had a chronic SI joint issue. I tried to play golf thru the pain because I'm an idiot and love golf. Playing that season in Pain I actually picked up some really bad habits as my body made compensations just to protect itself. I did alot of stretching and strengthening and just could not get better. I finally caved in and saw a Chiropractor. And he immediately saw that my SI joint was out of Alignment. He did some adjustments s on my body and I think I saw him 3-4 more times that year and honestly haven't been back to him since. His manipulation to get my SI joint back in proper position was amazing. I literally felt better immediately. Anywho that's just my story and every injury is different. Good luck .
  16. The mp54s were either you love them or hate them from everything I've read. I absolutely loved them with the KBS tours. So soft and buttery. Ive played everyone in that category and much prefer the mp54s to even the AP2. I will never sell my set.
  17. That is very fair. It could of took place afterwards off camera. I just thought all the giggling cheapened the stakes. This is the Olympics. Giggle all you want when it's over. Also no need for all the hugs and smiles Ko after Korda won, you still have alot to play for and win for NZ. Haha maybe I'm just too old school
  18. I'm glad Mone won the silver. Watching so many times during the round Korda and Ko laughing and smiling during competition kind rubbed me the wrong way. This is a 3 some and Ashok was kinda all alone as the non "cool girl". Even when Nelly sank the winning putt they both rejoiced again and I didn't see them shake Ashok hands in the immediate aftermath of the round. Then in the golf channel interview she gave credit to the great play of Ko, which she did but Ashok was right there too. Just 2 putts on 17 and 18 that missed by hair.Yes Ashok deserved to get a shout out Korda. I'm sure I'm nitpicking but compete girls, don't smile and laugh during during battle. It's ok to have good sportsmanship but let's keep the spirit of the games. Ok I'm done. Great final round of golf!
  19. These commentators suck at math. When Ashok missed her Birdy putt on 18 the male commentator said to the effect she will end up taking 4th place and missing out on a medal. Even though Ko had a 3-4 footer left that had her full attention, and she looked at from every angle. Just thought very lazy reporting.
  20. She's short and today has been very inaccurate off the Tee. So bad in both. Also missing almost every green. Her short game has been some of the best I've ever seen. I thought Bones was speaking in hyperbole when a few days ago he said it was the best putting performance he's ever seen. But no it wasn't, this is historically good so far.
  21. I've watched Ashok play live at a few LPGA stops and it's apparent she's lost distance due to covid. Hopefully she will fully recover with time.
  22. If this weather ends up not letting up, they could void this whole 4th round and go with the end of 3rd round leaderboard for the medalists. Let's hope this doesn't happen! This has been a terrific final round with alot of possibilities remaining.
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