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  1. I have 2 rht's one with a gd dj6x and one with a devotion stiff flex. The one with the DJ I use for tight courses because it's very straight and consistent the one with the oban is super long. All in all a great workable all around driver.
  2. [quote name='swizbeatz' timestamp='1353508853' post='5961909'] Whats your driver swing speed? Sounds like it might be the ticket for a 3 wood shaft, just picked up a 14.5 rbz and the stock shaft is garbage. I'm a 1, good ball striker, got down from a 5 to start the year due to poor driving. 104 driver SS, 240/265 carry/roll. I use a 10.5 nike vr pro. [/quote] Driver ss average 102 I love my fw woods I even have a razr hawk 7 wood also with a dj7x. I like my fairways to have a high ball flight especially of the deck and I can hit stingers with my 3 wood off the tee easy very versatile s
  3. [quote name='swizbeatz' timestamp='1353446827' post='5959475'] Can you talk about your game and give me some feedback on those GD shafts? According to the charts they should get the ball up a little higher than the AD DI. I have a DI 6s in my driver and love it, could probably even use a little higher launch and I've been thinking of trying those out. [/quote] Im a 9 hdcp. And consider myself a pretty good ball striker, although I do have consistency problems especially with the driver. I have always used stiff flex shafts for my woods irons and hybrids. I wanted to try x flex shafts to
  4. I mainly use just the 52 and 58 I only use the 60 when I'm short sided or need to get the ball up fast and stop quickly. My home course has hard greens.
  5. That's unfortunate i would not touch it if i were you if you try grinding it out you will lose some weight you can try covering it up with some lead tape. or since its a 6 iron you could find loose demo's to replace it.
  6. A guy who putts with a bulls eye or a Wilson 8802 putter
  7. Just put a Di6s in my Razr fit I love it!!! More fairways for sure with this combo.
  8. Wait for the callaway x ultility prototype comes in 3 lofts 18, 21 and 24. Ernie used all 3 in the British open
  9. Cb3's feel like butter looks way better than the nike. I have hit both and the cb3 wins hands down.
  10. I would go white shafts and grips with black head Adams Idea pro a12
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