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  1. Super solid ball striker, and a great guy. Jeff
  2. Beauts......get on course yet? Yea, first round or 2 I’m getting a more penetrating flight than the previous model, same shafts.
  3. A couple different reasons for the delay, but y’all are about right on the time frame. They’re sweet too.
  4. I'm all about Cobra, but I actually came across a set of 900's and I hit em on the range once and went right back to the F-tecs. Super solid and very accurate iron and the long irons are exactly that, LONG! I have Cobra making another set as we speak with some Nippon 105s... currently using a set with recoil F3s and they are smooth. You will not be disappointed with the F-tecs.
  5. Guys! I keep saying this, but they are some of the best irons Cobra has put out.
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