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  1. I could be wrong, but I think the exo 7 comes in a larger head with the slant neck.
  2. In my experience, you would need a lot of weight to change the toe hang. That much weight on the toe would also change the center of gravity.
  3. Played 9 holes with the 2019 Tour last night. I’ve played both the Tour and X in the past, and couldn’t remember if I liked them. Well, I felt a little disappointed with the Tour. I felt it was lacking spin around the greens. I know it’s not a direct comparison, but against my usual Z-Star XV the drop in spin was noticeable. Aside from the lack of green side spin, the ball performed extremely well. I’ll have to try the X out more in depth. I really want to like these balls.
  4. Walmarts in my area were selling Srixon Z-Star XV 6th gen balls for $25/dz recently. Bought 4 dozen, but made the mistake of not buying in bulk. They were sold out entirely within the week.
  5. A few years back, you were able to send in your Odyssey putter to get “upgraded” to the O-Works insert. I know a lot of Works putters were sent in for this service due to the steel mesh peeling off. I’m willing to bet that’s more than likely the case here.
  6. Interesting that the retail RSX 7 was a single bend shaft and this one is a double bend
  7. Did you purchase directly from CPO or the CPO eBay store? Price seems to be a little lower on the eBay store for the #7.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194269700119 https://www.ebay.com/itm/194279743950?hash=item2d3bf9a1ce:g:2r4AAOSwI-thEfCa Came across these last night.
  9. Alright, here’s what I got. The bag looks super similar to a headcover I’ve previously seen browsing eBay. Taylormade Twist Flex. After some research, looks like Twist Flex was a shaft in the Tour Preferred System 2 woods, which were from 1998 according to a Golfworks document I found.
  10. sold 1 year old. 25-30 rounds and range sessions. 1/2” over standard 1 degree flat Clubs are gapped every 4 degrees starting from 50 A wedge. Golf Pride tour velvet +2 wraps Shafts are soft stepped $400 will ship CONUS
  11. A light head weight (350g and under) with high MOI. Does it exist?
  12. Busted out my Sonartec SS-3.5 yesterday on the Trackman. Wow does this thing still hold up to today’s 3 woods. Fastest ball speeds I’ve ever registered with a 3 wood, and was hitting it 285 off the tee. It’s a 13.5, and I struggled off the deck, but man was the sound/feel incredible. I’m definitely on the lookout for some more now in good condition. Anyone else have similar results with breaking out oldish clubs? Anyone still gaming any Sonartec products?
  13. Up for grabs is a brand new TSI3 9* with a Graphite Design AD-DI 6X. Plays at 44.5” and has +4 grams weight in the head. Brand new Lamkin Sonar Wrap grip. Headcover included. Price is $OLD shipped; add $10 west of the Mississippi. Thanks for looking!
  14. I haven’t put it on anything yet, but to me it feels about half the size of the OG. I might throw it on an old Spider Ghost I have to fool around with.
  15. I’ve been using the original round grip this year coupled with the claw grip. Really enjoying it so far. I also recently bought the slim round and I’m excited to try that out as well.
  16. Play the 2-Ball. Or you could add weight to the head and butt of the phantom to get a somewhat similar feel to the Odyssey. For what it’s worth, Chesson Hadley plays all Titleist clubs, except for a 2-Ball putter.
  17. Started using the claw this season and I’m really enjoying it so far. Watched a bunch of YouTube videos from Edel explaining the benefits, like how easy it is to square the face and whatnot. My putting has always been a weakness but I’ve seemed to eliminate 3 putts, and I’m much more confident 10’ and in.
  18. I’ve been looking into square leading edges myself, and my research has brought me to New Level M-Type.
  19. I’m 6’2” and I find I putt best with shorter putters. I’ve been gaming a 33-33.5” for the past 3 seasons to great success. By letting my arms hang I feel it frees up my stroke. The only annoyance is the club is sometimes too short for the bag!
  20. Up for grabs is a brand new TSI3 9* with a Graphite Design AD-DI 6X. Plays at 44.5” and has +4 grams weight in the head. Brand new Lamkin Sonar Wrap grip. Headcover included. Price is $650 shipped; add $10 west of the Mississippi. Thanks for looking!
  21. I haven’t gamed a Scotty in 3 or so season. I’ve rolled a Piretti Cottonwood II CS, an Odyssey Protype 2-Ball, and an Edel E-5 since then. Currently using the Edel with a claw grip and enjoying it!
  22. It looked sharpied to me when watching on Saturday.
  23. Aiming especially has always been a struggle. I’m right handed and left eye dominant. In addition to that, I have a stigmatism in my left eye... I’m SOL. My stroke is fairly consistent whenever I’ve been on TOMI or SAM. Whenever I use a line on the ball my pace control goes out the window and I give up on it mid-round. I thought the 2-Ball was the answer to my prayers, but the fling has gone cold!
  24. I putted lights out last season with a Protype 2-Ball, but this season I’m struggling. Alignment has always been an issue for me, and the 2-Ball helped me immensely last year. This year I can seem to line it up for the life of me. Aside from alignment, I was able to put a consistent stroke on it. Now I’m pushing and pulling everything. It’s depressing. The stroke is the least of my concern, but not being able to line this thing up anymore has me worried. Anyone else go through something similar where the “magic” has run out?
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