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  1. West Warwick, RI Handicap - 5 56/mid or full or 60/mid or full Mizuno S5 I agree to whatever I need to! Thanks for the chance.
  2. BryanGolf is the worst. On Instagram he just posted 2 pairs of rivals with the caption, “$50 DM me.†Are they really even worth flipping for what, $20 profit AT MOST? Just leave them there for the next guy.
  3. Odyssey #8, Rife bimini, and Yes! Sophia
  4. My problem with my stroke for as long as I can remember is being too handsy. Last week I was fit for an Edel torque balanced putter and wow! Aside from finding what head shape and lines allow you to aim properly, the fitter places a weight in the grip based on your stroke. For me, he put a 40g weight under my right hand. Instantly it took my hands out of the stroke!
  5. Here are some pics of the faces on the lower irons. PW 9 8 7
  6. Up for grabs is a set of 4-PW Callaway Apex CF16 irons. KBS Tour V Stiff +1/2" w/ Light Blue Golf Pride MCC grips; standard loft and lie. Clubs are in great shape. I bought them from Callaway 2 seasons ago but only used them for 1 due to dislocating my shoulder. Price is $500.00 OBO shipped PayPal or Venmo (add $10 west of the Mississippi). Tried to capture condition the best I could, I can always send more pics if you're interested. There is a little ding on the sole of the 6 iron near the hosel, other than that there are no major gouges. No trades, thanks for looking!
  7. That’s a little bold...you sir must be a +1.5 handicap lol I wish lol. Not my style but picked them up for a friend. Ps. Air max penny 1's are one of my all time favorite pairs of kicks. Still have a pair I've yet to wear.
  8. Which Burlington? Im a fellow Rhode Islander Warwick. I’ve also seen stuff at Cohoes (Burlington) in Cranston. And in East Providence
  9. Buckle up, boy! Cohoes Cranston, RI Air forces and LC’s left with me. Tw’s were a 10 and LCV was 14
  10. I liked the spider arc a lot while rolling it in the store. I felt it was easy to align (which is my biggest problem). I just wasn't a big fan of the feel and sound. It felt hallow to me. Maybe to you it'll feel different!
  11. Odyssey have the Protype 4HT and Metal X Milled 9HT. Neither are that similar in shape to the Circa 62 #3, but high toe nonetheless.
  12. which RI location? Warwick. In the exploreres i saw 1 sz 10, and 2 10.5. In the flex I only saw a 9.
  13. Saw a few max orange explorer 2’s and white fi flex at my local Burlington in Rhode Island. $25 a piece
  14. Yes! made some good stuff. I used to play the Tracy until I sold it. I regretted it so much I recently bought another, but it doesn't perform as well as I remember it to
  15. Interesting setup with the shafts in your driver and 3-wood. Any reason you're playing a shaft 20g heavier in your driver than 3-wood? Also, 2" over standard length in irons and wedges you must be a giant! What length are you playing your putter?
  16. cmporto10

    Toe Hang

    The O-Works 1w is a little.... much to look at. You could always try looking for an odyssey metal x milled 1w.
  17. I love my fgp mallet. I don't think it helps with aiming as much as people claim. But what it does do is assure you that set-up is consistent, and that your face is square to where you're aiming (or where you think you're aiming). They can be had pretty cheap depending on which model you get. I'd also recommend getting a model that's face balanced at impact.
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