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  1. drawings on the upro go. Scorecards and voice recognition is coming for the original UPRO
  2. NO PRO MODE. JUST BASIC MODE WITH Yardages and hazard view and a green view
  3. 2010 UPRO GO. Comes preloaded with 18000 courses. Comes out November 15th. Price: $299.99
  4. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF THE 2010 Callaway Lineup
  5. Spoke to my rep last night. Diablo edge, FT-iZ, Jaw Wedges, New Balls, Diablo irons, FT-9 TA. NO NEW FT iron but I think you will see a new one at the PGA Show. He told me to keep checking www.golf.com for pictures.
  6. Matt - 1. Yes I would buy both heads because I am a fan of both drivers and I feel down the road you will be able to use Trade In Trade Up and swap out old heads for newer heads... 2. I would pass on the launch and want to use it outside. But I would recommend looking into Optifit cart with the I Mix Optifit FT-i add in. Buy using Optifit you are letting your customers take out a demo driver first and you can also fit the driver to them using Optifit. 3. I would only buy 1 shaft 4. I would not sell the shafts on Ebay. I feel that Callaway will be coming out with some kind of trade
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