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  1. Alright, so I’ve been underwhelmed with my NX7 after using it for the last season and a half or so. It’s not a bad rangefinder, but I find even my dad’s V3 is less frustrating to use in certain situations. With that being said, I was originally waiting on the V5 to get to my local shop and was 100% going to grab it. Bushnell’s been jerking his chain and he still hasn’t gotten his shipment and they keep telling him “maybe next week.” I’m trying to decide if I should wait out the V5 or have him order me a Leupold (he can get any model I’d want). I know it’s not a “wow” feature, but I wa
  2. If they're willing to make the drive to CFN, which is head and shoulders better condition than Magnolia (Which is saying a lot because Magnolia is always in good shape), I'd recommend Compass Pointe as well. Absolutely beautiful layout (even with it being in a neighborhood) and the conditions are always great. With the ground temp warming up here, the Bermuda has taken off and is greening up everywhere.
  3. I'm not quite understanding the concept other them trying to come out with a more modern looking design. I thought they were making good moves with the NX9, but this just makes me question the direction they're going.
  4. I've been waiting for the V5 to come out. I like the upgrades the XE offers, but I have 0 use for the added features as I don't even like having slope on my range finder. My dad has a V3 and its operation is so much smoother than my Precision Pro. I initially liked the PP, but after playing a year or so with it, there are just little things about it that make me less than thrilled. Honestly, I could save some money and just get the V4, but I guess the biggest reason I'm waiting is that I might as well get the Bite mount as opposed to using a magnetic wrap or something.
  5. Looks like the Nexus is listed for $79. The only NX7 refurbs I could find were $120. Which even then isn't a bad deal. I'm waiting on my Bushnell V5 to come in, then selling my NX7, I was thinking around $100, so the $120 for a refurb seems to line up value wise with what i've seen used ones selling for.
  6. *Moving sale* Trying to thin the closet out before I need to start packing for our move. Shirts are all lightly worn (2-3 times max per shirt) Shorts are new with tags Smoke free/Pet free home Pricing is $20 shipped per shirt, will discount on multiples since I have a few bucks added in to cover shipping on each. Shorts are $25 shipped All Shirts are XL (UA Loose fit) Shorts are Adidas Ultimate 365 size 40 (I included a stock photo for a better representation of color) If someone is interested in the whole lot of shirts, I’ll be more than willing to work out a deal, just make
  7. I completely agree about Compass Pointe being too new to be on the list. River's Edge is just disappointing because of the damage done by the last years nasty frost/freeze. Compass Pointe changed one of their par 5s to a par 4 (I think because of right-a-way issues with a road, and turned the following hole into a par 5. They moved a fairway bunker on one hole to the opposite side of the fairway to keep people aiming further right of the houses. I'm not sure if they have any other plans, but the hole reconstruction was the biggest change.
  8. I think it really depends on if you're interested enough in having the rangefinder calculate the effect on temp, elevation, pressure, etc with the Xe. I was trying to convince myself I would use it, but I just don't find myself wanting to use slope as it makes me question my selections more often than not. If you feel like you can get alot out of the added Slope features, I could see paying more. If you find the slope feature helpful in calculations for the type of shot you're going to play and not looking for exact yardages (calculating everything for you), I'd say save the coin and get the V
  9. I can definitely agree that the Big Cats courses shouldn't be on the list anymore. River's Edge, once it's finished it's construction/renovations completely should be on the list. The one course I firmly believe should be on the list (and is better than Cape Fear, which is saying a lot because it's been my favorite course in the area for years), is Compass Pointe. What a gorgeous track and in wonderful condition. I know they're doing a few layout changes, so that may be keeping them off the list, but once their work is done, I'd find it hard to keep them off.
  10. Well, I cant comment on the 2 iron, but I can comment on the 3 iron. I didn't want the 2 Iron as it was 16* and I play my 3 wood at 15.75*. I got the 3 iron and had it bent to 18* with a 6.0 HZRDUS Smoke shaft. I previously had a P790 and loved it off the tee, but it was a pain to hit off the deck. The HMB is completely different. I don't find it to be as much of a rocket launcher off the tee, but off the deck it's so much more consistent. I have 0 regrets going with the HMB.
  11. Your address is a Canadian address. The price listed includes the shipping cost for US shipments only. If you’re interested in shipping to Canada, I can let you know the full cost, otherwise I can refund you.
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