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  1. > @Shanks2424 said: > For this year my son is 9 and he is playing 6-gw cobra max irons with Apollo junior steel shafts and a cobra pur 56* wedge with the same steel shaft and he is hitting them better then his Flynn junior irons. I think its based on the kid. Because all last year he complained that the clubs were too light. And after talking to Cleveland golf about their junior wedges and them telling me they use the same head weight as their adult clubs got me thinking. As of right now my son is hitting the ball better then he has ever had with his new irons. What is height and wei
  2. I believe the TS51 is a cut down TS54 since they have the same heads. TS 57 are 5% heavier heads but not quite sure about the shaft weight. Of course the new ts3 changes the weights and makes the soles wider as well. I'll just have to experiment. Thanks guys for the feedback.
  3. I'm not an expert club maker, but the general rule is that shortening the shaft makes it play stiffer. The folks at USKG have spent tons of time and energy and research into building their clubs to the specs that they do build them (TS3 built off of a ton of trackman data according to them). All of that being said, not every junior golfer is the same. You will likely have to simply experiment. Perhaps go to your local golf store and see if they have a used TS57 and cut it down and regrip it to see how it plays for him on the range and some actual rounds. I'd like to see how my son (almos
  4. What length is the driver playing and does this affect the grip size by cutting down the senior flex shaft?
  5. My 9 yr old son is currently playing the TS51 iron/wedge set. The TS51 set is 10% lighter than adult but I just moved him into Cobra woods (replaced heavier weights with lighter weights = 5% lighter than adult) with Flynn shafts and we are seeing better results with control and distance. Now I'm wondering if he would benefit from 5% lighter than adult irons. I would have to go with the TS57 irons/wedges and cut them to the TS54 length. In the new TS3 sets I would have to go to the TS60 set to get the 5% heavier heads. My son is 53" and 60lbs. Driver swing speed is 72 mph. Thanks
  6. I have a 2 iron shaft in the 3 & 4, and a 3 iron shaft in the 5. Everything is soft stepped twice except the 3 because no 1 iron shaft. I don't use the 3. I play 4-LW
  7. OK thats good to hear. I might just go regular flex straight in for my long & mid irons and leave the short irons alone. I hope someone can chime in on soft stepping twice and playing the irons 1/2" short because I still think it made them stiffer?? Thanks again for your help.
  8. Currently playing C Tapers Stiff ssx2. Trying to decide between C Taper R (110) vs C Taper Lite S (110) Is there much difference between these or are these the same shaft with different labels? C Taper R + (115) C Taper Lite X (115)
  9. They are taper tip. Since they are soft stepped twice I have a 3 iron shaft in my 5 iron and I am playing that club at 37.5" . I have a feeling that I need to go to the C Taper regular straight in. Just not sure I want to do the entire set because I love the dispersion/flight on 8-SW. If I went with regular flex in the 3-7 what would that do to feel? Also is a standard C Taper regular shaft (110) much different from the C Taper Lite Stiff (110)?
  10. Stiff shafts have been soft stepped twice and I play my irons 1/2" short of standard. 5 iron is 37.5" I have swing weight at D2 in 3 iron and gradually ramps up to D4 in PW. It almost seems like my 3-7 are stiffer now after the soft step x2 (twice) I love my 8-SW and am looking for thoughts for my 3-7? Reshaft only the 3-7 in C Taper regular? Reshaft in C Taper Lite Stiff? Reshaft the whole set? After a round of golf I'm spent because it feels like I'm swinging as hard as I can to load the shafts. I love the look of the Tapers and would like to find a solution using them instead of g
  11. Originally I started out with C Taper Stiff straight in and now I have them soft stepped twice. My question is since I'm playing them 1/2" short are they stiffer? Or am I just getting old & weak? I hit the 8-SW great but have trouble getting the 3-7 up in the air. I love the look and dispersion of the C Tapers but need a little more spin/height on 3-7 irons. Should I go to C Taper regular or C Taper Lite Stiff? I'm 44 yrs old, 3 handicap, 5'-7" and do all my own club work. Playing Taylormade MB irons. Any help is appreciated.
  12. [quote name='USCFAN82' timestamp='1396061323' post='8972733'] [quote name='10of14' timestamp='1361232696' post='6454423'] I agree with many on here that AK was fun when playing well on tour. However, though I don't know the guy (like the rest of you), he seems like the kid that was forced into golf by an over-bearing Dad (this was at least well reported in the news) who would really rather just do something else. Talent? Hell yes. The drive and passion to really play professional golf? I would be less optimistic about that. I hope he makes it back, but I see a David Duval (if that) typ
  13. [quote name='ERdiesel' timestamp='1349454914' post='5754901'] [quote name='CallawayLefty' timestamp='1349453775' post='5754787'] [quote name='ERdiesel' timestamp='1349452820' post='5754723'] [quote name='CallawayLefty' timestamp='1349452035' post='5754665'] The better question is why you would softstep an x100 2 times if you are looking for different performance from your S300. Wouldn't that be basically the same shaft????? Wouldn't softstep once be the appropriate answer? I think you're overthinking this. [/quote] There's no question that he's overthinking it, but what did you expe
  14. [quote name='kg92lefty' timestamp='1349408529' post='5753237'] [quote name='rlaffoon' timestamp='1349407280' post='5753185'] [quote name='kg92lefty' timestamp='1349406800' post='5753145'] You just want the labels to say X on them... [/quote] What I want is the c taper performance without the cheesy silver paint finish. [/quote] It is not paint. Do some research. [/quote] Hey dik - I don't use shaft labels and I don't like whatever name they are using for the finish. It wears like paint & I don't like the look of it. Thanks for your input that contributes nothing to this thread
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