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  1. Before I send these off to Callaway wanted to see if anyone here wanted them $500 + Shipping they are in pretty good shape, the AW has a nick on the toe. The smoke color does wear a bit. 5-AW with Catalyst 80 Graphite in Stiff. They are 1 degree upright otherwise standard.
  2. Thanks got them finally! Left them as is .. they are just fine not too stiff at all !
  3. Thanks , yeah I currently have a undersize one and I don’t feel it’s too small per se ... but its definitely firm . Was kinda wondering if I could go standard with my smaller hands . My miss is more of a draw than a fade so maybe it can’t hurt .
  4. Thanks , I seem to be Aqua as well.. small gloves are a bit snug on me but fit after a good stretch .. mediums tend to be a hair loose .
  5. Anyone try the undersize ? Seems these grips run a tad large wondering if undersize is closer to standard ? I have smaller than average hands but have always played standard grips .
  6. Man I don’t now now mine are delayed again not sure why gonna call again Tomm.
  7. Getting these in my Apex Combo set .. originally was going with the MMTs but the Callaway rep put me in a few shafts and we settled on the elevate ets 115. I was originally gonna soft step the MMTs one .. when I made the swap removed the soft step . Not sure if I should stil do it . I don’t know my 6 iron SS but my 7 irons is 86-87. With that said not getting any younger but I hear these are on the softer side to start .
  8. Yeah who knows .. says set to be today through next week now fingers crossed !
  9. Gonna raise this thread up again .. got fit into elevate 115S . I was thinking of soft stepping one but sounds like maybe I shouldn’t and there already play a touch softer ? Driver swing speed hovers near 100 if that matters , not sure my 6 iron speed
  10. Found out it was the grips I chose .. swapped to standard velvets and I am good .
  11. Anyone know what’s going on , ordered a set of Apex Combos well over a month ago .. date keeps moving back now July !?
  12. @CJW0911 12 oaks in holly springs ! Sorry for the late reply lost track of this thread also to the if you played last year you get it that only seems fair if If you EVER had a chance to play ?
  13. Great ideas! First of all I am very much in favor of the points system , give those who support the club and all the events the edge. This is likely my favorite one! The smaller 1 day event is a good idea too! This may be just right for those who don't want to do the full event but do want to have a guest. Maybe it lessens the demand a touch for the main one and at least gives you a second chance. To address a few of the other comments, I agree the sponsorship is BS. But that ship seems to have sailed at my club trying to make the best of it
  14. @dcmidnight you must live near me if you "Drive down to pine hurst" I am in the RDU area
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