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  1. So sad , he'll be missed dearly. Lifting the family up in prayer.
  2. I’ve tried so many 3 woods that just didn’t work out. I played the new Mizuno STZ this year and it’s good but ended up going back to the old trusty F7 turned down a bit. The rails are a game changer for me with the F7. Tried other cobra models but f7 so much better feel wise, just a tad bit on the bigger side. Good luck
  3. Hate that , but I would hope anyone with half a braincell would realize legit mp20’s would never be $349 new. It just takes one search. If you’re shopping Aliexpress , you’ve got to know already.
  4. I’m sure their custom service line will be open tomorrow ,normal business hours , for you to voice your concerns. I ordered my i59’s with no Arcoss because I knew they were standard. We’re taking 1/8” here , but if you order from any manufacture , you can request any length you want.
  5. Just because you’re being told you’re not accurate doesn’t been anyone’s trolling you. Depending on the grip you’re changing to vs the Arcoss , it’s safe to say that the difference will be +/- more than 2g you’re referring to in just changing grips. Arcoss MCC 50g - GP Tour velvet 52.5. Would you say changing these two grips would counter balance a golf club? It would not. You’re not moving a swingweight point. Making your point moot in just adding 2g in an extension. Probably time to move on.
  6. Really? I know Inverness and wouldn’t think they’d let that out the door. There’s no bottom ground bore in a bore through without a plug and I’d be leery of it holding up. It’s sketchy.
  7. I think he’ll do the right thing. There’s no reason not to.
  8. That’s terrible news! God bless Byron and his family.
  9. I don’t think anyone was up in arms , BUT when you make false statements in a specific product thread , you’ll get a response from people with actual experience. Wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of a good story.
  10. Classic. Lets just hope your all straightened out now and won't hurt anyone else's feelings
  11. Seems from the comment you know nothing about the i59’s. They’re not distance irons and are very consistent. But go ahead.
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