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  1. Brand new , please no trades. Waited quite a while for this from the shop but hitting my current 7 wood setup too good to even remove the wrapper. All standard specs and does come with headcover. UPS Insured delivery - USA Lower 48 Only Asking $275
  2. I'd say nearly 15% cheaper than asking certainly teeters on lowball status for me.
  3. I don’t understand why people are still commonly shipping with Usps? UPS and FedEx aren’t perfect but they’re a whole heck of a lot better. With all the struggles it could present myself or the buyer by using Usps , I’ve steered clear of shipping anything of subsequent value. I’ll send a letter to grandma but golf clubs , no thanks .
  4. That's a little insane. I'm guessing you meant done with eBay? I've not sold anything on eBay since the changeover.
  5. The receipt wouldn't happen if he didn't wait in line to have it scanned in. So , he could have shipped it but not waited to be scanned. Guess that would be on them ,even if it was lost in transit and never scanned anywhere.
  6. I've seen it happen shipping and receiving. My PO has a problem scanning or lack there of and I can imagine they aren't alone. Was it shipped priority or some other service? I've found that First class , if not scanned at origin , it will not get scanned in route but when it finally arrives at my PO. Guess maybe due to the parcel size/weight? Priority , I've found with it moving somewhat quicker and it being larger/heavier , it does get scanned in somewhere within linehaul but I just purchased a set of irons that didn't get scanned in until it was out for delivery and it two nearly 2 weeks fo
  7. This ^! Guy obviously has no respect and could careless. 1st time , shame on you @Titleist+2, second offense , shame on WRX for not banning you.
  8. First mistake was taking a chance on something you already knew would bring you here. Frustrated or not , It's simple , don't buy grips on eBay trying to save a buck , they're gonna be fake. And if you refuse to send them back , that's on you but not sure what you're looking for now, everyone here knows you can't buy grips on eBay.
  9. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1788891-real-or-fake-circle-t/?tab=comments#comment-23364234
  10. This has worked for me a few times lately. Interesting how it's sparked movement in the situations I've had.
  11. I'd also file a claim with PayPal after that length of time. USPS sucks right now , but can't wait forever to hope it shows up. Seller not want to refund?
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