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  1. Looking for a new or mint EVNROLL ER 2.2B putter. Not interested in the silver finish or the standard ER2. Length is a non issue. Please include pictures and price. Thank you! Best , Jason
  2. The driving iron is the last one standing! Anybody want it for $60 shipped?
  3. These guys are in Tuscaloosa AL and I've heard there're a lot of criminals in them parts Just kidding WAR EAGLE!
  4. If your talking the Nippon was the 950gh NEO, that's a 30 gram difference from the Project x 6.5's. More than likely a swingweight issue in not being able to hit the 921 Forged consistently solid vs the 919.
  5. WOW , that's some heavy plastic! Hope you get a full refund. Not that eBay will do anything , I'd still report him to them too.
  6. Pretty sure there’s not any pulls on the 9x hybrid , but would consider either new or pull. If I had my druthers , fairway 8x Blue would be a pull , to save a little $$. Ideal tipping no more than 1/2-1” and play 42.5-43”. Let me know what you have or can get and we can work something out. Best , Jason
  7. I can include a free shim I had the TX in my Gen2 2i at one time and it was phenomenal.
  8. If your concerned with a cart pass through as an issue ,you might have answered your own question and maybe you would need to purchase a larger/slightly heavier bag designed for carts but you’re adding weight when you walk. They make a cover that goes over the cart strap to protect the material if that’s the concern. My 2.5 has no issue on a cart without a passthrough. SM is top notch and you don’t have to worry about much in the way of wear and tear if you take care of it. I don’t know of a lightweight walker with all the amenities that lasts forever. You have a lot of good options. Go
  9. 60/40 and want some extra pockets for gear but still an all around light bag free from tangle (unless you play Bryson’s grips) 3.5 is hard to beat. I still ride with my 2.5 some and it serves the purpose even with a full bag.
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. The Ardmore sold last night and the AD VR is tipped 1”. I will update the listing.
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