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  1. Can’t believe these lasted 5 minutes. Must resist another set
  2. Somebody got sticky hands at Memphis FedEx for golf balls! This happened to me with 2 dozen Tp5x a short time back that showed siting in Memphis a couple days.
  3. Some DI's have a seat so that it won't affect it much. I bought the 21' Callaway X Forged UT and was surprised that it was seated enough to only change the depth bore about 1/8" , but If you only need a couple grams , you can slice the 1/4" tip in half and it won't affect playing length much at all.
  4. They can swingweight a little light in a driving iron , all dependent on the grips and head weight of how much, but Golfworks has rubber tungsten tip weights that I've used with success in the HB for DI's. Have you tried tip weights?
  5. On the orange 6 and 7 AD DI? I'm only showing the black for both fairways is $0. The orange 6 and 7 are only $0 on the TSi3 fairway..
  6. Looks like it’s a $0 on the TSi3 fairways , but an upcharge on the TSi2 fairway?
  7. Never seen a JDM Ping putter. Obviously this one looks completely fake wherever it’s from lol
  8. It may be a Japan only model that came over via DHgate. I'd steer clear.
  9. They’re really good if you fit the 105/125 profile! I love mine in the T100’s. Solid deal on a set of 9.
  10. For what it's worth , I'm slightly north of you in SS and I tipped a 10x blue HB 1/2" in the 425 2 hybrid and it worked out great. Although , If you call Fujikura about tipping the Ventus in a 2/3 hybrid , they'll say it isn't recommended , but it was ideal for what I was wanting.
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