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  1. To me 130x’s play softer and feel heavier at the bottom. Launch will be lower than the Tour 130x. Think along the lines of C-Taper 130.
  2. From someone that usually gravitates toward phone pole shafts , there’s just something about the blue hb that just works. Give it a try and see what you think. I played the Modus GOST TX all last year in a hybrid and driving iron for comparison. Straight as a string , but very penetrating.
  3. I play the 8x blue in my fairway and we really get along well. This is coming from someone that usually misses left on tight lies(Righty) with a lot of fairway shafts, due to being pretty steep, but this setup seems to work very good for me. I’ve went all in now, I just ordered the blue 7x for the Driver.
  4. Sorry to threadjack , but I'm curious to your statement , and yes I know the LS 7.0 isn't quite as stiff as the standard PX , but whippy? I'm not the fastest at 118 ss but can can get 120+ if need be and I find the 6.5 LS great in my Irons. I would not want to mislead anyone to think these are anywhere close to the LZ's.
  5. Great shafts , I love my PX LS and you 've got a really good deal here.
  6. As you probably already may know , the HB blue 10 has a slightly softer overall profile and launch slightly higher vs the black. I have the 10 blue in a U500 and it launches and spins in a perfect window for what I need and want. Have not played the black 10TX in a hybrid to compare but it sounds like you're needing a little more launch than the black provides?
  7. Not sure I've see a Mav Triple Diamond faked and this one looks to have the TA serial #. If it were me , I'd be hesitant to buy from an eBay member that just joined and has 0 feedback.
  8. Could you not contact Odyssey to validate? It possibly has the markings of an Odyssey by the plastic ring ferrule that not many use, but interested as to why it's completely blank. The fluted shaft , does it have any markings on the back , Odyssey's signature "Tour Crimping"?
  9. Trades Considered Ventus Velo Red 7X - untipped Driver length Ventus Velo Red 9x - fairway wood length Evnroll ER2B Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X7 3-PW shafts - I was going to use these in a project but went another direction - All have been lightly tip prepped only and placed back in the sleeves at uncut length except the 6i shaft that was used in the 7 iron as soft stepped 1 time - Plays standard 37” soft stepped in the 7i - 8 New lime green / navy blue Bbf&co shorty ferrules included. $270 OBO $250 now $240 Shipped Fedex
  10. It doesn’t feel soft in the middle to me , and I’ve played quite a few boards , it just seems to transition smoother through the swing and being you play the X1’s , It may be a good fit . It don’t have a bad left miss (right handed) even when I don’t put the greatest swing on it. @getitdaily does have a point into what you’re wanting out if the club. The black will fly lower and run a little more if it’s going to be a precise tee club. I tee off with the blue quite often and can hit it low or high , so I would say it all depends on what you’re wanting out of it. You can probably get away
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