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  1. Your statement wasn’t about shooting a score , but how the head goes through the turf. Which you’re stating is a farse and to most sweepers, I understand the mindset. I’m sure I’d still play close to my current 3 with most any iron , but my wrist and elbows wouldn’t like me. Yes. You can get a “somewhat” understanding of how an iron feels off mats, if you’re comparing a specific iron against it. But , the head will respond totally different from grass especially if you take healthy divots. Feel outdoors will also be different depending on strike. So to answer your question , yes and no.
  2. Not quantifiable as a sweeper maybe , probably as yourself , but to us diggers , turf interaction “is” much a thing. Call it what you will , but my 19 T100 gets out of the turf easier than the 21 “ for me”.
  3. All around best fairway woods from 2021 IMO Has a light rub mark between the running bird logo and high face no paint missing just a slightly higher ball contact out of the rough. I tried to capture pics to show as bad as I could , and I couldn't notice it at address and no dents or dings anywhere. It was used for about 8 rounds of golf and a few early morning range balls. Good deal here for someone wanting to try it out. I’ve moved to the 5 wood for my desired gaps or it would go nowhere , it really is that good, just a little too long! Headcover is new and unused. $OLD Thanks!
  4. They’ve done this exact thing for me recently. A pin fell out and they sent multiple just in case it happened again. They’ve always been top notch in my dealings , but I haven't gone through a middle man.
  5. If you took the time to look up TGW prices less 20%, why give an arbitrary figure to just add to the confusion?
  6. I would probably refrain from badmouthing Ping , sounds like a case of misinterpretation to me. Ping has on more than one occasion sent me what I needed without charging, with one direct phone call. They don't sale the components , but they'll send them to you if you call them up and ask in a halfway cordial manner. No need for a middle man and if they're wrapped up , they'll hold your place in line and call you back when they're able. Doesn't get much easier than that. Try it next time.
  7. 2700+ positive 100% feedback , I would buy with confidence.
  8. For sale a NEW( never used) ENROLL ER2V CUSTOM !! I took ownership of this yesterday and just doesn't fit my eye. ER2V CNC milled 303 stainless steel Long plumber neck 33 length 72 lie naked( no lines, no dots) Evnroll custom black pistol grip Evnroll magnetic cover. Head weight unknown, as per their website, 3 dots to match preferred tour swing weight. From feeling the putter and from personal experience, feels 360gr+ at least( my personal opinion as i don't have the specs). SOLD Will ship continental USA via UPS ground.
  9. Hope everyone is doing well! Got a few items up for sale and thank you , but not looking for any trades this go around. I only accept payment in the form of PayPal goods and services, to a confirmed address , within the lower 48 states of the good ole USA . In the case of multiple members interested in an item , full asking price takes precedence. I will respond quick and I also ship very fast only using UPS. Take a look , let me know if there’s something here for you and if you have any questions please shoot me a PM. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ping Glide 3.0 SS 52* Gap Wedge Bbf&co Ferrule $125 upgraded MCI Mild 125 wedge shaft Bought new and has hit less than 10 balls White/Black GP Align grip D2.5 - 35.50" Moved to eBay Cleveland Zipcore Tour Rack Raw 58 MID wedge Bbf&co Ferrule Very Good - Maybe 5 rounds and a few range sessions Modus3 130 Stiff shaft MCC White / Black GP Grip D3.5 - 35.25" Sold Gripmaster Kangaroo Midsize 7 Grips I installed these new myself and pulled them before playing 1 round Trying to recoup some funds Great humid weather or winter weather grip Tapped one of the butt ends to hard and slightly penetrated the butt cap. Wont be noticeable installed. Sold Kuro Kage 80g Reg Hybrid Shafts 370 Pulled from a 3 and 4 Callaway hybrid set unused Lengths shown Sold Tour Issue Only Prototype Accra TZ5 105g M5 (X-stiff) Driving Iron / Hybrid Shaft .370 Never released to retail and I've never seen another 105 M5 This was only tested for about 5 swings and it’s pretty stout but retains great Accra feel. Same profile characteristics as the TZ5 series , just in a utility shaft. Retail $300 Asking SOLD Pin 9/2
  10. Love my m9003, such a great shaft, wish they made a version in 8x!
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