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  1. A lot of it is what you are used to. Weight and swing weight are so important to me. For example, last winter I didn't want to put too much wear on my gamer wedges so I used a 56 that I had made for my wife that had a 115 g shaft. I got so used to it that couldn't go back to my heavier gamers. I couldn't make crisp chip/pitch shots, full shots didn't matter. I had just gotten used to the lighter feel. ugh. Now I'm practicing this winter with HEAVIER!
  2. I have to admit that I don't like the rusty look but they perform quite well. I sand mine smooth (not the face) then gun metal blue them. Then I torch them and constantly wipe the head with a cloth dipped in oil. They look fantastic. I redo them every couple years depending on use. Like most club ho's I have way too many sets of everything. Nothing seems to wear out very quickly if you cycle thru your sets.
  3. I think it totally changes how a shaft plays if there is a big difference. The shaft is functionally shorter with a longer hosel, so less shaft to flex. Most sets that I have aren't that different but one is about 1/2 " longer. The wedges are so much longer so it is difficult to get my pw and gw to feel the same with the same shafts.
  4. Why doesn't anyone put a new shaft in an old driver. I believe shaft tech has out advanced driver tech I've been working on exactly that. Currently testing a SLDR 430 with a G7 Attas and a Hzrdus black. If i ever buy a new driver, probs in the spring, i'll let you all know what's tops. I agree it is mostly about getting a shaft that suits your swing. I have about a dozen gamers but I have replaced the shafts in almost all of them. The only stock shafts I use are in the 910D2 with a made for Titleist Diamana shaft, Adams 9032 with an aldila s-core. Surprisingly for me the real deal Diamana
  5. Thanks Howard, any thoughts on tipping only 1/4" or 3/8". I tipped a set with recoil 75g shafts at 1/2" and noticed it is difficult to get the distances I think I should get with the shorter irons. So, I tipped another set with KuroKage 70 g. shafts tipped at 3/8". Thought this worked better for distance in the PW and 9 iron, but it may just be the difference in playability between these different shafts. The cpm slope was almost flat but they seem to play well? I wasn't sure if shorter shaft tipping would make any difference in the Xcalibre iron shaft because the tip is so thick at the bottom
  6. I notice the hybrid shaft in my 5 iron plays much better for me than the regular iron shaft in the same head, both being xcaliber shafts. Wondered if I should continue using them down to 7 or 8 irons as well? Anyone have any experience doing something like that? I am getting older but still have a 3 cap. Maybe need some more kick from the shaft.
  7. If you have a work bench, attach one end of a "gate hinge" flush with the end of the bench so that the other side of the hinge is free to move. Thus the club can be centered on the middle of the sole no matter what lie it is. Permanently attach a 48 inch ruler to the bench. I used a 36 inch and marked the inches in permanent ink. Voila, you have a perfect device for club length. Works for irons and woods.
  8. Did you order Reg or Stiff? Because a stiff soft stepped twice in most shafts becomes a regular.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone with a swing under 100 mph likes any .350 driver shafts? I personally haven't found one, even in some of my old favorites like Aldila NV I can't stand the .350 versions. What are your experiences?
  10. Forgot to add, still using a 21* Snake Eyes 600 series 7W from 2005. Have a stiff Irod shaft. It is old 'reliable'.
  11. I have 2 sets of these, thought I would never change, but now using Adams Idea Pro A12. I use the nickents for travel. My wife loves her Nickents as well.
  12. Hey, if you haven't had a chance to play the Duo urethane it is worth a try. It is fantastic. Great feel, 55 compression, lots of check on the greens. Played 2 rounds with one and still looks new. Doesn't shred the cover like the Bridgestones. I wish I didn't have all those ProV1's to use up. Better develop a slice.
  13. Well, I sure like my component irons, Wishon 550, and 2 sets of 555's, all blades. Once I get the flex and SW dialled in they are so accurate! I also must admit I also love my Adams Idea Pro Gold irons with a tiny cavity and compact design. My wife, who has only played for 4 years, uses 550 cavity back irons, D2, with 90 gram R flex shafts and also doesn't like the clunky looking game improvement clubs either. I definitely don't like most of the new OEM clubs. The new clubs look so gimicky! They look like they put mp3 players, gps, and a corkscrew attachments in them. Guess I'm a traditiona
  14. Well, I was thinking I had a problem with over 40. But then I realized I had a collection and I feel much better. So, collect away. My gamers are a Cleveland Gutcheck cut off to 35" with a crown jumbo grip, a blue snake eyes sight line 360 gm, one of my 6 Camerons a black studio select with no sight line. The rest are for the putting track or occasionally a round or two. Personally like the Clevelands, have 7 of them. I do feel bad using many Ping copies without paying them some respect.
  15. Say, I love the feel of these, also the Wilson 50, but I have cracked about 6 of them, not in the cold either. Also don't know if they spin much. It was cool and wet when I used them outdoors.
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