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  1. Nike polos this week have been horrendous
  2. I have some 4+ and Gallivanters on the way. Both 11.5 but the Gvanters are wide. Will post again once I test them out
  3. Stiff flex I believe it weights 66-67grams. Something like that
  4. Mine finally came in, box was smashed up some but the club and shaft seem to have escaped unscathed.
  5. Probably have to bot yourself for a chance. I’ve given up on the ultra rare nike releases after the retro Kobe release debacle from a few years back. Lost out on every model. SNKRS app and now this kid of the VP doing all this back door stuff. Not worth the trouble IMO
  6. I really wanted to like my G410 but I hated my shaft. So instead of doing the smart thing and replacing that I figured why the hell not order a whole new custom sim 2 max. Didn’t think it would take 6 weeks though. Been teeing off with my g425 hybrid. Great club btw with the tensei orange shaft.
  7. My order is now in production according to TM site. Very excited to see my sim 2 max once it arrives
  8. I don't have the shorts but Rhone's commuter pants are fantastic. Super light, stretchy material. Thinner than Lulu and I like it more
  9. my custom order is taking forever to be built. I've been stuck on the compiling custom components for your product stage for over a week. I emailed and TM said nothing is on back order but itching to get this thing out on the course!
  10. So these irons have been good to me but am looking to upgrade after 6.5 years. currently looking at AP3, Ping G410, any Mizuno irons and even the Miura CB301. Mainly want similar look and feel to the JPX 825s but threw the pings in there because I've always hit ping irons well and might go back to them. Thanks
  11. 915 d2 is a great driver. I think you saw spieth not switch to the 716 ap2s for a while and he's sticking with the 915. Jordan has leverage and seems to only do what's best for his career.
  12. No one cares man. Go spend $3K on your irons. Enjoy! I was at the sugar bowl game as a kid that is your avatar pic, what a great game!
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