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  1. [quote name='coach1775' timestamp='1352424450' post='5910153'] Don't know what your golf courses are like but here where I golf, 85% of the guys have never played a round in their life. [/quote] 85% of golfers have never played a round in their life? That's amazing new customer attraction!! So with some rough math, you can say 240 golfers on the course on a busy day, that's 204 NEW GOLFERS every day! I can see the OP's frustration if EVERY DAY 204 new golfers were on the course.
  2. Taylor Made wedges and hybrid are sold. Open to reasonable offers on the Exotics and the Piretti.
  3. Edit: The Piretti had some marks on the sole that were from fertilizer. I have since used a light metal cleaner and posted revised pics.
  4. Lots of interest, but nothing final. Willing to listen to any reasonable offers on any of the clubs.
  5. My biggest (only?) issue with offers, is when someone makes an offer, I accept, and am then told that he needs to sell some stuff first... if that's the case, why not wait to make the offer until you have the money? It's not like I'm going to hold a club for you for 2 weeks for a low offer. If I'm accepting a low offer, it's to move a club and get on to the next thing.
  6. PRICE DROPS 03/29!!ALL GONE! 1. Taylor Made xFT Wedges $SOLD 2. Piretti Teramo putter $Off the market 3. Tour Edge Exotics XCG V 4 Hybrid - 21* $SOLD 4. Taylor Made 11 Rescue. It is also a 4 Hybrid, and is 21* $SOLD
  7. I think this can all be summed up with 3 simple words... Bitches Be Trippin'
  8. I just put a PX 8A2 in my SF 2.0TP, and I'm going to give it a try at 47.5" I have an HD10 in my SuperDeep that I play at 46.5", so I thought I'd give this a try. Worst case scenario, I can trim it, but it seemed like a fun experiment.
  9. FT Tour is headed to Colorado. Price drop and open to offers on the putter.
  10. [quote name='golferboy' timestamp='1301966404' post='3119894'] Great seller here..wish I was a lefty... Would grab that ft tour [/quote] Thanks Rob! Pro Black is gone, open to offers on the others.
  11. [quote name='rankoutsider' timestamp='1301877097' post='3115582'] and I'm the biggest driver ho around. [/quote] Maybe in WESTERN Canada
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