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  1. [list] [*]City / State [b]Croton, NY[/b] [*]Zip Code [b]10520[/b] [*]Handicap? [b]0[/b] [*]Current Irons? [b]Titleist 710 MB[/b] [*]Current shafts? [b]DG Tour Issue X100[/b] [*]Driver swing speed? [b]120[/b] [*]6i Swing speed? [b]93[/b] [*]Current Trajectory? M[b]id to High[/b] [*]Preferred Trajectory? [b]Mid to Low[/b] [*]Please! [/list]
  2. Looks like a 300 series vokey with the offset and wide sole
  3. Exotics CB3 13* with a whiteboard. Longer than the RBZ in my opinion. Kill it off the tee and can carry it well into the wind. Titleist 909h 21* X100 Steel. Can't find anything as reliable and consistent. Tried a bunch to replace it. Its beat up and beautiful at the same time.
  4. I have a customer wanting an appraisal and i figured i would take to the members for this. Any information on "John Wannamakers" "Spolduig & Bros" "Hilleridge & Bradsby" That is how the customer wrote the names. I believe the 2nd is Spalding, but i am not sure. I know Wannamakers was a department store but again not sure on the worth. Thank you guys
  5. ok so i reposted and pm'ed. Is it still wrong. A few peoples have been posted since i reposted. If there is something wrong i just want to know. Is a set of iron shafts counted as individual items?
  6. Lets try this again. Need some money before the holidays, shedding some golf gear. If my prices are off let me know, and send me offers on items worst i will say is No. Looking to get these sold ASAP. All prices OBO and shipped. Thanks for looking. Happy Turkey Day 1.)KBS Tour X Flex 3-PW Pulls. Z Grips. 3/4" long. $70 OBO 2.) Ping Nome Adjustable Belly Putter. Blue Dot. This is near Mint. Used a handful of times. Maybe 2 full rounds. Can't get used to the Belly. Comes with head-cover and wrench. $250 $185 3.) Taylormade Kia Mia Daytona Tp. 33" Mint. Disclaimer: From Taylormade there are
  7. Well how do i go about getting it reposted so i can modify it?
  8. Well after reading on here that shafts are individual items i'm unsure on how my ad was looked at. Had an iron set, and a wedge set of shafts so i may have been over. Can't i just fix it?
  9. i paid $5 as i usually do when posting.
  10. Here are some extras i have laying around. All prices are OBO and include Shipping. If my prices are way off feel free to PM me. Pm me with offers. Discounts for combo buys. Tour Issue DG X100's. 4-PW. Played 0.5" long in my 710 MB. The 4 iron measures 37.75", Pw 34.75".Come with Z Grips with a lot of life yet. $120 Ping Nome adjustable belly. Blue dot. This thing is basically brand new. Tried it a for a few rounds, not a huge fan of the belly(mine or the putter). One of the nicest feeling heads in my opinion. Comes with wrench and head-cover. $250 Taylormade Rossa Daytona Kia Mia. T
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