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  1. I am looking to try out the new irons from Srixon, but I am trying to sell these first... Srixon Z565 5-AW Regluar Flex Modus Tour 105 Standard Specs Grips are midsize +4 These irons are used since 2017 (bought on this site), but very well taken care of. Always stored indoors, cleaned probably more than I should, and feel REAL good to hit. Let me know if you have anything fun to trade. $400 shipped FedEx and accepting offers. Send me a message if you need anything further. Thanks for looking.
  2. Again, there feedback for a reason. Your thoughts about me are off, but they are your thoughts
  3. Again, I have sold on here a number of times. Nothing negative. Lying to save a few bucksI think you mean lying to make a few more bucks. Still not my style, and to think like that must mean that’s your style. I corrected my post to read the shoes were worn in the backyard while swinging. I’ve sent additional pics and info to those interested. If you have no interest in the listing, or it isn’t up to your standards, just carry on bro. I’m not trying to scam anyone. If that was the case, I am sure someone more important than you would be sending me a message.
  4. The spikes are too worn to get good grip for digging. So are interested in the shoes or what? You’ve spent a lot of time in this post today for someone who’s not even a little interested. again, your the guy who gets involved when they shouldn’t. If you’re interested in the post, please send a message.
  5. It was mistyped in the first place. I wanted it to read “never seen the course.” Is what it is, appreciate all the feedback and looks from the site professionals. Again, I’ll let the feedback from my prior sales reflect my intent to sale on this forum.
  6. Look! Even the grass and mud couldn’t wear our the foot bed of these TWs!
  7. Grass and mud...ha to you. I wish I could see the grass and or mud where I’m at. Shoes are not listed as new or unworn. On my feet when I first purchased. Walked around the yard a bit, swung the club a bit, and went gator hunting
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