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  1. bk4

    Walker Cup

    No knock on GB&I but SERIOUSLY how did this team lose?!?! Can't wait for the event, can't wait to see LACC as well. That stand bag up above looks sick, who makes it? Stitch
  2. Myers Park is going to be north of $60k initiation and a waiting list of several years. There are not going to be many homes near is less than $1mm. Top courses in Charlotte have reciprocity when they are shut down for renovations, and that's about it. I'm sure other courses have different agreements.
  3. Traffic is atrocious around Providence CC and probably going to get worse with all of the new development in the area. I don't know what's happening at the Palisades these days, but it might be worth looking into. That's a lot of money for Longview. It's a fine course, but not in the top tier of Charlotte golf courses or clubs. I don't know if these things matter to you, but I think Providence CC as a club is looked upon more favorably than Firethorne is. Raintree is also in South Charlotte, a few miles north of Providence, has two courses, and housing, and I imagine is significantly le
  4. I have never verified this story, just heard it from several different people in tournaments who would know. Back in the late 90's or early 00's, USC went on their annual golf trip to play ANGC. Once the van pulled into the parking lot, one of the top players realized that he had forgotten his golf shoes back in Columbia. The coach was so mortified that he made him sit in the van alone while the rest of the team played.
  5. Yes, he also went to two other colleges, but he is on the PGA tour by virtue of his Web.com win and winnings. http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/sports/golf/story/2014/jul/19/hossler-leads-former-leader-quits-southern-am/252898/ Doesn't only quit colleges.
  6. Just saw this. I'm sure you are aware, but they also changed their name to Strange Ranger and put out a really good EP. Songs are a little more concise than Rot Forever, but same general idea.
  7. Me too! Most courses in Charlotte had major problems with bent and all who can afford to have switched. It wss more like 4-6 months of terrible conditions, 1-2 of veey good, otherwise OK. With Bermuda its more like 10 months OK to good, 1 month transition. 1 month terrible. Not to be a contrarian, but not every course who has the means to has switched away from bentgrass greens. Charlotte CC, which historically sets the standard for best greens in the area, still has them.
  8. No brainer. Gaston all day long. Gaston is one of the better layouts in the Charlotte area, and I think outside of Charlotte CC, Quail Hollow, and Carolina, it stands toe to toe with anybody else in the area.
  9. [quote name='T-Gates' timestamp='1445478369' post='12490022'] [color=#282828]Most of the threads on here about country clubs in Charlotte are pretty dated. I'm looking for some new info...[/color] [color=#282828]I live near Myers Park, work at the airport, however I'm budget limited for pretty much anything close by, I can't afford a 5 digit initiation. I'm still under 35, so I'm eligible for most young professional memberships.[/color] [color=#282828]My goal would be for a club that is walkable, not snaked though neighborhoods with OB on every hole, and has a decent relaxed membership.[/
  10. [quote name='jobuddha' timestamp='1442442788' post='12324076'] Is it 10 years or 10 semesters? [/quote] D1 is 5 years, so 10 semesters
  11. [quote name='prsgtrman' timestamp='1440503932' post='12204256'] [quote name='alexgmbh' timestamp='1440429973' post='12198762'] [quote name='MaxBuck' timestamp='1440173321' post='12183096'] Many of the most exclusive clubs don't have dues. They just add up their expenses for the year, divide by the number of members, and that's the cost per member. This one makes annual budgeting tricky for Mr. Average, but then, memberships at these clubs don't include Mr. Average. [/quote] Care to give some examples? This is a very rare practice, even at very exclusive clubs. There was a single club
  12. [quote name='kemau' timestamp='1425344745' post='11064877'] jacksonville, orlando and south florida are packed with tour pros for a reason [/quote] And that reason is no income taxes.
  13. [quote name='AppAlum' timestamp='1420480017' post='10689473'] Maide Golf by Bonobos. B Draddy also makes a great shirt for on and off the course. [/quote] B. Draddy is phenomenal. I'm a huge fan. A brand that recently has come back from the dead is Duck Head. It's a lot more expensive than it used to be, but it's a lot nicer too. Shirts feel similar to B. Draddy, and the pants, shorts, corduroys are great.
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