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  1. Shawn might be the best speaker/communicator in the teaching game. He's really articulate and engaging.
  2. I've been working on the pump drill where I get my hands in front of my right leg before starting my pivot. Monte wants me feeling like my arms are pumping while my back is still to the target. I can make decent contact doing this, but the real challenge is moving this drill into my normal swing.
  3. No Bogeys is a cool facility. It's not terribly big, but to be able to hit on a trackman and accumulate data during your lesson is really awesome. It's about 45 minutes from my house, so not a place I would go to regularly, but I do wish we had a place like it closer to where I live. It's definitely tailored to golf nerds like us at GolfWRX.
  4. Wow! 30 yards is a ton! I feel like I have at least 20 yards leaking out because of the inefficiencies in my swing. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I have to get comfortable with feeling lost right now. Your experience gives me hope though!
  5. Good to know @pulledit. I'm going to be working on this drill this weekend at the range. Do you have your sequencing good enough now that you have some shaft lean at impact?
  6. Thanks for the response @glk. When I went to see Monte, I thought we'd work a bit on the NTC, but we remained focused on the hands and arms falling behind, so we didn't dive deep into those concepts. I might need to re-watch his courses to see if I can find some feels that might help me get my hands and arms caught up to my pivot. While I'm familiar with the two feels/motions you mentioned in your comment, my hands and arms don't have any feels right now other than to follow my pivot/body turn. I think the problem for me is that they're too passive as it is, hence why t
  7. What's crazy @Pulledit is I don't feel like my hips are driving the downswing. I feel more of a sensation where my entire left side is driving my pivot, so by the time my shoulders and hips are square to the ball, my hands haven't even reached my trail thigh yet. It's not a backswing issue either, because that's the one part of my swing that Monte said looked good. In regards to the drill, I can understand it in practice, but when I think about how it translates into my swing, I'm really confused by the feel. Once you shift to your left side during the downswing, do you feel like y
  8. Trout seems to generate some pretty damn good clubhead swing with a golf club too.
  9. Haha! That's awesome! I can relate to that though. I now have only one thing to think about and work on, and it's hugely liberating (especially as an overthinker myself).
  10. I had bought a bunch of his videos and loved his concepts, but like you, I didn't know what to work on first. Even if you can get him to analyze your swing on video, I have no doubt he'll get you going in the right direction.
  11. Playing on the course with him would be a blast! Did you guys play at a track in Laguna Niguel? How did he know you were thinking too much while you were playing? I didn't know he was a mind reader too!
  12. Over the weekend I had a chance to take a 1-hour lesson with Monte. Might be the best decision I've made for my golf game. I've been a self taught player my whole life. I was a pretty crappy junior golfer and I stopped playing my senior year of high school. A year or two after college (around 2006), I read Hogan's book and started hitting the range again to see if I could improve my swing (mostly wanted to fix my slice). At no fault of Ben Hogan's, I developed a super flat and flippy golf swing that would eventually get me playing to a 3.5 handicap. All my "feels" swin
  13. Haha! The benefits of working for a club manufacturer. I currently have a R11, and R1, an SLDR, and the M5 coming in the mail. By the age of the drivers, you can tell I was at TMaG from 2010-2014. At one time I had 4 sets of irons as well! I gave one of them away to a neighbor and another set to my dad, but the other two sets I still play. Like the SLDR I have for sale, they're super rare prototypes. I have a set of RocketBladez with a gun metal finish that never went to market. They look super slick but the finish has started to wear on the soles. only 6 of these were
  14. Wow. This video made me realize how terribly wrong my feel has been trying to generate clubhead speed my entire life.
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