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  1. Wow. This brand seems too good to be true…. A lot of basic staples that seem like high quality for reasonable prices. Anyone try their 24/7 pants?
  2. Been very pleased with my hoofer on my back, on my push cart, on a golf cart, be at the range.
  3. I think the best attribute of vokeys is there is pretty much never a revolutionary change, just evolutionary small adjustments. This means that when you need to replace one, you can easily swap it it for the same bounce and grind and pick up right where you left off. If you’re price conscious I might wait a few weeks and catch SM8s on close out. Otherwise I’d imagine you’d be perfectly happy going out and buying an SM8 right now. I doubt the difference is going to be extraordinary between the sm8 and sm9. It’s not like some other OEMs where the wipe the slate clean at R&D and come out with a completely new design.
  4. No one has suggested titleist yet. I’ve had Cleveland, mizuno, TaylorMade, and now titleist. Frankly, they’re all great. Where titleist shines is in the fitting and the wide array of bounce & grind combos available. Find a fitting day (titleist website has a list), hit a bunch of different grinds and bounce options, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits like a glove. GL! Another benefit of titleist is when you wear out the grooves you’ll be able to easily replace the wedge with a very comparable model. Titleist wedges really don’t change too much from year to year. There is consistency year to year in shape and grinds, the same can’t be said for all of the other manufacturers.
  5. This is an awesome looking putter. Great idea!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on an awesome tool.
  7. Usage off the tee. I can turn it over off a peg and get it to roll out to 270ish. I am terrified if I see my driver turn over.
  8. 4i is 210. Off turf 3w is about 245. I was hitting 5w 235. 3h is 225.
  9. I wanted to get into the 5w. I tested them and hit them awesome. Too awesome. 3h filled the gap between 3w and 4i much better so I went with the titleist hybrid that allows you to flatten the line angle a bit and get more weight in the toe to mitigate hybrids tendency to hook. I love the club. This decision is purely a preference/individual decision. There is no one size fits all answer to this one. Test/get fit. Good luck!
  10. Any experience with this program? I just stumbled on the golfsciencelab podcast and it seems like a great resource. I’d love some structure to my practice. Does this program provide that? I appreciate any experience this forum has. -Chad
  11. Judge it by the amount of ball that sticks to above the crown of your driver when you address it. I always shoot for half a ball.
  12. chadly643

    Vokey SM8

    Have they done away with progressive cg??
  13. City, State: Grand Rapids, MI Handicap: 7.1 Current Driver? TM M4 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX member review thread for Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo drivers and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Absolutely!
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