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  1. Originally thought this was marketing by Puma and now Nike to showcase the shoes. Most weekend /amateur golfers wear shorts, seems like a reasonable way to display the shoes as they would look on your feet. I never realized it was an actual style. Now flares, there's a style. I hate the pants personally, but I like Rickie and Rory so they can do whatever they want and I'll still pull for them.
  2. No tees for any club but driver. He knocks up a little turf with the three wood.
  3. Hoping that MW can have a good tournament. Regardless, these are my picks: Ryu So Yeon Seo Hee Kyung Wie Michelle Anyways, its all Korea all the time! It would be even better if they played in the same group. Saranghae girls!
  4. [quote name='Argonne69' timestamp='1370969418' post='7214520'] The basic problem is that there is a very fine line between a player that shows emotion, and one that is a whiny b*tch. There are plenty of comments about the behavior of CK, SL, etc. To be a successful professional golfer, one must learn to keep ones emotions in check. IB Park does this in spades. Unfortunately, it makes for bland TV. What we appear to want is someone with fantastic looks, with great fashion sense, always smiling and cracking jokes, yet throwing darts at pins all day, and taking home major trophies. [/quote]
  5. Most Koreans are very shy and reserved, its just the nature of their culture. Very respectful to others and especially their elders. I find it very compelling how alot of them have learned the English language, I can remember not two years ago NYC could barely speak the language and looked terrified in interviews. These girls work very hard to not only become better players but to thrive in a foreign country where just about no one speaks their native language. I wonder if Michelle converses in Korean with many of them, she is fluent after all. I find their work ethic to be quite impressive, a
  6. That's my girl! Michelle Wie fighting! Goddess.
  7. [quote name='Mr22putt' timestamp='1365178515' post='6768091'] So what does everyone think of the new LPGA glamour commercial? My opinion.....meh and cheesy. [/quote]Most of the girls look better with a more natural look. The make-up is overdone on a lot of them. Other than that I like it...except for the ripping off the pearl necklace thing...that's cheesy.
  8. Fenix


    Just an FYI for the OP. When you get the new shafts, try using a little WD40 on a rag and wipe the shafts down if and when you clean your clubs. I do it to mine after every round. I have about 50 rounds on my clubs, and the only mark on my shafts is a little chip near the ferrule on my 7 iron. I'm not sure how it happened, but it doesn't really bother me too much. By the way, this topic has been discussed many times here. The "black nickel" finish is just not as durable as the chrome.
  9. Wasn't there a tournament at Trump Nat. in the past? You would think that there would be a South Florida event somewhere on the schedule.
  10. 44. Do not like he graphics at all. Too boy racer. Its like a cheap import car with a giant rear wing from a Leman racecar. Personally I think TM should offer a black option, then we would see what really sells. Also the names are ridiculous.
  11. I feel for you man. I wish I could take some of this mid 80s air and send it your way! Its Africa hot.
  12. Vindog, can anyone argue that you are the most prolific poster ever on WRX?
  13. Wait for the rest? Why? Now I really don't care. At first I thought the silhouette thing was kind of cool, but to have the answers trickle in....come on.
  14. Seems like if you don't have a tattoo then you are in the minority these days. Used to be the non-conformist way of expressing yourself. Now that so many people have them you end up being just like everyone else. Skulls, skeletons, flames, barbed wire, tribal, I just don't get it.
  15. I went into Dick's today looking to buy my favorite Tour B330 but they were out of them(or never had them to begin with). Needless to say I was in need of golf balls and had to purchase something. As I scanned the rack I noticed these Maxflis and saw the six-packs too. Unfortunately the six-packs were the softer U4 model only. So on a whim I paid 35.00 for a dozen U/4x and headed to the course. I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and distance of this ball. Very comparable to the B'stone that I normally play, maybe a touch more firm. It was not windy today which is very rare in Florida, so I
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